Friday, October 22, 2021

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OH MY: One dead on Alec Baldwin set over prop-gun “misfire” (Updated).

Related: John Nolte: Live Round Means Gun Safety Procedures Not Followed on Alec Baldwin Set.

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MAYBE WHISTLING IN THE DARK: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is all bubbly and excited because, she told reporters this morning, “We had a very positive meeting this morning; I’m very optimistic. It’s exciting, because whatever it is, it’s going to be bigger than anything we’ve ever done for the American people.”

That last “for” should probably be “to.” Note: If you have a couple of wavering votes, one way to push them across is to announce the deal is all but done, so they will finally cave.

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EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Logistics Crisis Will Lead to Long-Term High Prices, Ports Council Chair Warns.

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THIS IS CNN: CNN sneers: Joe Rogan deserved our false report about him taking horse dewormer to treat COVID.

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I LIKE THE CUT OF HIS JIB: China Pulls Celtics Games After Player Says ‘Free Tibet.’

China pulled Boston Celtics games from the streaming service Tencent on Thursday after center Enes Kanter protested Beijing’s repressive rule over Tibet and called President Xi Jinping a “brutal dictator.”

Wearing a T-shirt bearing an image of the Dalai Lama, Kanter in a Facebook video post called for China to “free Tibet,” saying the Communist Party is carrying out a campaign of “cultural genocide” in the region.

“Shame on the Chinese government,” Kanter said. “The Chinese dictatorship is erasing Tibetan identity and culture.”

More like this, please.

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BLUE GOVERNANCE IN A NUTSHELL: Biden Thanks Unions for Promising to Help Solve a Supply Chain Mess They Created. “Two ports that account for 40% of all US imports haven’t been operating on weekends during the biggest supply chain crisis in generations—because of a union contract.”

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MATT MARGOLIS: Merrick Garland Debunks Democrat ‘Insurrection’ Claims About Capitol Riot. “Surely the Biden administration, with all its tough talk about holding the rioters accountable, could find someone to charge with insurrection, right? If they could, they certainly would have, and we all know it. Instead, they’ve been charged with other crimes related to their actions on that day. Just not insurrection. Why not? Because the riot wasn’t an insurrection. Attorney General Garland knows this. Congressional Democrats know this. Heck, the media probably knows it too.”

They do, but plenty of news sources — including the AP — continue to use “insurrection” in their “news” stories.

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NOW OUT: How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies: Taking On Liberal Arguments with Logic and Humor.

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SHOCKER: Colorado’s vaccine sweepstakes didn’t boost rates. “The findings contradict previous statements from Colorado Gov. Jared Polis touting the program — which gave $1 million to five randomly selected winners. The Democrat has repeatedly suggested it helped, despite prior evidence to the contrary.”

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TOP SELLER: ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply, Freeze-Dried Survival-Food Disaster Kit, Camping Food, Prepper Supplies, Emergency Supplies, Drink and Entrée Variety Pack, 25-Year Shelf Life, 52 Servings. #CommissionEarned

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LIFE’S EASIER WHEN YOU’RE A FAVORITE OF THE REGIME: Sanctioned flag vandal still controls $1 million in student organization funds.

More than a month after Fadel Alkilani vandalized a 9/11 flag display, Washington University officials handed down his punishment.

“A student senator at Washington University in St. Louis was fined $500 and put on disciplinary probation,” Young America’s Foundation reported on October 20. The conservative student organization sponsored the flag display put up by the university’s College Republican chapter.

YAF obtained a letter from the student conduct office that described the punishment Alkilani received.

The letter said Alkilani has been convicted of five different violations of the student conduct code. The violations include “[f]urnishing false information, “[i]nterfering with the rights of other members of the university community,” and theft.

He has been placed on probation and removed from his resident advisor job but remains on the finance committee of the student government. YAF reported that his position allows him power to allocate more than $1 million to student organizations.

The other crime is that there’s $1 million in student organization funds.

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BY ANY MEANS FAIR OR FOUL: Just a Coincidence? Richmond Schools Give Teachers Full Week Off During Election.

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K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Ohio State University elementary education program is obsessed with race, oppression, queer sexuality.

