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Klavan On The Culture

Dumb Jews

September 24th, 2012 - 4:46 am
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There used to be a saying that “Jews earn like WASPS and vote like Puerto Ricans,” the idea being that no matter how successful Jews become they still retain a sense of themselves as minority underdogs and vote accordingly.

Today, however, I think that saying needs to be changed to “Jews think like Einstein and vote like fracking idiots.” Because while Jews are widely viewed as an intelligent race of people who hold learning in high regard, a recent poll still shows a majority of them planning to vote for Barack Obama’s re-election — and that’s just plain stupid.

Here are three reasons.

1. Obama’s policies are actually bad for the underdogs and minorities.

The notion that big government helps the poor is a false one. Some government programs may help some poor people in the moment, but the long-term effect of such programs is well proven to be disastrous. Look at Detroit, New Orleans, and Chicago — all Democrat strongholds since forever. Why do you think blacks are moving out of the northern cities and back to the south?

Under Obama, the poverty rate has swollen, real unemployment (including those people who have despaired of finding work) has skyrocketed, and government dependency has increased a stunning 23 percent. All these numbers are worse for black people. Conversely, the supposedly greedy and racist policies of Ronald Reagan brought poverty down every year for the last five years of his presidency and improved the economic lives of blacks more than any other group.

Dumb people vote for what looks good. Smart people vote for policies that work. Assuming Jews truly care about helping minorities and underdogs, Jews who vote for Obama are dumb Jews.

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