Saturday, November 27, 2021

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ANALYSIS: TRUE. Asking OPEC to drill more is ‘lunacy’ after being energy independent.

A year ago we had OPEC on the ropes.

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MAYBE BECAUSE THEY ARE? “Compared with cars, e-scooters are a lower-carbon, quieter and cheaper means of transport that can make a positive impact on urban mobility and the environment. However, despite their promising potential, the majority of the urban population perceives them either as toys or a public safety hazard.”

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SCIENCE: Hot Girls Don’t Feel The Cold.

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GIVE THANKS: ‘Attitude of gratitude’ could help to de-stress during holiday season.

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AL GORE HARDEST HIT: Arctic Sea Freezes Early, Trapping 18 Ships in Ice Near Russia.

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TO BE FAIR, FEW ARE FOLLOWING CNN EVEN ON THEIR BEST DAYS: CNN Reports Study Questioning Climate Change Models On Thanksgiving Day When Few Are Following News.

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IS IT TOO FAR SOUTH FOR STARLINK? An undersea cable could bring speedy internet to Antarctica.

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QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: Whose Land Did Native Americans Steal Before Europeans Stole It From Them?

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MORE LIKE THIS, PLEASE: How we uncancelled Jordan Peterson.

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THE VACCINES ARE UNDERPERFORMING: Study: COVID-19 protection wanes after two doses of Pfizer vaccine.

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NO. JUST NO. “Plans are afoot to turn Notre Dame cathedral, once it’s restored, into what some have called a ‘politically correct Disneyland’.”

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This handy little description was coined by The Wall Street Journal editorial board Tuesday to describe Democratic lawmakers who must now face the daunting reality of the multitrillion dollar tax, climate and entitlement spending bill, which passed in the U.S. House five days ago.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi marched her majority off a cliff in 2010 with votes on ObamaCare, and now she has done it again,” said the detailed editorial.

“The 81-year-old Mrs. Pelosi is almost certainly retiring after this Congress, and this vote is a legacy project for her. But her younger members will have much to explain in 2022 as they defend this gargantuan, destructive and unnecessary bill,” the editorial advised, citing expensive particulars of the legislation which will raise taxes, raise energy prices and empower illegal immigrants, among other things.

“Democrats say their specific programs are popular — who doesn’t love free child care? But voters understand that nothing is free from the government, and polls are starting to show that voters think they will end up paying for it. They are right. There are only so many rich people to soak, and Democrats are cutting taxes for most of them,” the Journal continued.

“Americans have also begun to link the flood of government spending to inflation, which is acting like another tax. With this bill, passed in the wake of their nationwide election drubbing this month, Democrats are underscoring that they are the inflation party,” the editorial said.

“Mrs. Pelosi promised Democrats she wouldn’t make them vote on a bill before the Senate agreed to it, but as in 2010 she’s done that again. They’ll now have to defend provisions that couldn’t pass a Democratic Senate. No wonder Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke on the House floor for eight hours. He knows the Democrats were voting to make him Speaker,” the Journal concluded.

As Mark Steyn once wrote, “When the British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan dumped some of his closest cabinet colleagues to extricate himself from a political crisis, the Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe responded: ‘Greater love hath no man than to lay down his friends for his life.’”

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THIS IS MORE LIKE THE 21st CENTURY I WAS PROMISED: Flying Motorcycles, Better E-Bikes and More Personal Transportation to Come.

The Speeder is a futuristic-looking flying motorcycle created by Ventura, Calif.-based Jetpack Aviation. Though some elements are still in development, the vertical take-off-and-landing aircraft will have jet turbine engines that provide vertical thrust. Once in the air, the engines would tilt backward and the aircraft would fly on small wings powered by net-zero-carbon fuel. Two recreational models, priced starting at $385,000 each, are available for preorder. One reaches speeds of over 150 mph, and flies for nearly an hour at more than 15,000 feet; an ultralight version that doesn’t require a pilot’s license to operate is limited to 60 mph by federal regulations and flies for 15 minutes. The company hopes to make them available in 2023. A faster, heavy-duty model intended for military and rescue missions is also in development. Within 10 years, the recreational Speeder could be automated and used for public transportation in cities, with rooftops repurposed for parking, says CEO David Mayman.

The illustration atop the article displays a key breakthrough in the advance of flying motorcycles — the propeller blades are hidden within the jet turbine engines. Otherwise, what could possibly go wrong?