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INSURRECTION: Brooklyn lawyers who made Molotovs plead guilty to one count each, face years in prison. “Gothamist reports that they will both be disbarred, which is the right outcome. No one who tried to literally burn down the system should be part of that system. The fact that both of them were adult attorneys who were part of the justice system they wanted to destroy only makes them more culpable.”

They got lots of media sympathy, while people who larped in the Capitol and set nothing on fire are treated as deadly insurrectionists.

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BIDENFLATION: House Democrats and rising energy prices.

With great excitement, House Democrats on the Government Oversight and Reform committee recently announced they will conduct a hearing on October 28th focused on climate change. It will feature senior leaders from BP, Chevron, Shell, Exxon, the American Petroleum Institute, and the Chamber of Commerce.

It’s not clear why the Democrats are excited about this hearing; the timing could not be worse.

Their intent is to haranguing oil companies and the Chamber about climate change, which no one outside of the Democratic donor ecosystem cares about. Moreover, multiple surveys have made it clear that approximately no one is willing to pay anything to address climate change.

Unfortunately for Democrats, however, the hearing is much more likely to wind up highlighting rising energy prices, which just about everyone – including Team Biden — cares about. Just last week, it was reported that senior officials in the Biden Administration, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, and climate czar Gina McCarthy, have had conversations and meetings with oil and gas industry executives about how best to restrain price increases.

That seemed odd, given that the administration has spent its entire time in office trying to … increase the cost of energy.

Mission accomplished.

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SETH BARRETT TILLMAN: The BBC, the passive voice, and the Protected Class.

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ROGER KIMBALL: Anthony Fauci’s metaphysical get-out-of-jail-free card: It is long past time that the good doctor was called to account.

Anyone wishing to appreciate the nature of our two-tier society needs only to contrast the fate of St Anthony Fauci with that, say, of General Mike Flynn or any of the dozens of political prisoners who are, many of them, being held without charge in appalling conditions in a Washington, D.C. prison even as I write.

Fauci has been a carbuncle on the countenance of American life at least since he helped spread the myth of heterosexual transmission of AIDS in the 1980s. The new Chinese flu was custom made for his brand of panic-mongering and totalitarian posturing.

Just a few weeks ago, he was saying that it was “too early” to say whether we would be allowed to gather for Christmas. We’ve known for some time now that he was involved with, and paid with taxpayer money for, “gain of function” research at the Wuhan virology lab where the novel coronavirus that has caused such upheaval was developed.

Italy’s anti-Green Pass movement has a new figurehead
Yes, that’s right. Fauci was paid by your tax dollars to help weaponize a virus that he then went on to exploit as a means to enhance his lugubrious celebrity.

He lied, under oath, about his role in his testimony before Congress, most pointedly in his heated exchanges with Senator Rand Paul this last summer.

Now we have Dr Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, publicly challenging Fauci, charging that he is guilty of spreading “misinformation” about taxpayer funding of Fauci’s “gain of function” research at the Chinese virology laboratory.

Of course, “misinformation” in this case is just a polysyllabic synonym for lying — and besides wasn’t it Jen Psaki herself wanted people to be punished for spreading “misinformation”?

Well, some people.

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KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Will McAuliffe Continue Being the Democratic Cockroach? “The current governor’s race in Virginia is particularly interesting for a few reasons. The first is that the Republican might actually win. The second is that Terry McAuliffe is still hanging around, fulfilling his duties as the unkillable cockroach of the Democratic party. The third is that issues that parents all over the country can relate to are being played out on a big stage.”

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EVERY INSTITUTION HAS BEEN CORRUPTED: Why Biden won’t tell you where the record number of illegal immigrants in the US are going.

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MECHAZILLA: SpaceX Finally Installs ‘Robot Chopsticks’ to Catch Super Heavy Booster. “The chopsticks are actually a set of massive arms that will be used to recover the giant Super Heavy booster as it lands, catching it as it comes back down to Earth. While SpaceX founder Elon Musk initially announced the catch arms back in December 2020, it wasn’t until Tuesday that the company was able to assemble the chopsticks and place them on the launch assembly.”

Ten months to assemble something hardly anyone had even dreamed of before — the “finally” seems a bit presumptuous.

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MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN: Dems’ vaccine mandates for police are bound to backfire. “Many people are convinced that Democrats want to create a police state, and some Democratic rhetoric has supported that worry. But one of the first things you do when creating a police state is get in good with the police. After spending the last several years crapping all over law enforcement, the Democrats aren’t making any progress there. Good.”

