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August 11, 2006

baydunnigan.jpgIt’s another podcast full of war news, with Austin Bay and StrategyPage publisher, and author of many books, Jim Dunnigan. Bay and Dunnigan talk about terror plots being busted via electronic surveillance and confidential tips, Israelis in Lebanon, Ethiopians in Somalia, Iranians in Iraq, and what Montgomery Ward taught us about fighting terrorism, plus a look at events in Mexico. And Dunnigan has a lot to say about the utility of various surveillance programs used to identify terror networks.

You can download the file directly here (no iPod needed) or get a lo-fi version here. There’s a complete show archive at GlennandHelenShow.com, too.

Music is by 46 Long.

And, as always, my lovely and talented cohost is taking comments and suggestions.

UPDATE: Allah excerpts a bit.

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