June 19, 2017

THE GUARDIAN DISCOVERS “FLYOVER COUNTRY:” It’s almost as if the reporter looked at this assignment as if it were an adventure into the deep jungle. Note the unnamed “observer” who editorializes:

“Observers wonder when “these people” will wake up and realize that Trump does not have their interests at heart. But rural folks have gotten used to a system that does not have their interests at heart.”

Well, gosh, when the political establishment keeps calling half the country stupid or “deplorable” it’s little wonder they’ll vote for any alternative. And it’s a safe bet if a writer referred to “these people” in the context of discussing LGBT or race issues, there’d be hell to pay. Lesson to be learned: this is why there is an Electoral College, though these days the Democrats would prefer that elections were held only in DC, NYC and Malibu. Read it here.