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LET’S GO, BRANDON! VOX: It’s time for Americans to buy less stuff: Thanks to the supply chain crisis, holiday shopping won’t be easy this year — even if you buy early. Also, thanks to the bread shortage losing weight will be easier, comrade!

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IT SHOULD BE MORE THAN THAT: Backlash: 57% oppose FBI hounding parents at school board meetings.

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LET’S GO BRANDON, the precursors.

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TO BE FAIR, IT’S A TWISTED TRAIN WRECK OF A PRESIDENCY: Biden Mocks Freedom in Twisted Train Wreck of a Town Hall.

And the establishment — including much of the GOP establishment — knew Biden was unqualified and foisted him off on America anyway for its own corrupt, selfish reasons. In the name of “decency” and “normalcy,” both of which have been in notably short supply for the last nine months.

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WHEN THEY FACT-CHECK A DEMOCRAT, YOU KNOW IT’S BAD: Biden: I made all the vaccinations happen. AP fact checker: No, you didn’t.

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READINESS: New Report on U.S. Military Readiness Is Terrifying. “Billed as the ‘only non-governmental and only annual assessment’ of American military muscle and preparedness, this year’s report ought to send some chills up the spines of America’s military leadership, both uniformed and civilian. Then again, ‘spine’ assumes a fact not currently in evidence.”

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WE NEED SENSIBLE HOLLYWOOD PROP-GUN CONTROL: Alec Baldwin fires prop gun in ‘misfire’ that kills cinematographer, injures director. ‘No one has been arrested and no charges have been filed,’ the sheriff’s office said Thursday evening, according to Variety . Detectives are interviewing witnesses in an ‘active and open’ investigation,” the office added.”

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IT’S ALL PART OF THE PLAN, IT’S NOT RANDOM: White House Knew About Letter That Compared Parents to Domestic Terrorists: National School Board Association collaborated with Biden administration, emails show.

We saw the same kind of collaboration between UVA and the Obama White House during the UVA fake-rape scandal.

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THE NINTH CIRCUIT IS NO LONGER RELIABLY PROGRESSIVE: “Ninth Circuit Panel Rejects District Court’s Covid Takeover of Immigration Detention Facilities.”

(When the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights visited immigration detention facilities a few years back, my progressive colleagues were shocked to see that they were not the hell holes they had been led to believe. It was almost funny.)

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LET’S GO BRANDON! Tides Turning? Boston Fans Chant ‘F**k Joe Biden’ At ALCS.

There are two things you can know for certain about Boston: the people there are incredibly passionate about almost everything, and it is a firmly liberal city. That’s why what happened after Game 4 of the ALCS between the hometown Red Sox and the Houston Astros might come as a surprise.

Between chants of “F— A-rod” (former New York Yankees third baseman and Fox Sports analyst Alex Rodriguez) and “F— (Astros second baseman Jose) Altuve,” impassioned and clear chants of “F— Joe Biden” could be heard just outside of Fenway Park.

Now we all aren’t surprised when college campuses in the South break out in these cheers during football games (since the South tends to be conservative anyway), but a place like Boston joining in on the fun goes to show just how much our president’s approval has dropped in just nine short months.


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HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: More on MIT’s deplatforming of University of Chicago professor.

“I thought scientists would not get on board with the denial-of-free-speech movement,” said Jerry Coyne, an emeritus professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Chicago. “I was absolutely wrong, 100 percent so.”

Every institution has been corrupted by the left.

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WHEN YOU’VE LOST MSNBC…: Not Even MSNBC Believes Biden Whopper That $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill Will Cost ‘Zero.’

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WHAT THEY’RE TEACHING OUR KIDS: If you doubt for one second the seriousness of the issues involved in who decides what children in public schools are taught, watch the uncensored version of the Virginia “textbook.” Barring a public rebellion, if it’s not already, this garbage will soon be in public schools across the country.

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REALCLEARDEFENSE: Science Fiction and the Strategist 3.0.

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AMERICA’S TWO COUNTER-CULTURES: The Washington Free Beacon’s Matthew Continetti sees America riven by the conflict between two counter-cultures, one on the Left and one on the Right, with what once was called “the Silent Majority” trapped between the combatants.

