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White House: Your Personal Info is Safe With Us. Honest! Come On, Would We Lie? (UPDATED)

Barack Obama promised that if you like your healthcare plan and your doctor, you could keep them. That’s turning out to be what they call a “lie.” Then the president and his staff said that is fixed. That also is turning out to be not exactly the truth.

Now, the White House is responding to concerns over the security of personally identifiable information at by promising that it’s all safe. Here’s Assistant Deputy Senior Advisor for Communications and Strategy Davis Simas on CNN. Yes, that ridiculous title is a real thing. It’s also indicative of Simas’ expertise on online security — he has none.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked Simas, “Can you assure us that whatever concerns there were about the personal identifiable information, the pii, that we were told would not be on the hub of, that all that was worked out and none of this personal information can be assessed through the computer, through computers, through the Internet?”

Keeping in mind the fact that Mr. Simas is not a security expert, and that he works for an administration that has repeatedly lied about this and other policies, he answered, “That’s exactly right, Jake. There’s no PII on the federal data hub. The federal data hub is basically a conduit that’s used basically to determine eligibility and basically see what kind of subsidies and other information are available to consumers. Jake, as you know, the system undergoes a tremendous amount of testing around security. It met conditions of the federal information security management act. It complies with the standards for security, and it complies with the same standards of security that are in place for Social Security.” may have met whatever standards the administration set for it, but it doesn’t meet real world security standards. Its “navigators” hail from hard core leftwing groups and aren’t being vetted for their inside knowledge of the US prison system. The administration has a strong self-interest in persuading Americans to use whether it’s secure or not. And, Obama lies about everything and orders his staff to lie about everything.

So, you know, there’s a possibility that Mr. Simas may not be telling the truth here.

Update: When a mere lie won’t do, you cover things up.