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Is Karen Finney Secretly Working for Herman Cain?

When I was liberal, I was a dope: I thought all Republicans were stupid.

Now that I’ve come over to the Dark Side, I’m not quite that dumb as to project my own cluelessness onto my ideological opponents.

But Karen Finney – the MSNBC mouth-mover who opined that the GOP likes Herman Cain because “he is a black man who knows his place” – is making me reconsider. Unless she is secretly working for Cain, because what she said only makes him look good, Finney really is a nitwit. The canard that Republicans are racist is now so square only a liberal of the most fuddy-duddy retro sort could believe it.

Hello, Karen. Republicans are people who largely believe the government spends too much money – not an entirely idiotic opinion given the current state of Keynesian economics. If you think this has to do with race, you might have a look at your own unconscious.