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I DON’T EXPECT SHE’LL NAME NAMES. SHE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED TO JEFFREY EPSTEIN, WHO DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF: Victims and Prosecutors See Ghislaine Maxwell as ‘Center’ of Epstein’s Scheme Ahead of Trial.

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NPR MORPHED INTO THE BABYLON BEE SO SLOWLY, I HARDLY EVEN NOTICED: Canada taps into strategic reserves to deal with massive shortage … of maple syrup.

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EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: OPEC considers lowering production to account for oil reserve releases. A year ago we had OPEC on the ropes.

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#AMAZONSHITCARSHOW: The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois.


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STACY MCCAIN: “Violent death, sexual perversion, pandemic disease — the apocalypse keeps rolling along. And I’m in Georgia, enjoying a Thanksgiving feast.”

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SUCKING IN THE SEVENTIES: Hate Skinny Jeans? You’re in Luck: Flared Jeans Are Making a Comeback.

How many dreadful 1970s trends did this photo-up unleash?

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NOW OUT: The Nixon Conspiracy: Watergate and the Plot to Remove the President. #CommissionEarned

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HERE WE GO AGAIN: NY Gov. Kathy Hochul orders halt on elective surgery amid COVID spike, Omicron.

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LESTER MADDOX SMILES: The UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees voted to reject a resolution that would have banned the university from discriminating on the basis of race or gender.

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MILTON FRIEDMAN SHAKES HIS HEAD AND SAYS “I WARNED YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH:” U.S. inflation is one of the highest in the world.

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I BLAME THE HOARDERS AND WRECKERS: NYT wonders: Say, why aren’t deep-blue states progressive Utopias?

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CAMPUS ANTISEMITISM IS RIFE: ‘Academic fiasco’: Duke student leaders vetoed pro-Israel student organization.

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GAD SAAD INTERVIEWS: Dr. Pat Kambhampati, Anti-Woke Chemistry Professor.

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THIS TIME IT’S DIFFERENT! Why the boom in US home sales is not a bubble. “Economists argue This time is different. Tight supply and rising demand—not lax lending standards—are driving the current boom. So while the housing market in 2006 was a bubble waiting to pop, this one appears to reflect the entry of a new generation of buyers into the market, and the plausibly long-lived disruptions of a global pandemic.”

If it’s not a bubble, it’s because it’s inflation.

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MARCUS ARBERY ALMOST PUT AL SHARPTON OUT OF BUSINESS: “‘All lives matter, not just blacks,’ Arbery told the media Wednesday after the verdict. ‘We don’t wanna see nobody go through this. I don’t want to see no daddy watch their kid get shot down like that. So it’s all our problem. It’s all our problem. So hey, let’s keep fighting, let’s keep doing it, and making this place a better place for all human beings, all human beings. Everybody. Love everybody. All human beings need to be treated equally.’…If you take another look behind Arbery and his inspiring words, it looks like there’s another tableau going on. You can see after a couple of perfunctory ‘Amens’ from Ben Crump, there appears to be consternation from Crump as his hand goes to his face. Then, the person right behind Arbery says something to Crump, after which you can see Crump putting his hand on Arbery as though to draw his remarks to a close. You can see Crump exchange a look with Sharpton who appears to be about to step in and the video ends. It sure looked like they wanted to bring what Arbery was saying to a close, that he was going outside of the narrative. What would happen if everyone actually believed that ‘all lives matter?’ That would put the folks pitching division out of business.”

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BUILD BACK POORER: Pa. electricity prices will be rising by as much as 50% next week.

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RED-LINING THE IRONY METER: German clinics are now requiring the Covid vaccine in order to get euthanized.

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CULTURE OF HATE: ‘The old white ppl…knock dem TF out!’ Waukesha suspect shared social media posts promoting violence towards white people and claiming black people were the ‘true Hebrews.’

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UPDATE NEWSPEAK DICTIONARIES ACCORDINGLY: American Medical Association Wokes Up, Cancels Terms Such as ‘Morbidly Obese’ and ‘Inmates.’

For those of you who are morbidly obese, I have huge news: You’re not.

So says the American Medical Association.

Over the past few years, institutions have given syllables a shellacking.

Societal betters have overhauled language for the sake of us all.

