ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt Must Go

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Over three years ago, I started writing articles about the evils of BLM, which has always been committed to the destruction of Israel, even having it as part of their manifesto. I was castigated by other rabbis and Jewish leaders, who were adamant that BLM wasn’t really anti-Semitic. Reform and Conservative Rabbis touted BLM, and raised hundreds of millions of dollars for this corrupt and evil organization, most of which ended up in the pockets of its leaders. Not one of those leaders has now admitted they were wrong to ever support BLM, even as they now are starting to finally condemn it.


Most egregiously of all, the ADL under Jonathan Greenblatt, a former Obama staff member, has fully supported BLM throughout these past years. Here at PJMedia, the corruption and leftist agenda of Greenblatt was exposed two years ago. On July 21, 2020, the ADL published an official document claiming that these types of accusations were “disinformation” about BLM. On Sept. 1, 2020, Greenblatt wrote an article of support for BLM in which he said, “The Black Lives Matter movement… launched a long overdue reckoning over systemic racism in our country.” Greenblatt still refused to distance the ADL from BLM — even after Fox News exposed that the ADL curricula was based on BLM’s ideals of Critical Race Theory. Under Greenblatt’s leadership, the ADL shifted from fighting anti-Semitism to being a tool and mouthpiece for the leftist/BLM/Marxist agenda.

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And Greenblatt needs to make it right. Judaism demands that we rectify our mistakes with actions, not just words. Greenblatt is personally responsible for raising millions or possibly tens of millions of dollars for BLM. He needs to make it right and rectify his mistakes, as does the Board of the ADL for supporting him and BLM for the last number of years.

But how is it even possible to fix this mistake that is so huge?

Again, we must look at actions, not just words. Finally, only after BLM has visibly shown their anti-Semitic hatred and at the outcry at Greenblatt, has he even partially started to discuss the reality of their anti-Semitism. And his words are simply not enough.


For the sake of his own soul, and for the preservation and hopefully the redemption of the ADL, which was once an honorable organization fighting hate, Jonathan Greenblatt must resign from his position at the ADL. The Board of Directors must insist on his resignation to preserve any integrity that may be left within the ADL. ALL donations to the ADL must be stopped until it returns to the purposes it had when it was part of B’nai Brith and Greenblatt is removed.

Given his hunger for power and personal agenda, it is doubtful that Greenblatt will willingly step down. So the Board must be pressured to fire him. This list of the ADL Board of Directors must be pressured to relieve Greenblatt and return the ADL to its mission. Ben Sax, the Chair of the ADL, who is a partner at Kore Wealth Management/Corient Capital Partners in New York, needs to be emailed and be pressured to fire Greenblatt. Elon Musk has recognized what the ADL has become and is trying to fight it; and every person of conscience who is finally realizing the deep ties between the ADL and BLM must withdraw support of the ADL until Greenblatt is gone.

If you wish to donate to help Israel in her time of need and to atone for any support you may have ever given BLM or the ADL, it is easy to do. Bnai Zion Hospital in Haifa desperately needs more medical equipment to service the many wounded, and the many more who will come from the north. Magen David Adom, which supplies ambulances and emergency equipment around the country, needs help to continue to take care of emergencies throughout Israel.


And Greenblatt must go. To use their own term, BLM must be completely cancelled, as well as any relationships it has had with the ADL under the horrible leadership of Jonathan Greenblatt.

May the world recognize the evil that BLM has always personified, may the ADL return to its original noble mission, and may the soldiers, people, and land of Israel stay safe.


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