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BREAKING: German Intelligence Official Arrested in Islamic Terror Plot

The consequences of Mutti Merkel's treasonous madness will be felt for years in Germany:

A German intelligence officer has reportedly been arrested over a suspected Islamist plot to bomb the agency's headquarters in Cologne.

The 51-year-old official was said to have made a "partial confession" to the plot, according to Der Spiegel.

The suspect attempted to pass on "sensitive information about the BfV (Germany's domestic security agency), which could lead to a threat to the office", an official told the newspaper.

Well, this is just great. It's clear that the occupying forces of Islam mean to make quick work of the Federal Republic of Germany, sucking its welfare coffers dry, molesting its women, taunting its capon males to do anything about it. Germany must die in the name of multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance, which is precisely why the international Left constantly pushes those "ideals."

When you recall that Merkel grew up in the former DDR, raised to loathe and despise the West from childhood, her political goals become clear. But with resistance beaten out of the former Huns-turned-honies, it's highly unlikely Germany can recover from this monumental act of treason.