I question the timing: We Need to Stop Overlooking One Politically Incorrect COVID-19 Death Factor:

The United States has the 13th highest COVID-19 death rate relative to population. Many different factors shaped death rates in the pandemic. But there’s one uncomfortable reason that the U.S. likely experienced more COVID-19 deaths that has largely been ignored because it’s politically incorrect.

Out-of-control obesity rates and the “body positivity” movement predating the pandemic have left the U.S. population disproportionately vulnerable to COVID-19 compared to other countries. The U.S. ranks No. 12 in obesity worldwide, one of the highest rates among developed countries. One study found that 90% of worldwide COVID-19 deaths occurred in countries with high obesity rates.

Bill Maher concurs:

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SOUNDS FAIR: Virginia police officer who was fired over $25 donation to Rittenhouse defense wants his job back.

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PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: Biden Announces Travel Ban That Blows up His Own Prior Words and Those of Fauci.

Also from Biden (or his ghost tweeter) in early 2020:

That tweet links to an article at Medium in which Biden (or his ghostwriter) hyperventilates:

Yesterday, Donald Trump further diminished the United States in the eyes of the world by expanding his travel ban, placing new restrictions on the residents of six more nations that limit who is allowed to come to the United States.

Three years ago, he took aim at Muslim-majority nations. This time, he targeted primarily African…

And there is no evidence that they do anything to make us safer. If anything, they endanger the best tools we have to fight terrorism — our globe-spanning network of alliances and partnerships. They erode our moral standing in the world and make it less likely that other nations will work with us to take on terrorist threats before they can reach our shores.

Immigrants from each of these countries and their broader diaspora communities here in the United States enrich the larger fabric of American life as our friends and neighbors and make vital contributions to our economy. They make our nation stronger. The United States has a meaningful history of offering safety and opportunity to peoples of every nation — no matter where they come from, no matter if they are rich or poor, no matter the faith they follow.

Donald Trump is doing everything in his power to destroy that legacy. It’s a disgrace, and we cannot let him succeed.

And Joe and handlers wonder why they’re encountering so much skepticism and resistance in 2021.

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MY FRIEND MARTIN SHOEMAKER DECLARED TODAY SHARING DAY: He said if we put one of our books on our facebook pages, he’d share it, to ensure all the people he loves had a happy holiday.  Well I never got around to putting one of mine up, because we’re getting some things finished and… well… But I think turnabout is fairplay. Martin is an even better writer than he’s a friend, and trust me, he’s an excellent friend.


At the heart of a mystery unfolding in space, the opposing forces make a treacherous journey between Earth and Mars.

In space, mutiny means death—that’s why Inspector General Park Yerim is taking her investigation so seriously. The alleged mutineer is Captain Nicolau Aames, whose command of the massive Earth-Mars vessel Aldrin has come under fire. The vast System Initiative says he disobeyed orders, but his crew swears he’s in the right.

En route to Mars, Park gathers testimony from the Aldrin’s diverse crew, painting a complex picture of Aames’s character: his heroism, his failures, even his personal passions. As the investigation unfolds, Park finds herself in the thrall of powerful interests, each pushing and pulling her in a fiery cosmic dance.

Corruption, conflicting loyalties, and clashing accounts make it nearly impossible to see the truth in fifty million miles of darkness, and Park faces danger from every direction. All eyes are on her: one way or another, her findings will have astronomical implications for the Aldrin and the future of space travel.

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DON SURBER: NYT fears Democrats will again pay for Obama. “10 months before Obama left office, NPR ran a report on how much damage he did to his own party. . . . But as this month’s elections in New Jersey and Virginia show, Democrats likely will slide even further as the party pays for his historically bad presidency. His smash-mouth style angered his opponents while his failed policies disappointed his supporters. The New York Times has good news for us, bad news for them. Obama’s failures kept Republicans in charge of redistricting in key states, and that bodes well for Republicans over the next decade.”

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MORE LIKE THIS:  Kevin Sorbo Stood Up to Cancel Culture … and Won.

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DIVERSE…. YEAH. LET’S CALL IT THAT:  Fairfax County Public Schools Returns Pornographic Books to School Libraries, Calling them ‘Diverse Reading Materials’.

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ABOLISH THE AGENCY, SALT THE EARTH:  FBI Tweets Thanksgiving Message.

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RIDICULOUS:  Novavax Developing Vaccine Against Variant That Appeared 72 Hours Ago – Will Be Ready in Two Weeks, Already in Emergency Use Trials in Indonesia and Phillipines.

