February 14, 2020

THIS MAY BE UNCLE SAM’S MOST WORRISOME PROBLEM: When government gets so big that it can’t manage its own records, everybody in America is harmed. Check out this from The Epoch Times’ Ivan Pentchoukov:

“The man who shot and killed 26 people at a church in Texas in 2017 used guns he wouldn’t have been able to purchase if the Air Force had properly managed its records.

“On six occasions, military officials failed to send Devin Kelley’s records to the FBI while the Air Force investigated, court-martialed, and imprisoned him for abusing his wife and stepson. Had the FBI received the records, the killer would have been barred from buying the weapons used in the massacre.

“While the Air Force case may appear unique, federal records management failures are behind some of the biggest national headlines in recent years.” Sadly, there is much, much more in this deeply worrisome investigative report. It’s lengthy but well worth the time.

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