December 31, 2017

VIRTUALLY EVERY DAY OF 2016, SOMEBODY IN DOJ DC WAS GIVING MONEY TO HILLARY: More than 2,600 individual donations were to the Clinton campaign by donors who listed the Department of Justice or one of its elements, like the FBI, as their employers. Their contributions totaled more than $416,000. Trump got a little more than $20,000 from a mere 61 such employees.

Only 268 of them lived in the Washington, D.C. but their combined total of more than $242,000 was half of all the DOJ/FBI donors to Clinton. That’s a drop in the bucket of $1.2 billion that Clinton spent in losing to Donald Trump but the huge gulf between DOJ backers of Clinton and Trump sheds additional light on why congressional Republicans are raising a growing stink about partisan bias in DOJ and the FBI.

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