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Store Clerk in Kansas Curses Out MAGA Hat-Wearing 14-Year-Old

It keeps happening.

Over the weekend, an employee at a clothing and shoe store in Kansas demanded that a teenage boy take off his MAGA hat, and when the kid didn’t, the employee said “f*ck you,” according to the boy’s mother.

“He did nothing to you,” the mother told the employee. “What did you say to my son, to my 14-year-old?”

“I’m sure he’s heard it before,” the employee responded sheepishly.

“Where’s your manager?” she snapped. “Let’s go.”

The woman explained what happened to the employee at the counter: “My son walked into the store — that gentleman first told him, ‘take off your hat.'” She pointed out that the teen did not say a word to the employee.

“He said ‘F you’ to my son,” she complained, and repeated her point that her son hadn’t said or done anything wrong.

The employee behind the counter, who looked bemused by the whole situation, told the woman to simply “go about your business.”

“Absolutely not! I want the corporate office — I want everything right now,” the mother exclaimed.

This happened on Saturday at a Vans store at the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, KS.

Vans was quick to fire the employee over the incident, telling KCTV5 Monday afternoon:

“Our primary focus is to provide the best customer service experience. The actions and comments from one employee in our Oak Park location are in contrast with our company’s values and belief in personal expression. The employee is no longer with the company.”

In another anti-MAGA event over the weekend, a man in Tennessee reportedly pulled a gun on a Sam’s Club customer who was wearing the offending hat.

These altercations come on the heels of several high-profile incidents involving Trump supporters that were seized by the media to make the president’s supporters look bad, including the demonization of the Covington Catholic High School boys after they were confronted by Native American activist Nathan Phillips in Washington, D.C., last month, and the Jessie Smollett hoax.

In just the past year, Trump supporters have had drinks thrown on them, been banned from restaurants, been publicly shamed and ridiculed, been beaten, and now been threatened with a gun.

In response to these relentless attacks, some Trump supporters on social media are urging conservatives all across the nation to wear their MAGA hats tomorrow for “MAGA Hat Day.”