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Yes, that parent is usually (though not always) mom.

Look, for decades women have been working at jobs that barely cover child care and job related expenses. They thought they had to. Then they were locked in and learned that by cooking at home and looking after their kids themselves they could survive on one salary.

No, not every woman. But if 25% of married-with-children women decided that it would correlate exactly with what’s going on. And also explain why the left is thoroughly uninterested in exploring or telling the truth about the phenomenon.

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THEY’RE NOT INEPT, THEY’RE HOSTILE:  Republican Governors Join Forces to Challenge Biden Administration’s Inept Policies.

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WEEEEE!  Senior U.S. General Says Iran ‘Very Close’ to Building a Nuclear Bomb, ‘Variety’ of Military Options on the Table.

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CAN WE SHIP BIDEN TO SOME OTHER COUNTRY?  Biden Admin Will Restrict Travel From Seven African Countries Due to New COVID Variant.

I suggest China. They bought him, they can have him. We’ll even wrap him, if they really want it. Put a bow on his head or something. And we’ll throw in the rest of the Junta as a free bonus, gratis, for nothing.

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YEAH, BUT ONLY PEOPLE WHO FAIL TO TAN, RIGHT?  Salvation Army Embraces Critical Race Theory: White People Must ‘Sincerely Apologize’ For Racism.

Because…. that’s not racist.  No sale!

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WE WILL NOT BE STAMPEDED:  New Covid-19 Variant From South Africa.

Also, this isn’t an epidemic. It’s now endemic in the world population. Lockdowns and masks are completely dumb. And vaccines should be treated as flu vaccines. Get them, should you want to, but otherwise shut up about it.

Yes, sure, people will die. What? People were immortal before? Yes, I might die of it?. Well, we all die of something. Shut up and start living. Only Chinese Emperors were as obsessed with immortality as the Covidiots and even they failed to attain it.

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And domesticated turkeys are very, very dumb.

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BECAUSE THIS IS THE STUPIDEST TIMELINE:  Notre Dame Cathedral Restoration is Going Woke.

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Until it’s too late.

Friday, November 26, 2021

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EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: As Crisis in Ethiopia Unfolds, Biden Admin Prepares for a Second Afghanistan.

(09:44 PM)

OPEN THREAD: It comes up late, once in a blue moon.

(09:10 PM)

ABUSE OF POWER: Facebook declared Rittenhouse guilty, silencing his defense in the court of public opinion.

(09:00 PM)

THE NEW SPACE RACE: China’s space programme will go nuclear to power future missions to the moon and Mars.

(08:33 PM)

RIP: ‘A titan of the American musical:’ Tributes pour in after renowned composer Stephen Sondheim dies.

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THE WORLD REMAINS FULL OF MYSTERIES: We All Nearly Missed The Largest Underwater Volcano Eruption Ever Detected.

She was flying home from a holiday in Samoa when she saw it through the airplane window: a “peculiar large mass” floating on the ocean, hundreds of kilometres off the north coast of New Zealand.

The Kiwi passenger emailed photos of the strange ocean slick to scientists, who realized what it was – a raft of floating rock spewed from an underwater volcano, produced in the largest eruption of its kind ever recorded.

“We knew it was a large-scale eruption, approximately equivalent to the biggest eruption we’ve seen on land in the 20th Century,” said volcanologist Rebecca Carey from the University of Tasmania, who co-led the first close-up investigation of the historic 2012 eruption, and together with colleagues finally published the results in a paper in 2018.

The incident, produced by an underwater volcano called the Havre Seamount, initially went unnoticed by scientists, but the floating rock platform it generated was harder to miss.

And yet it almost was.

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THIS ISN’T BAD: A Whisky-Lover’s Knoxville Travel Guide.

(06:55 PM)

DON SURBER: Erasing the Waukesha Massacre in Real Time.

Think of the press as a disinformation operation controlled by America’s enemies and you won’t go far wrong.

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NO MORE REPUBLIC: Kilkenny-born farmer launches ‘no joke’ bid to get Ireland back into UK. ““In a functioning Republic, you must have an opposition and that opposition would be a unionist one realistically, seeing as over one million Irish people identify as unionist.”

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A LITTLE LATE TO THE PARTY: Cultural Revolution was a catastrophe and Mao was responsible, China’s Communist Party upholds in landmark statement. But as they say that, they’re elevating Xi to Mao status, and he’s likely to do similar sorts of harm.

