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April 18, 2017

WHERE FREE SPEECH GOES TO LIVE: The University of Chicago has issued another warning to snowflakes. When a high school student is accepted, the first thing he or she sees on the school website is a video reaffirming Chicago’s commitment to let anyone on campus speak freely even if others are offended. It’s an impressive video — one of the few inspiring things to be found on any campus these days — devoted to the motto, Audiatur et Altera Pars (Listen Even to the Other Side).

This should solidify Chicago’s hold on the number one spot in Heterodox Academy’s ranking of universities according to their commitment to free speech and ideological diversity. The next best schools in the rankings are Purdue, Washington University in St. Louis, Carnegie Mellon and William and Mary.

The worst schools — in a tie for last — are Georgetown, Harvard, NYU and Mizzou. It’s been a hotly contested battle for the cellar, thanks to the efforts of aggrieved social-justice warriors and spineless administrators at Yale, Northwestern, Berkeley, Emory, Notre Dame, Rice, Penn, Georgia Tech and a depressingly long list of other schools.