July 7, 2019

STAYING ON THE CURIOUS CASE: Scott Johnson of Powerline stays on the curious, nefarious and possibly deviously criminal case of Rep. Ihlan Omar (D-MN). This is Scott’s eighth post in his Loose Threads In the Curious Case series. In this post Scott chastises the Washington Post for covering for Omar — which is what the Minneapolis Star Tribune has been doing for years. Scott has another Omar series, From the Mixed Up Files of Rep. Ilhan Omar. Here’s a post where he questions a Strib editor. This June 12 post is an example of Scott’s own sleuthing. He is starting to get traction from other critical other media. So stay tuned.

RELATED: Turkish media want Turks to support Rep. Ilhan Omar’s campaign. Scan the article and you’ll see the original story appeared in a pro-government media outlet. The JNS article includes a photo of Omar with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

RELATED TO RELATED: About ten days or so ago Erdogan was threatening to go to war in Libya. My Creators Syndicate column from last week tells you what I think of Erdogan, the Ego Sultan.

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