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THE BUTCHER’S BILL WILL COME DUE AND IT WILL BE HORRIFIC:  Under New Critical Race Curriculum “White People, Historic Figures, All Look Like Buffoons or Aggressors” – Providence (RI) Teacher Ramona Bessinger.

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OW ALL THE PLAYERS ARE GOING TO BORROW DOGS FOR THEIR PORTRAITS:  Men with dogs in their dating app pics ‘more likely to settle down’.

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BEHOLD, MY SHOCKED FACE:  BBC: COP26 Document Leak Reveals National Interest Manipulation,

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THE BUTCHER’S BILL IS COMING DUE, AND IT WILL BE HORRIFIC:  Biden Administration Plans For The Forever Pandemic.

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WELL, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT AT THAT:  Lancet: Climate Change Worse Than Covid.

It’s a much longer, more damaging and more expensive con.

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I’M NOT. HIS LIPS MOVED:  Fauci Lied, No One Should Be Surprised.

For him, it’s a tell.

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LOOK, THE MAN IS A SELF AVOWED COMMUNIST…  Garland Tap Dances Amid Questions About DOJ School Memo.

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ONE OF THE STUPIDEST IDEAS EVER:  FDA hearing and comment period for giving COVID vaccines to children 5 to 11.

The kids don’t need it, and are not at risk of the disease. Injecting them with a half-tested medicine on the pretext of a not particularly lethal bug is stupid, insane and criminal.

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BUT IT WAS DONE IN A BUSINESS-LIKE AND PROFESSIONAL MANNER:  Taliban beheaded female volleyball player, posted photos online, coach says.

That Brandon guy has blood on his hands.
Let’s go Brandon.  #Teamheadsonpikes.

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BUSINESSES, OTOH, NEED TO KEEP REGULAR HOURS:  Workers fed up with nights, weekends seek flexible schedule.

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YOU MEAN, LIKE THE FLU AND COMMON COLD?  Can new variants of the coronavirus keep emerging?

Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Alec Baldwin fatally shot a cinematographer and injured a director when a prop gun misfired at the New Mexico movie set of the film “Rust,” authorities said.

The filming location at Bonanza Creek Ranch in Sante Fe was initially sent into lockdown and production was halted following 1:50 p.m. double shooting.

“There was an accident today on the New Mexico set of Rust involving the misfire of a prop gun with blanks,” the production spokesperson told Deadline.

The film’s 42-year-old director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, and 48-year-old director Joel Souza, were struck during the incident, according to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office.

Hutchins was airlifted to University of New Mexico Hospital and later died from her injuries. Souza was being treated at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, authorities said.

“Detectives are investigating how and what type of projectile was discharged,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

Flashback: The Mysterious Death of Brandon Lee on the Set of The Crow.

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OPEN THREAD: I’m still rolling.

(09:24 PM)

LIFE IN THE BLUE ZONES: Iconic Target Store on Mission St to Close Amid Shoplifting Tidal Wave: SFPD tells Globe Mayor Breed falsely claims it’s not about theft, begs company to stay.

“This store loses $25,000 a day to shoplifting,” an SFPD officer told the Globe in lengthy, taped interviews conducted this week. “That’s $25,000 that walks out the door on average between 9 and 6 every day.”

(The Globe is redacting the officers’ names because of critical remarks made about Mayor London Breed and District Attorney Chesa Boudin that could potentially endanger their jobs.)

“This store does between $80,000 to $120,000 in sales every day. And they lose 25 of it [meaning $25,000]. Even if they’re making 25% profit, the stealing takes that down to zero.”

Asked if the presence of armed, uniformed police officers had any deterrent effect on thieves, one officer was blunt in his assessment.

“They don’t care. There’s no consequences. Literally zero consequences. I’ve kicked out… I’ve been here since 9 AM today. I probably have already kicked out eight or nine people and I’ve recovered a thousand dollars worth of stuff alone off of that. Whether we kick them out, tell them they can’t come back, whether I put them in handcuffs and take them down to the county jail—there is no difference. Because they will not be prosecuted by the district attorney. Therefore, there is nothing documented that they can’t come back here. You know, they get no time in jail to think about what they did, right? There is zero consequence. And that’s why in this store the same exact people come in every other day and in the city the same couple percent of people are the same people committing all the car break-ins, all the robberies and all the shootings, any aggravated assaults right in town where there’s more street people, people fighting. It’s all the same exact people, and there are zero consequences. Therefore you take them to jail they get out of jail. They do it again. It’s a big circle.”

