New Yorkers Give Anthony Weiner the Welcome He Deserves

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Wanna feel old? Next June, it will be 10 years since Rachel Maddow devoted an entire segment of her primetime MSNBC show to a lunatic conspiracy theory about someone hacking into Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account and sending pictures of Anthony Weiner’s penis to women who were not Anthony Weiner’s wife:

Did you get all that? It doesn’t matter now, of course, but Maddow really thought that would be the end of it. Her job as a journalist is to protect any Democrat who gets into trouble, and she thought she’d done her best. Then, of course, most of the left tried to blame Andrew Breitbart for Weiner’s indiscretions and lies, and they absolutely did not care that they were completely wrong. If anything, it just made them hate Breitbart even more.

(You can see the same phenomenon today, except now the main target of their insane rage is Tucker Carlson. Every time it’s proven that they’re lying about something he said, it just makes their lies even angrier and more bonkers. And last year the libs ran the same “It wuz a hacker” play with Hunter Biden’s absolutely 100% real laptop. But this time they had help from Silicon Valley, so they got away with it long enough for Hunter’s dad to get elected.)

We all remember what happened to Weiner and his wiener over the next few years. It was wonderful. Weiner completely destroyed his political career, and it’s arguable that he kept Hillary Clinton from getting elected president. Every time some lib mewls, “But her e-mails,” they’re talking about Hillary’s e-mails that were on this creep’s DNA-caked laptop. And every time, their misery makes me smile. One man’s inability to keep his hands out of his pants ruined the 2016 election for Hillary, and it drove the Democrats irrevocably insane.

Anyway. Why the hell am I feeling nostalgic about Weiner’s deflation, you ask? Because he’s not being allowed to forget what he’s done. Carlos Greer, NY Post:

Anthony Weiner may want to start drinking his coffee at home.

The disgraced politician’s pervy past caught up with him as he sipped java with an unidentified male at Bryant Park on Monday afternoon. Real estate broker and actor Jarrett Sharp told us he was passing by and got so angry at the sighting that he pulled out his camera, rushed Weiner, and shouted, “f–king pedophile, scumbag, c–ksucker!”

An astonished and peeved Weiner responded by repeatedly saying, “F–k you,” seven times.

“I think it’s disgusting that he’s able to sit outside in public. He’s a registered sex offender and I wanted to remind him of that, and raise awareness,” Sharp told Page Six.

It’s not often that I say this, but God bless the people of New York City. Only that town could produce someone as vile as Anthony Weiner, but only that town can give him the treatment he deserves.

A few years ago, when Weiner was arrested for showing his penis to children, I made this prediction:

Weiner is such a screw-up that he couldn’t even manage the easiest job in politics. Now it looks like he’s going to jail. And then, in a few years, the left will help him craft a redemption narrative. He’ll make yet another comeback. And then he’ll send some more dick pics to somebody he’s not supposed to, and it’ll start all over again.

It hasn’t happened yet, but he’s only been a free man for a couple of years and we’ve had that whole pandemic thing to worry about. I’m sure he’s plotting his (ahem) comeback even as you read this.

Weiner will rise again!


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