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You Might Be a Liberal™ if you feel compelled to defend head-lopping child-slavers because Trump was mean to them.
We are hurtling to new frontiers of tolerance and understanding that not even the most fevered imagination has ever conceived.
Or, you can pretend that everyone who disagrees with you is just being ironic.
The best they can do is hurl threats and vulgarities at people who dare to question their sacred cows.
When someone buys vanilla ice cream, he's basically right there with John Wilkes Booth, helping him steady his aim at Abraham Lincoln's head.
Cheering on a politician is like standing up in a hospital waiting room and yelling, "Yay! Colonoscopy!"
How do you hold your reader's attention?
And how come you need irrationality in your life to stay human.
Killer Encephalons!
But how do we fight the culture war? Luckily, as always, I'm super smart and have some good advice.
This is the last of four excerpts from Frank J. Fleming's new science fiction novel SuperEgo. See the first, second, and third parts too.
The counter-culture conservative's comedian of choice runs end-around on filmdom’s gatekeepers.
The truth about our species' nature cuts too deeply for many to bear...
Are you a monster? Probably.
The talented National Review writer Charles C. W. Cooke proposes a united right, but do his ideas hold water?
"Markets are not competent to price [climate change]." - Smarty Pants Professor, who knows better than you.
Why I'm going to dive in deep to understand Andrew Klavan's new horror novel Werewolf Cop, Hannah Sternberg's fantasy Bulfinch, Alice In Wonderland, and an assortment of books on the Brothers Grimm....
Even very smart people can be tricked by some of these terrible techniques...
The Kremlin knew which musical genres to target to transform America from within... A new series from PJ Lifestyle's digital DJ begins...
A quarter century in an independent church that follows Jesus wholeheartedly has shaped the man that I am.
Contrary to popular belief, being Jewish means being free.
This is the third of four excerpts from Frank J. Fleming's new science fiction novel SuperEgoHere are the first two. Join us next week for the conclusion.
"Yeah, there’s just a couple things I can’t do because I had an abortion yesterday..."
In denying kids the right to fight back, we make civilization nothing more than the layers of paint covering Jill Masterson in Goldfinger.
For the Globalist Morlocks to rise, Nationalism must die.