Five Things Democrats Could Do To Convince Us They Don't Want Widespread Voter Fraud

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

As far as I’m concerned, Democrats want voter fraud. They don’t say this, but they consistently act like it. I don’t want to believe this, but they make it increasingly difficult to believe they want safe and secure elections.

According to the Democrats, the 2020 election was the safest and most secure in history… but they don’t want to verify that with forensic audits. Keep in mind, that every election lost by Democrats in the past twenty years has been met with accusations of a stolen election. We all remember the 2000 election, but Democrats also suggested that the 2004 election was stolen in the state of Ohio. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) filed an objection (on behalf of a group of Democrats in Congress) to the counting of Ohio’s electoral votes, and delaying certification of the 2004 presidential election results. This was only the second time in history such a challenge occurred. Nothing came of the challenge, as we know, but it’s also interesting to note that even now, John Kerry still suggests that the 2004 election was stolen from him. Flash forward to 2016, and we have the whole Russian collusion narrative, which we know was completely bogus. It comes down to this formula: When a Republican wins the election was stolen, and when a Democrat wins it was a secure election. Again, Democrats insist that the 2020 election was the safest and most secure election in history, and anyone who won’t take their word on that is a conspiracy theorist.

Support Voter ID & Signature Verification

Perhaps one of the most commonsense aspects of election integrity is ensuring the person who shows up to vote is who they claim to be. Voter ID laws have been passed in various states and met with huge resistance by Democrats, and eventually blocked by activist liberal judges. The justification for blocking these laws rests in the absurd notion that Voter ID laws are racist. Apparently, if you’re a Democrat, you don’t think black people are smart enough to get a state-issued ID. Never mind the fact that such an ID is required for a variety of common activities. You need a license to drive, purchase cigarettes or alcohol, or even attend the Democratic National Convention. The widespread necessity of a state-issued ID makes opposition to requiring one to vote seem suspicious. Especially when these laws typically make it possible to acquire an ID for free. So, stop calling Voter ID Jim Crow 2.0/

If Stacey Abrams can flip on voter ID, so can the rest of the party.

Support Bipartisan Forensic Audits

If Democrats truly believe in their hearts that the 2020 election was entirely above board, support forensic audits where allegations of election integrity failure occurred. When you act like these audits are so problematic, you really sound guilty. But, instead, we’ve seen Democrats in Arizona, with the help of the media, attack the forensic audit in Maricopa County. There’s been similar opposition from the Democrats to an audit in Fulton County, Georgia. It hardly seems a coincidence that these states in particular have state-certified results with incredibly slim margins of victory for Joe Biden. Results-changing fraud could very well be uncovered in these states. Democrats know this, but they continue to insist there was no fraud. If you’re really confident in the results, you wouldn’t object to verifying them with a forensic audit. So, rather than blindly opposing them, support them, make them bipartisan, and show us that you truly believe the results are legitimate.

Don’t Complain About Purging Voter Rolls of Dead People

It stands to reason that after someone has died, they aren’t going to vote anymore. Right? Well, they certainly won’t vote Republican. Like Voter ID, purging dead voters from the voter rolls should not be controversial or partisan, but, Democrats in Georgia are up in arms over Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger purging over 18,000 dead voters from the voter rolls, and sent notices to more than 100,000 “outdated” names that they’ll be removed unless they take action to prevent it. “There is no legitimate reason to keep ineligible voters on the rolls,” Raffensperger said.

Removing dead and illegible voters on the voter rolls is common sense. Why would Democrats be so angry over this? Again, it’s hard to say this doesn’t look suspicious.

Abandon H.R. 1

There is no more blatant of a power grab than H.R. 1, the Democrats’ hyperpartisan election reform legislation that would federalize the election process, and make elections even more susceptible to fraud.

According to analysis from the Heritage Foundation, H.R. 1 would mandate early voting, automatic voter registration, same-day registration, online voter registration, and no-fault absentee balloting. It would also make it easier for illegal immigrants to vote. H.R. 1 would require states to count ballots cast by voters outside of their districts, make it impossible to remove ineligible voters, ban voter ID, restore the voting rights of felons, and a slew of other measures that would turn our elections into a giant mess.


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