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October 9, 2006

SMASH.jpgHelen couldn’t make it — it was a bit late for her — but I caught up with milblogger Scott Koenig, better known as Smash, when he passed through Knoxville last week. Since he’s a celebrity blogger, I took along a portable recorder and managed to cadge an interview. Listen as Scott describes his part in the new milblogger book, The Blog of War: Front-Line Dispatches from Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, recounts his experience blogging from the war zone, and talks about his up-close encounters with antiwar protesters from Code Pink at Walter Reed Army Hospital. There’s even an audio excerpt of his somewhat Pattonesque bullhorn address to those protesters, which I’m sure they didn’t enjoy. But you may. Plus, Smash and I “fast” for peace!

Music, The World’s Unfair (Since 1982) is by Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere, off their album “Knoxville Tells.”

You can stream the file — no downloads needed — by going here and clicking on the gray Flash player. You can download the file directly by clicking right here, or get it in lo-fi suitable for dialup by going here and selecting “lo-fi.” You can subscribe via iTunes right here.

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Technical note: The interview was recorded with the Edirol R-09 that I mentioned earlier, and the CS-15 external microphone that I said I was ordering a while back. I think it turned out quite well, especially considering the noisy setting.

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