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June 13, 2006

We’re podcasting from the eye of the storm. Er, or we would be, if it had an eye. Anyway, it’s a spur-of-the-moment podcast from the vicinity of Apalachicola, Florida, where we’ve tried to equal the Big Media folks in hurricane hysteria. (Besides, it was still a bit too chilly for the beach this morning). You can listen right here if you want to see how we did. You can get it on iTunes by clicking right here, and there’s a lo-fi version for dialup right here.

The sun’s coming out now, so we’ll be on the beach soon. Let’s hope that all of this year’s storm news amounts to as little.

As usual, my lovely and talented cohost is soliciting comments.

UPDATE: Yes, this whole thing was done with this Olympus digital recorder that I reviewed for Gizmodo a while back. Just copied the files over into the laptop, strung ’em together with Acid, and uploaded them. Quick and dirty — which is all this deserves. . . .

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