October 20, 2021

THIS IS CNN: Sen. Joe Manchin has ‘committed violence’ on climate legislation before.

In an analysis for CNN, Zachary B. Wolf notes that this isn’t the first time Manchin has “committed violence” on climate legislation. No, really. He literally fired a bullet into climate change legislation.

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The headline is now, “What’s driving Manchin’s resistance to climate change legislation.” Wolf writes:

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin — a Democrat — appears to be intent on ripping the heart out of President Joe Biden’s climate change agenda.

With his all-powerful 50th vote as leverage, Manchin’s reported opposition to Biden’s plan for a $150 billion plan to pay power generators to further cut reliance on fossil fuels, kills the plan.

It wouldn’t be the first time he’s committed violence on legislation to address climate change.

Back in 2010, when he won as a Democrat in a red state in a very red year, Manchin did it by running an ad in which he literally fired a bullet into climate change legislation. That legislation, the last major attempt to enact climate change legislation, did fail.

If you’re trying to make us love Manchin more, it’s working.

The headline can still be seen in a cached version of a Mississippi TV station that picks up CNN’s feed:

For CNN, rejecting a climate change bill is “committing violence.” But when faced with actual violence, CNN lies about Bernie Bro James T. Hodgkinson not having a motive to shoot up a GOP baseball game and nearly killing Steve Scalise. Then there was this show-stopping moment:

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