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Pentagon Official Reacts Angrily to Obama's ISIS Strategy Claim: 'What the F--- Was That?'

According to Fox News, a military official is taking issue with the president’s claim that he is waiting for a plan from the Pentagon to come up with a complete strategy to degrade and defeat ISIS.

On Special Report tonight, Charles Krauthammer noted that Obama occasionally stumbles on the truth, as he did when he admitted that his administration does not yet have a strategy to defeat ISIS; but as is always the case with this president it’s never his fault when something goes wrong.

“The reason is Obama’s entire strategy rests on the notion that trained Iraqis under this government are going to carry the fight to ISIS,” Krauthammer said, noting that strategy has failed in Mosul, Ramadi and Fallujah.

“This is a country that was abandoned by Obama in 2011 and threw in its lot with other players. And now we’re trying to reclaim that. It cannot be done,” Krauthammer said.

“The idea that he would now put the blame on the Pentagon for having lacked in offering him plans is exactly consistent with Obama’s method, which is to always blame others.”

One military official reacted angrily to Obama’s blamesmanship:

“What the f— was that,” the official told Fox News. “We have given him lots of options, he just hasn’t acted on them.”

Meanwhile, an overwhelming majority of the Americans agree with Obama that he has no strategy to defeat ISIS. An astounding 71% say he does not have a clear strategy, while a mere 19% say he does.

Lt. Col Ralph Peters (Ret.) expressed his opinion why this is the case. “The reason we don’t (have a strategy) is because Obama wants the impossible.” Peters explained. “He wants to defeat the Islamic State, but he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He doesn’t want collateral damage. He doesn’t want civilian casualties. You can’t do it! And this *clown coo-coo-land that Obama and his Paladins live in — it’s so dangerous to us all — on such a wide range of issues. But if you are unwilling to fight with no-holds-barred, with an enemy who’s going to fight with no-holds-barred, the enemy with no-holds-barred is going to get the better of you despite the technology, despite all your wealth.”

Charles Krauthammer told Bill O’Reilly Monday evening that Obama actually does have a strategy: “Just make it through to January 2017 and turn it over to the next president.”

*Correction! He said Cloud Cuckoo land.