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The Truth About Dorner: Leftism Is Violence

February 10th, 2013 - 4:09 pm

There’s nothing for me to add to the great work already done by SooperMexican, MediaiteMichelle Malkin, Sean Hannity and others critiquing the media coverage of alleged mad dog cop-killer Christopher Jordan Dorner. The media have been dishonest in trying to cover up Dorner’s left-wing views. They’ve been beyond hypocritical in drawing no link between Dorner’s acts and his politics — after they have repeatedly tried to link acts of violence to conservatism even when, as usual, there was no link to be made. Worst of all, as Big Government has shown, they are beginning to try to justify the slaughter.

Most of the conservative commentators listed above have been careful to point out that connections between a madman and his politics, whether right or left, should only be drawn with caution. And they all say that it’s irresponsible to blame political commentators, right or left, for the actions of a lunatic who may have taken inspiration from them.

I’m not so sure. Violence is inherent in left-wing philosophy, and the violence it inspires should be laid at its door.

Haven’t you noticed this? The American left is always waxing hysterical about right-wing violence and the true violence always comes from the American left. The American news media cry out in horror at peaceful Tea Party demonstrations and look the other way when Occupy Wall Streeters commit vandalism, rape, and even murder. The media try to pin any political assassination attempt on conservatives; yet almost all American political assassinations are committed by the left. If you want more examples as well as proof, read Demonic by Ann Coulter — who, unlike any left-wing pundit I can think of, needs a bodyguard whenever she speaks on college campuses!

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Yes... Rousseau, France's equivalent of Karl Marx. Honestly, if Marx can be named the father of Communism, Rousseau can certainly be named the grandfather. The French Revolution's violent acts against Christians and the Revolution overall in fact was cited by Lenin and Marx to be the root behind Marx's Communist ideology. This is largely the reason why we must get rid of Atheism across the world, and make the entire world exclusively of the Abrahamic traditions, as God the Father and Jesus himself has decreed long ago. We let atheists run things, persecution against religion is inevitable, and I... no... we cannot let that happen.
1 year ago
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Seeing the guillotine image reminded me that when we visited Paris, we could not locate an actual guillotine. These instruments of the Reign of Terror are certainly not on public display. I interpreted the hiding of the head-chopper as a political act of hiding history and truth. So for me, the visual image of a guillotine is now symbolic of political dishonesty.
2 years ago
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Jeez, you'd think France would own up to that horror. Russia and Germany did, so why can't France.
1 year ago
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