Elect commies, ruin your city. It’s obvious, and yet . . .

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SNOWFALLS ARE NOW JUST A THING OF THE PAST: ‘Promise?’ Illustrated warning of what Washington, DC might look like if climate change isn’t addressed backfires:

Much faster, please. (That’s quite a ratio, by the way.)

(Classical reference in headline.)

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Climate Change: Tax the Blue Zones!

(09:01 PM)

FRUITS OF THE DEMOCRATS’ TREE: The Ghost of Kitty Genovese: An assault in Philadelphia evokes memories of a notorious crime. “Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney’s Twitter feed had nothing to say about the rape, perhaps not surprisingly given that he also has had little to say about Philadelphia’s historically high murder numbers. Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner didn’t mention the rape either, instead focusing on re-arresting a police officer on charges that had previously been dismissed. Kenney and Krasner, both progressives, seem relieved that the actual rape occurred just outside of the city limits—making it somebody else’s problem—even though the victim and defendant spent most of their train ride in Philadelphia.”

However, the Genovese analogy is misplaced, because the sensational New York Times report wasn’t true. More here.

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SPACE: Senate appropriators frustrated with lack of progress on civil space traffic management.

(08:45 PM)

COVINGTON KIDS PART DEUX: The caption on this AP photo from the Netflix walkout is completely false (and now retracted).

(08:30 PM)

OUT ON A LIMB: Biden’s State Department is a laughingstock. China launches a hypersonic missile but Antony Blinken is very worried about gender pronouns.

Last week, the State Department learned that twice this summer China had tested a new hypersonic missile weapon with nuclear capabilities. According to the Financial Times, the rocket employed a “fractional orbital bombardment” that also had the guidance ability to “glide” around the earth in orbit.

The test reportedly stunned the Biden administration, and comes on the heels of a string of embarrassing global events for the US, including the fall of Afghanistan and Russia opting not to raise natural gas supplies to Europe after the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Secretary of State Tony Blinken reacted with a series of “deeply concerned” letters. The State Department had once again been caught flat-footed.

But fear not: Blinken has his priorities straight. This week, his State Department responded forcefully and with great clarity to its adversaries and hostile foreign regimes around the world: by recognizing International Pronouns Day. The agency stands in solidarity with people who list pronouns “on their email and social media profiles” through ShareAmerica, the department’s platform for communicating American foreign policy worldwide.

I hope this movie ends much better than the last one:

Related: Rocket failure mars U.S. hypersonic weapon test as others succeed.

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WELL: Human remains found in Florida reserve confirmed to be Brian Laundrie, FBI says.

(08:20 PM)

MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN: Dems’ vaccine mandates for police are bound to backfire.

In the media narrative, those resisting the vaccine mandates are all Trump-supporting snake handlers from Appalachia, or something like that. But real life, as happens so often, doesn’t track the media narrative.

In fact, much of the resistance comes from people like airline pilots, health professionals and air-traffic controllers, none of whom can fit the stereotype of uneducated rubes.

But perhaps the most interesting and determined resistance to vaccine mandates comes from those who are usually tasked with enforcing government mandates: police. Across the country, officers are refusing the shot and daring their bosses to make them take it. There are several lessons in this, about class, about democracy and about the authorities’ competence.

Read the whole thing. But you knew that.

(08:14 PM)

DESTROYING COMEDY: David Zucker, the co-writer and director of a little-known and rarely watched comedy film called Airplane! on the state of comedy today, and those who are attempting to eliminate it:

Humor happens when you go against what’s expected and surprise people with something they’re not anticipating, like the New York Jets winning a game. But to find this surprise funny, people have to be willing to suppress the literal interpretations of jokes. In Airplane!, Lloyd Bridges’s character tries to quit smoking, drinking, amphetamines, and sniffing glue. If his “addictions” were to be taken literally, there would be no laughs. Many of today’s studio executives seem to believe that audiences can no longer look past the literal interpretations of jokes. Fear of backlash rather than the desire to entertain seems to be driving their choices.

