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Booker Announces Support for Iran Deal Hours Before Jewish Constituents' Rally to Urge His 'No' Vote

Booker Announces Support for Iran Deal Hours Before Jewish Constituents' Rally to Urge His 'No' Vote

Senator isn't giving participants of tonight's Jewish community rally a chance to make their case.

Federal Judge Says He’s Above Natural Law as He Tosses Clerk Kim Davis in Jail

Federal Judge Says He’s Above Natural Law as He Tosses Clerk Kim Davis in Jail

“The idea of natural law superceding this court’s authority would be a dangerous precedent indeed,” said Judge David L. Bunning

Trump v. Carson: What the Latest Poll Tells Us

Trump v. Carson: What the Latest Poll Tells Us

Only Ben Carson at 18% is currently in double-digits behind Donald.


Judge Vacates Tom Brady ‘Deflategate’ Suspension

Judge Vacates Tom Brady ‘Deflategate’ Suspension

Judge rules Commissioner Goodell acted improperly in suspending the star quarterback.

Would Hillary’s Election Cause an American Civil War?

Would Hillary’s Election Cause an American Civil War?

How do you instill national pride and unity in a country whose president so blatantly renounces the rule of law?

PHOTOS: Christians in Syrian City Pay Tax to ISIS Just to Live

PHOTOS: Christians in Syrian City Pay Tax to ISIS Just to Live

Syrian human rights watchdog also reports that Christians' IDs have been seized, but most planning to flee.

Iran Commander: We’re Getting Prepared to Overthrow Israel

Iran Commander: We’re Getting Prepared to Overthrow Israel

And defense minister says: "Iran does not plan to issue permission for the IAEA to inspect every site."

8 Stages of Battle Every Parent of a Strong-Willed Child Will Recognize

Here's how to handle the tantrums and battles of will.

Mondale Endorses Clinton, Says Email Scandal Won’t Hurt Her

"We’ve got a long time to go before our convention but I think she’s in a very good spot,” former vice president tells PJM.

In Missouri, Transgender Reality Meets Transgender Myth

The question, "What is normal?" answered in Hillsboro.

Gun-Control Advocates Encourage Supporters to Call the Cops on Open and Concealed Gun Carriers

If any of these zealots call the cops on a law-abiding citizen to create a deadly confrontation, they should be named as an accessory to murder.

Thanks to GOP’s Corker Bill, Mikulski Puts Obama Over the Top … as Iran Vows to ‘Overthrow Israel’

Good job, Mr. President, Sen. Mikulski, congressional Democrats, and GOP leadership.

Relax: UK Government to Battle Islamist Violence by Fighting ‘All Forms of Extremism’

And yes, you probably count as an "extremist" if you are worried about the jihad threat.

Gwen Ifill Celebrates Clinching of Iran Deal

You stay classy, Gwen.

Some Food Companies Cave to Michelle Obama’s School-Lunch Standards

"More than a million students have dropped out of the National School Lunch Program since nutrition changes kicked in." I wonder why.

Retiring Mikulski Becomes Final Vote Obama Needs to Override Iran Deal Veto

Decision from usually pro-Israel senator comes just after Jewish constituents rallied against deal.

We Need Conversations — Not Cops — When Responsible Parents Make Honest Mistakes

That's why I'm sharing my story and hoping it will serve as a cautionary tale.

‘Almost Any Deal Is Better’: Iran Nuclear Deal Opponents Pack Maryland Synagogue

"Don't call yourself 'pro-Israel,'" rabbi says of pro-deal lobbyists. "Keep J Street off my street."

Kentucky County Clerk Defies Supreme Court Order to Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

Ordered to appear before a federal judge to explain her defiance.

Two Hot Flicks Feature Black Leads, But #2 ‘War Room’ Out-Shocks ‘Compton’

You could do worse than to emulate the characters in "War Room." You probably ARE doing worse.

Nine Signs of the Impending American Collapse

The unmistakable signs of a disaster from which we would all suffer, the fall of the once-greatest nation on earth, have left me “shaken.”

Hillary Emails: Here’s a Proposed Mission Statement for Hillary Rodham Clinton University

One of the mushy messages from ad guru tasked with revealing "Hillary's heart."

Sid Blumenthal: Boehner Is ‘Alcoholic,’ ‘Lazy’

Sidney Blumenthal attacks the GOP leadership.

Is HuffPo Suggesting That More Sexual Assaults Against Men Would Balance the Scales?

Instead of abusing the "rape" issue, let's have a discussion that actually helps the victims.

Kerry Compares Climate Change to WWII: ‘Different in Character,’ But Same ‘Potential to Do Harm’

"Wait until you see what happens when there’s an absence of water, an absence of food, or one tribe fighting against another..."

It’s GOP’s Race to Lose

Anything can happen, but Democratic prospects are weak no matter the candidate.

How Illegal Immigration Finally Turned Off the Public

If there were not a Donald Trump, he would likely have had to have been invented.

VIDEO: PJM’s Adams Talks ‘Anchor Baby’ Facts on Kelly File

The Supreme Court has never taken up the issue, contrary to what you've heard elsewhere in the media.

