September 12, 2018

SEGWAY PERSONAL TRANSPORTER GOES COMMANDO: The two-wheeled Segway PT hit the market in 2001. It is still a cool vehicle. Now SOCOM is interested in the EZ Raider HD4 tactical electric manned vehicle. The name’s a great pun on Easy Rider. The EZ Raider is essentially a Segway PT with four wheels.

Why is SOCOM interested? From the StrategyPage post:

Motorized stealth in modern combat has been a long sought, but rarely achieved goal.


For Special Operations troops EZ RAIDER enables a raiding party to be landed by helicopter far enough from the target to avoid being heard or seen. Then, using their EZ RAIDERs, the troops can silently approach the target, carry out the raid and travel on their EZ RAIDERs for pickup by helicopter.
The Israelis have been using EZ RAIDER for stealthy border patrol, to catch infiltrators who believe they have not been spotted (until it is too late). EZ RAIDER can also be used for outer security at high value facilities. SOCOM will only say that it has purchased several EZ RAIDERs for field testing and is so far satisfied with their performance.

The vehicle has a range of 40 to 80 kilometers. The entire post is worth the read and has some commentary on recent military experience with ATVs and motorcycles. The video at is worth watching.

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