I admit that their fear of audience retaliation is not entirely unwarranted. There is a very vocal, though I believe small, percentage of the population that can’t differentiate between Glue Sniffing Joke and Glue Sniffing Drug Problem. It is these people whom studio executives fear when they think twice about rereleasing Airplane! on its 40th anniversary, when they put disclaimers in front of Blazing Saddles, or when they pressure writers to remove jokes that are otherwise perfectly offensive. As a result of these fear-based decisions, some of the best contemporary comedy minds are abandoning laughter in favor of admittedly brilliant but serious projects such as Joker, directed by Todd Phillips, and Chernobyl, written by Craig Mazin. These men collaborated on two of the Hangover pictures, which struck gold at the box office. Phillips summed up the general plight of the comedy writer when he said, “It’s hard to argue with 30 million people on Twitter. You just can’t do it. So, you just go, ‘I’m out.’”

Or you can go the Dave Chappelle route: “When Sticks and Stones came out…a lot of people in the trans community were furious with me and apparently they dragged me on Twitter. I don’t give a f***, ’cause Twitter is not a real place.” But then, Chappelle’s The Closer special, as brilliant as it is, was likely a much cheaper proposition to produce than most Hollywood films: Fillmore Hall in Detroit was sold out; a three-man camera crew isn’t all that expensive for Netflix; much of the initial editing was likely done by the video director as the tape hard drive rolled. The highest expense was likely Chappelle’s salary. Compare that to the multiple star salaries, and massive committees that produce even medium-budget films in Hollywood.


The truth is, I still don’t fully understand why there’s a problem with making a joke that gets a laugh from an audience, even if it is mildly offensive. Why cater to the minority who are outraged when most people still seem to have a desire to laugh? Is there a way to determine what exact number of America’s population is killing joy for everyone? Is it 1 percent or 10; 3.3 million Americans or 33 million? Since I can’t seem to find one, let’s go with Phillips’s estimation of “30 million people on Twitter,” which computes to roughly 9 percent of America’s population.

What I often wonder is, why do studio executives feel as if they have to cater to these 9-Percenters? In all fairness, 9-Percenters are not a new segment of society. Historically, they’ve always lived among us. The difference between now and then, however, is that social media amplifies the voices of even the smallest subgroups while the anonymity of the Internet removes all consequences. This means that today’s 9-Percenters can hide behind screens and social-media handles as they attack any person on the Internet whose jokes offend them. The 9-Percenters of 40 years ago had to think twice about what they were sharing publicly, because at the end of the day, they had to sign their names to their reactions. Without this type of accountability, it’s all too easy for today’s 9-Percenters to attack and shame comedy writers into giving up on the genre.

And that “nine-percenters” number assumes that everyone on Twitter disagrees with something when the outrage mob finds its target. As the recent meltdown over Chappelle proves, it’s nowhere near that size, but the media loves to amp up the hype: ‘Netflix may become a stigma brand:’ PBS NewsHour says the backlash against Dave Chappelle’s special ‘is at a tipping point.’

Not a chance — the outrage will find its next target, and completely forget about this story.

(08:09 PM)


**UPDATE** About 30 mins after I posted the above on Bookface…this:

(08:00 PM)

TUNE IN, TURN ON, DROP OUT: The Great Resignation is Accelerating.

As I wrote in the spring, quitting is a concept typically associated with losers and loafers. But this level of quitting is really an expression of optimism that says, We can do better. You may have heard the story that in the golden age of American labor, 20th-century workers stayed in one job for 40 years and retired with a gold watch. But that’s a total myth. The truth is people in the 1960s and ’70s quit their jobs more often than they have in the past 20 years, and the economy was better off for it. Since the 1980s, Americans have quit less, and many have clung to crappy jobs for fear that the safety net wouldn’t support them while they looked for a new one. But Americans seem to be done with sticking it out. And they’re being rewarded for their lack of patience: Wages for low-income workers are rising at their fastest rate since the Great Recession. The Great Resignation is, literally, great.

For workers, that is. For the far smaller number of employers and bosses—who in pre-pandemic times were much more comfortable—this economy must feel like leaping from the frying pan of economic chaos, only to land in the fires of Manager Hell. Job openings are sky-high. Many positions are going unfilled for months. Meanwhile, supply chains are breaking down because of a hydra of bottlenecks. Running a company requires people and parts. With people quitting and parts missing, it must kinda suck to be a boss right now. (Oh, well!) . . .