(04:48 PM)

ARE WE SKIPPING SOMETHING?: The last COVID strain was called “Nu.” Going down the Greek alphabet, today’s new variant is called “Omicron.”

The W.H.O. wouldn’t want to offend China, now, would they?

UPDATE: It occurs to me that if they had any guts they’d have named it “Winnie.” But China is asshole.



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THOUGHTS ON WAUKESHA: Ford Should Be Thankful They’re Not a Gun Maker. “If Ford were a gun company, our betters in politics and the legacy media would be wringing their hands calling for accountability and liability right now. Against all rational thinking, they’d be shrieking on every cable news network that Ford should be sued by the victims of last weekend’s vehicular attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where a ridiculously powerful, high-speed Ford Escape killed six and injured at least 60 innocent Christmas parade goers.”

Especially since many major media outlets blamed the SUV instead of the driver.

(04:00 PM)

COMPARISON TEST: Ford Bronco vs. Jeep Wrangler.

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ZIPPY: The World’s Most Popular EVs Aren’t Cars, Trucks, or Motorcycles: The pandemic has helped transform the e-bike into a juggernaut. “Electric bicycles, better known as e-bikes, have moved from novelty to mainstream with breathtaking speed. They’ve been a boon to hard-working delivery persons during the pandemic (and their impatient customers), and commuters who don’t care to be a sweaty mess when they arrive. And while the scoffing tends to center around the “purity” of cycling—the idea that e-bike riders are somehow lazy cheaters—that electric assist is actually luring people off the couch for healthy exercise. That’s especially welcome for older or out-of-practice riders (which describes a whole lot of folks) who might otherwise avoid cycling entirely, put off by daunting hills or longer distances.”

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I’VE SEEN THE LOCKDOWNS AND THE DAMAGE DONE: Pandemic depression persists among older adults, study finds.. “The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental health of older people living in the community, with those who are lonely faring far worse, according to new research from McMaster University.”

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INFRASTRUCTURE LIKE NEW, NUCLEAR, POWER PLANTS: Ore., N.J. pushing for electric big rigs, but it will take infrastructure.

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#RESIST: Joe Biden “I Did That!” Gas Pump Sticker. #CommissionEarned.

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SKIN IN THE GAME: We Need ‘Kyle’s Law’ to Put DA’s on the Hook for Lying to Create Political Show Trials.

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GEORGE KORDA: Authority should come with title of Knoxville’s community safety director.

(11:43 AM)

THE PRESS HAS ALREADY STARTED TRYING TO BURY THIS STORY: The life and crimes of accused Waukesha Christmas parade killer Darrell Brooks.

The man who turned a quaint, small town Christmas parade into a blood-soaked nightmare that left six dead and over 60 injured is a career criminal who’s spent more than half of his life trapped in a revolving door of incarceration, drug abuse and violence.

Darrell Brooks, 39, allegedly used a red Ford Escape to plow through revelers at an annual Christmas celebration in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday, but his life of crime started 22 years ago when he was just 17 years old.

Over the next two decades, Brooks would proceed to wreak havoc across three states as he racked up convictions for abusing his partners, raping and impregnating a teenager and a consistent streak of other violent crimes.

Out on $1000 bail.

Related: A common thread in Waukesha tragedy, Kenosha shootings: Government failure. “In fact, though, there is a thread connecting the Rittenhouse shootings and the Waukesha mass murder. But the thread isn’t so much racism as awful Democratic politicians.”

Flashback: Bernie Bro James T. Hodgkinson, Attempted Assassin Of Steve Scalise, Already Being Erased From History. And additional examples of leftist violence and eliminationist rhetoric at the link.

(11:00 AM)

TOP SELLER: Pandemia: How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives. #CommissionEarned

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FREE FALL: Joe Biden’s Approval Now Underwater in 48 States. “To spend the holiday in a state where his approval is above water, Biden would need to head north. Vermont is one of only two states where Biden’s approval remains above 50%– at 55%, according to Civiqs survey for Biden’s job approval. The other is a much longer trip to the islands of Hawaii, where he is barely hanging on with 51% approval. Poll Project USA summarized the state-level findings in a chart.”

(10:30 AM)

IT’S ALMOST LIKE SPREADING FALSEHOODS IS HER JOB: Journalism professor Nikole Hannah-Jones spreads Rittenhouse trial falsehoods.

