November 12, 2018

VETERANS DAY PHOTOS: A remembrance of things past and present.

1: USS Nebraska, 1918. She’s wearing an experimental camouflage paint scheme.

2: Six WW2 aircraft in formation over Nellis AFB.

3: Tired GIs in the woods near Wiltz, Battle of the Bulge, WW2.

4: Marines in Korea withdraw from Koto-Ri, 1950.

5: Worn out in the battle for Hue, Vietnam, 1968.

6: USS Zumwalt in transit, 2016.

7: USMC fire mission, Syria, 2017.

8: U.S. Air Force bomber show, 2017.

9: Winter mortar training, 2018.

10: USAF Air pararescuemen and an Army CH-47F Chinook helicopter exfiltrating after completing a training exercise in Afghanistan, 2018.

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