One way to capture the meaning of any set of events is to consider what it would mean if they all happened in reverse. Imagine if quits fell to nearly zero. Business formation declined. In lieu of an urban exodus, everybody moved to a dense downtown. It would be, in other words, a movement of extraordinary consolidation and centralization: everybody working in urban areas for old companies that they never leave.

Look at what we have instead: a great pushing-outward. Migration to the suburbs accelerated. More people are quitting their job to start something new. Before the pandemic, the office served for many as the last physical community left, especially as church attendance and association membership declined. But now even our office relationships are being dispersed. The Great Resignation is speeding up, and it’s created a centrifugal moment in American economic history.

Politically, the pandemic has led to centralization of authority, though the incompetence of authority may make that a short-term phenomenon. Economically, the direction has been rather the reverse.

(07:00 PM)

THIS SOUNDS LIKE A WIN FOR BLUE ORIGIN LOBBYISTS: NASA looks beyond SpaceX, Boeing contracts for space station commutes.

(06:00 PM)

MIX AND MATCH: FDA authorizes Moderna, J&J booster shots, ‘mixing and matching.’

(05:50 PM)

YES, AND THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE: Democrats aim to make anyone who disagrees with them an enemy of the state.

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-The Moon) made the Democratic position clear Thursday: If you’re not with us, you’re terrorists.

During his opening statement for the Attorney General Merrick Garland hearing, Nadler said there was no difference between the rioters who stormed the Capitol on January 6 and parents who are angry about what is being taught in schools.

“This growth in extremist ideology is echoed in an epidemic of violence and intimidation directed at our health care professionals, teachers, essential workers, school board members and election workers,” Nadler said.

Nadler, a partisan loon who spent the past four years stirring up every conspiracy theory against President Trump, claimed there was a “broader pattern” here, including “the growing threats of violence against public servants.”

If you want to be better-liked, try acting like a public servant, instead of a public master.


Yes, it is terrible when a sitting senator is harassed and followed into a bathroom . . . Oh he wasn’t talking about Krysten Sinema? The incident President Biden said was just “part of the process”? Huh.

We’re sure he was inspired by the climate change activists who stormed the Department of the Interior last Thursday, breaking down the front door and attempting to occupy the building. He was calling on AOC and others to denounce them. No?

How about the fact that the letter the National School Boards Association sent to Garland asking for the FBI for help, as reported by columnist Christopher Rufo, “cites only a single example of actual violence against a school official.” That the letter is in fact hyperventilating bunk, describing shouting as “violence” and people who disagree with school boards as “domestic terrorists.”

Turns out the White House knew about the letter before it was made public. Did the president order Garland to get the FBI involved?

It seems like the Biden administration is guilty of what they always accuse Republicans of: Politicizing the Department of Justice, and stifling free speech through intimidation.

They’re always guilty of what they accuse others of. It’s their M.O. And if they were actually afraid of violence they wouldn’t behave the way they do. Their behavior comes from a sense of impunity, not from fear.

(05:30 PM)

MICHAEL WALSH: Colin Powell’s Death the Latest Sign of the COVID Scam.

Colin Powell, a good man and a great American, has died. He had been suffering for years from multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, as well as Parkinson’s disease, but according to the media (citing his family), the real cause of death was “complications” from—you guessed it—COVID-19, despite the fact that he was “fully vaccinated” and indeed was about to get a booster shot when his compromised immune system finally failed.

There will be accolades aplenty forthcoming for General Powell, a former secretary of state, who ably served both presidents Bush in various military and civilian capacities. But his death, coming as it does in the midst of our long political and biomedical wrangle over the severity of the threat posed by the CCP virus that causes COVID-19, once again focuses attention on the social and economic destruction the panic over the pandemic continues to cause.

As Michael writes, surveying the media’s gaslighting over Powell’s death, “Who are you going to believe—the media or your lying eyes and your gift of reason?”

(05:14 PM)


That means that everything Bialik has ever said or done is being gone through with a fine-tooth comb. According to left-wing CBS late-night comedy-show host Stephen Colbert, the only people who don’t think she’s controversial are those without access to the Internet. A search of her YouTube videos would show that she has expressed an opinion about just about every aspect of her life as a parent (about which she has also written two books), her divorce, open relationships, sexual harassment, holistic medicine, food (she is vegan) and her experiences as a sitcom actress. So there’s plenty of ammunition for critics.