(10:21 AM)

FITTING: President Biden’s New Helicopter Hits Setback: It’s Unreliable in a Crisis.

(10:10 AM)

BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: Save on Automotive Parts and Accessories.

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HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: WATCH: Students want to rename ‘Black Friday’, until they find out the name has nothing to do with race.

(09:20 AM)

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Why is Hollywood So Liberal? “I can promise you that the majority of people who work in Hollywood find the ‘woke’ orthodoxy oppressive, censorious and inhibiting. They just can’t admit it, not in work meetings, not at job interviews, not online.”

McCarthyism, straight up.

(08:49 AM)

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: America Is Awesome, Let’s Have Some Black Friday Fun. “Returning now from a rather brisk walk of my sister’s dogs in 26-degree Michigan morning weather. I don’t know how you cold weather people do this. I think you may all have mental problems.”

(08:42 AM)

MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN: A common thread in Waukesha tragedy, Kenosha shootings: Government failure. “In fact, though, there is a thread connecting the Rittenhouse shootings and the Waukesha mass murder. But the thread isn’t so much racism as awful Democratic politicians.”

(08:38 AM)

LIFE IN THE BLUE ZONES: Boston: String of violent assaults interrupts Michelle Wu’s feel-good honeymoon.

A string of recent random violent assaults — including an 82-year-old man pummeled by ATV and dirt bike riders — is interrupting new Mayor Michelle Wu’s feel-good start to her administration.

Wu has said nothing so far about the shocking, brutal attack on the elderly man that started on Boylston Street and continued onto Storrow Drive last week.

But she has had time to announce the extension of outdoor dining season in Boston and sign an ordinance to divest city funds from the fossil fuel industry, making good on her “Green New Deal” for the city.

But reality gets in the way of the best-laid plans, and right now Wu needs to confront a wave of lawlessness that is putting a damper on tourism and businesses like restaurants, and show support for the victims.

So far all we’ve heard is silence.

Will she back police if they try to crack down on the ATV and dirt bike riders who are running roughshod on city streets? Or will her defund-the-police mentality get in the way?

The assault on the 82-year-old man has shocked city residents and visitors, and is at least the third recent incidence of violence in Boston that has triggered unpleasant headlines.

In South Boston late Sunday night, a 43-year-old man was knocked unconscious by three juveniles at the Andrew Square MBTA station, according to Transit Police.

Elect a Democratic mayor, get random street violence. It’s a pattern, it seems.

(08:30 AM)

NARRATIVE POLICING: Media Outlets Lose Interest in Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre as Death Toll Mounts.

(08:00 AM)

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Salvation Army’s Donors Withdraw Support in Response to Racial ‘Wokeness’ Initiative.

If the Salvation Army is vulnerable to this BS, who’s safe?

(07:49 AM)

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: ALMOST NONE of the 82,000 Afghans Airlifted From Kabul in August Were Vetted Before Coming to the U.S.

(07:42 AM)

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ANALYSIS: TRUE. Jacob Sullum: The last thing considered by Dems in the Rittenhouse case was the actual law.

The unrest in Kenosha followed a police shooting that left a black man, Jacob Blake, partially paralyzed. But Rittenhouse’s guilt or innocence had nothing to do with whether that use of force was justified or whether the response to it is more accurately described as a riot or an exercise of First Amendment rights.

Rittenhouse, then 17, said he brought a rifle to the protest because he wanted to defend local businesses from vandals, looters and arsonists. But his guilt or innocence had nothing to do with whether one views that decision as heroic or reckless.

Rittenhouse’s political views and the merits of the gun laws that allowed him to carry that rifle likewise were irrelevant. So was the fact that Rittenhouse — who lived in Antioch, Ill., 16 miles from Kenosha — “crossed state lines,” a detail that critics of the verdict bizarrely emphasized.

What mattered, as far as the law was concerned, was whether Rittenhouse reasonably believed the use of deadly force was necessary each time he fired his gun. On that crucial issue, the jury heard credible testimony that supported Rittenhouse’s self-defense claims.

The commentariat has skulls full of mush, and even the ones with law degrees seldom have any interest in thinking like a lawyer.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

(10:44 PM)

THE BEATLES ‘GET BACK’ IN PETER JACKSON’S NEW THREE-PART DOCUMENTARY: And I take a deep, deep dive into the new Disney+ miniseries over at Ed


(10:05 PM)


Related item here.