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Dr. Helen

IAMA on Reddit at 2:00 p.m. Wed. June 24th

July 23rd, 2013 - 5:15 am

I am doing an IAMA on reddit Wed. at 2:00 pm. This is a Q & A session with commenters at reddit in real time. You can go here for the IAMA tomorrow at 2. Or better yet, sign in before 2:00 and ask some questions or vote for questions you would like answered!

Proof for reddit: My user name is helenphd.

UPDATE: Here is the live link to post questions.

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All Comments   (3)
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OT: Great, articulate article from a woman on women's ridiculous reaction to men who are going their own way
1 year ago
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Wow, it didn't take me long to find out when oppressive tyranny became a part of women's lib. It was there from the start in the writings of the original suffragists/abolitionists.

Tyranny always labels itself as "Liberation", and demands a totally evil OPPRESSOR GROUP, a totally innocent and helpless VICTIM GROUP, and of course, the LIBERATOR is all-powerful government. So, from the start, E. Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony labeled the patriarchy (and religion) as the total and unrelenting oppression of all women all the time. This gave Sue B. justification for deciding that men needed to be reformed by the force of government by the Prohibition laws.

And, like all so-called liberation movements, there actually were victims that needed to be -- not rescued, but empowered! But the Marxists who quickly took over (Friedan, Ehrenreich, et al) looked to gov. coercion to remove all responsibility from women thru welfare, affirmative action, and free abortion. At the same time, men lost all rights and have been arrested for false rape with regularity, and the public schools are gulag-style camps for suppressing all male-ness from boys, using psych brainwashing and Ritalin.

And none of that is enabling women. As always, the gov. coercion hurts their intended beneficiaries by disabling them worst of all.

I am grateful that rigid sex roles have been reduced, but I don't think the gov. had anything at all to do with that.
1 year ago
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Dr. Helen, I bought and read your book straight through in one sitting. I was excited about your vindication of me going "On Strike" just as I felt vindicated by reading that fat novel in 1960 -- you know, Atlas Shrugged.

But, after a day of feeling high, I was struck by a sad irony, the very things I went "on strike" against in 1960 were what I perceived the feminists of the day were rebelling against: mind-destroying religion, rigid sex roles in which the male always had too sacrifice for the parasitic women, and the blind militarism in which we men were indoctrinated.

So, I am re-reading the early feminist-suffragette writings, and later feminist writings, to find out just where women went wrong. How did they go from being individual-rights advocates to Marxist class-warfare fascists? I have some tentative theories, but this little comment box is not enough space.
1 year ago
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