Study: Blind People Can Be Racist

If "blind people who have never seen anything can see and pay attention to race ... it shows how deep the problem is."

Life Coach Jaxi West: Texas Cop Killing ‘Is What Justice Looks Like’

Communications expert Jaxi West teaches leaders to "use sophistication in their words."

Orthorexia Nervosa: The ‘Disease Disguised as a Virtue’

As the dynamics of male/female relationships change and men are put on the backburner, women are turning to harmful diets to give them a sense of purpose.

Nope…Your Kids’ School Supplies Are Not Toxic

Nope…Your Kids’ School Supplies Are Not Toxic

Unless they are eating their backpacks and lunchboxes, there's no need to worry.

The Clinton/Obama Political Death Match

The Clinton/Obama Political Death Match

"It won’t end until one side is destroyed."

[VIDEO] Little Girl Destroys Common Core Math in Under 2 Minutes

[VIDEO] Little Girl Destroys Common Core Math in Under 2 Minutes

One simple math problem solved two different ways.

Gov. Cuomo: ‘Common Core in New York Is Not Working’

Gov. Cuomo: ‘Common Core in New York Is Not Working’

“We must have standards for students, but those standards will only work if parents faith in them."

Hillary Clinton Belongs in Jail, Part 2

Hillary Clinton Belongs in Jail, Part 2

Le Département d'État c'est moi, if I may paraphrase another entitled and corrupt world leader, sums up exactly how Clinton treated her time at State.

Politico: Trump Will Sign GOP Loyalty Pledge

Politico: Trump Will Sign GOP Loyalty Pledge

"To avoid complications in getting listed on primary ballots..."

Are Pro-Lifers Imposing Involuntary Servitude?

I admit. I've thought of my children as slave drivers. But really?

A White House Petition Asks Obama to Do This with Bear Grylls

All in the name of his "crash course in survival techniques."

Can Kentucky County Clerk Escape Contempt Finding in Gay Marriage Block?

Davis argues that ACLU motion would violate religious liberty and her due process rights.

Texas Lt. Governor: Start Calling Cops ‘Sir and Ma’am All of the Time’

Patrick: "All lives matter and we need to put an end to this violence against law enforcement – now!"

Democratic Party Now Responsible for Iran’s Next Steps

The president's tactical success now prevents Democrats from claiming the Iran deal was purely Obama's or Kerry's folly.

Marx Materializes at the Border

The migrants overwhelming Europe force the socialists to confront the global mess they created.

Anthony Weiner Lashes Out at Trump for ‘Impugning’ Huma Abedin

"He wants to make me a campaign issue. I'm not going to indulge that."

What the Times Square Topless Girls Will Teach My Son

How do you want your son to view women?

LAPD Urges Officers to Be Community Guardians, Not Warriors on Crime

“We’ve heard ‘black lives matter.’ Well, cops’ lives matter, too.”

Disturbing Graffiti of Police Officer at Gunpoint Appears Around Houston

Needless to say, "those in uniform say it's incredibly disturbing to see this just days after a deputy was killed while pumping gas."

WATCH: Tramp for President

What if Trump were female?

Bernanke: ‘No Reason’ for ‘Draconian Steps’ on Deficit Reduction

Government is "basically an insurance company with an army," says former Fed chairman.

Obama’s Odd Take on Critics of Iran Deal

It's odd to hear a "progressive" president complain about the unfairness of identity politics.

Why We Love Our Kids Too Much to Settle For ‘Whatever’ Parenting

And we'd never even considered the notion that a 5-year-old knows best.

Ninth Planned Parenthood Video: Baby Parts Vendor Pays Off Clinics

And sometimes fully intact fetuses “just fell out,” implying they were born alive.

Government Exercise: See the NIH’s Embarrassing Fitness Recommendations

If "exercises" less strenuous than your daily activity actually worked, you'd already be fit.

Comparing Trump to Reagan Should be a Slappable Offense

Reminders of things you probably have buried in your brain under the sludge of the Trump publicity avalanche.

The Diogenes Factor: Will Success Spoil Ben Carson?

This is the first time in weeks anyone has even come close to tying The Donald.

‘Head of Christ’ Removed from Kansas Public School Wall

Legal experts said school superintendent had no choice after challenge from atheists.

Hillary Emails: Sid Blumenthal Rips Netanyahu as One Who ‘Can Never Equal His Dead Brother,’ Hillary Responds with ‘I Told You So’

Email centers around 2010 flotilla raid, called by Clinton confidante "Bibi's Entebbe in reverse" and compared to North Korea.

Here’s a PHENOMENAL Way to Explain Donald Trump to Your Kids…Dr. Seuss Style

"But his work represents the American Dream, via projects and hard work, and YUGE business schemes."

Obama Calls Deputy’s Widow, Promises to ‘Continue to Highlight Uncommon Bravery’ of Cops

"Targeting police officers is completely unacceptable - an affront to civilized society," he says of Texas assassination.

What’s the Big Deal About Restoring the Correct Name of Mount McKinley?

Them that see it first, get to name it.

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Taunt Police with ‘Disgusting Chant’ While Being Protected by Them (Video)

"Pigs in a Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon."