Trump's Long-Time Nemesis Sends Love Notes to Michael Cohen During His Testimony

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Former actress and "The View" co-host Rosie O'Donnell is hoping that her latest move will declare her the all-time winner in her long-standing feud with Donald Trump.  


When he first ran for office, Donald Trump once scored debate points for responding to a question about calling women names by saying that he was referring only to O'Donnell. Trump had been taking shots at the former daytime talk host and co-host of "The View" for years. 

You'll remember the moment.

But O'Donnell started the battle. 

While on "The View," O'Donnell took after Trump for giving the winner of the Miss USA pageant a second chance after she was caught with cocaine, according to the New York Times. Trump owned the Miss USA pageant and held a news conference at the time announcing the winner would keep her crown because "everyone deserves a second chance." 

O'Donnell mocked him incessantly over the incident. And she kept the shots coming over the years. She mocked his hair, his fortune, his life — everything about him.


So he returned the favor. Trump went on a spree of name-calling that resembled "Yo mama so fat" jokes. 

"I love to see bad people fail." 

"I think Barbara [Walters] made a big mistake putting her on [The View] and is probably paying a big price."

"If I were running ‘The View,’ I'd fire Rosie. I mean, I would look her in that fat, ugly face of hers and say, ‘Rosie, you're fired.’"  

"We're all a little chubby, but Rosie's worse than most of us."

"Her magazine called 'Rosie' was a total disaster." 

"So I loved [her show being canceled]; I gloated over it because I like to see bad people fail." 

"It's not just the chubbiness. Rosie is a very unattractive person, both inside and out." 

"Rosie is very lucky to have her girlfriend. And she'd better be careful, or I'll send one of my friends over to pick up her girlfriend. Why would she stay with Rosie when she had another choice?"

"She's trying to use ABC and ‘The View’ to get even with me. But with me, we fight back. I'll probably sue Rosie because she doesn't tell the facts."

"Probably I'll sue her because it would be fun. I'd like to take some money out of her fat a** pockets." 


"I think she's got some very deep-seated problems." 

"Rosie O'Donnell is disgusting, both inside and out." 

"Take a look at her. She's a slob. She talks like a truck driver. 

"Rosie is a stone-cold loser." 

"Rosie attacked me personally because I was very happy when her talk show [‘Rosie!’] failed. "

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Watch his insults:

O'Donnell has been pretty quiet of late until she told the media that she'd been sending one-time Trump aide Michael Cohen notes of encouragement during his testimony against Trump. 

As he was testifying on Monday morning, Cohen received a message from O'Donnell. 

As if writing liner notes for the artist formerly known as Prince (RIP), O'Donnell urged Cohen to, “breathe — relax — tell the truth — u got this — i love u.”

Cohen wrote back, “Thank you and truly love you.” 


Following her six-hour visit with Cohen in prison in 2019, she kept in touch with him. She told the New York Times, “We talk and communicate on a regular basis." She knows that Cohen is "in a position to be able to change the whole country in some way” and wanted to reach out in this "tumultuous time." 


She's hoping that this move might contribute to finishing off her nemesis, the former president. 

Trump's revenge fest will have to come after the trial because Cohen is on the list of people Trump may not denigrate due to the unconstitutional gag order the judge placed on him. 

Trump and his legal team lost the first round of appeals to the gag order this week. Trump's team announced on Thursday that he'll appeal that ruling to New York's highest court.


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