Although the charming and knowledgeable Trebek often sounded as if he knew the answers to many of the questions on the show even without being told, he was just a radio and television announcer who went on to success as a popular game-show host. Bialik was a successful child actress. She took a long break from the arts to go to college and ultimately wound up with a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA before eventually returning to acting as a better way to support and spend more time with her children, as opposed to a position as a research scientist. That, along with her own brand of charm and comic timing, as well as long experience in the rigors of work in television, made her a solid candidate for the coveted position.

Yet as the Times article—and the many comments appended to it from readers who highlight their anger about someone who is not supportive of “Palestine”—makes clear, her connection with Judaism seems to stick in a lot of people’s throats.

Why is the establishment left such a cesspit of antisemitism?

(05:00 PM)

MICROBIOME NEWS: Gut Bacteria Change as You Get Older—and May Accelerate Aging: Microbe types in older people’s intestines are different and are linked to disease.

(04:44 PM)


Why is Joe Biden supporting conflict oil instead of ethical oil?

(04:30 PM)

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: White House Knew About Letter That Compared Parents to Domestic Terrorists. National School Board Association collaborated with Biden administration, emails show.

Related: Republicans grill Biden’s AG Merrick Garland as he defends FBI school board memo, insists parents are entitled to protest and denies calling them domestic terrorists.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) pressed Garland on allegations that a ‘boy wearing a skirt’ raped and sexually harassed two girls at two different Loudoun County high schools, though Garland denied having knowledge of the case.

Asked whether the FBI was investigating the matter Garland said, ‘I don’t believe so but I don’t know.’

Videos of the alleged victim’s father being violently restrained by law enforcement at a Loudoun County schoolboard meeting after speaking out in fury went viral and sparked Republican outrage.

‘Attorney General do you believe that a father attending a meeting exercising his First Amendment rights and yes, getting angry, about whatever lies are being told about his daughter getting raped at the school he sent her to be educated in, that this is domestic terrorism – yes or no?’ Roy asked.

Garland, visibly weary, replied: ‘No, I do not think people getting angry at schoolboards for whatever reason constitute domestic terrorism. It’s not even a close question.’

Oceania has never been at war with America’s parents.

(04:22 PM)

FIGHT THE POWER: Sheriffs to Vaccine-Mandating Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: Pound Sand. “Illinois sheriffs are declining to provide mutual aid to the Chicago Police Department, citing Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate and overall anti-police policies.”

(04:14 PM)

LET’S GO, BRANDON! Gas prices in California town hit $7.59 a gallon. “That’s for regular. Premium gas tops off at $8.50 per gallon, the television station reported.”

Flashback: Aren’t California’s High Gas Prices What The Left Have Wanted?

Well, it’s a start, as Steven Chu, former President Obama’s then-incoming energy secretary, told the Wall Street Journal in the fall of 2008: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

So is it fair to ask if Biden is on the payroll of Putin? As Walter Russell Mead wrote in 2017:

If Trump were the Manchurian candidate that people keep wanting to believe that he is, here are some of the things he’d be doing:

Limiting fracking as much as he possibly could
Blocking oil and gas pipelines
Opening negotiations for major nuclear arms reductions
Cutting U.S. military spending
Trying to tamp down tensions with Russia’s ally Iran.

“Yep,” Glenn added in late 2019. “You know who did do these things? Obama. You know who supports these things now? Democrats.”

(04:00 PM)

CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Harrisburg Citizens Can Challenge Gun Control Laws Without Violating Them.

(03:53 PM)

GARLAND ADMITS HE MISSED OCT. 14 VIOLENCE: Attorney General Merrick Garland admitted to Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) that he was not aware of the violent assault mounted October 14 by Left-wing extremists against the Department of Interior headquarters building in Washington, D.C. The Florida congressman was amazed.

(03:51 PM)

YOU DON’T SAY: AG Merrick Garland Admits Federal War On Parents Sprang From School Boards Letter, Not Evidence.

(03:20 PM)

LIVE AT 3:30PM EASTERN: ‘Five O’Clock Somewhere’ with Kruiser, VodkaPundit, Special Guest.

(03:00 PM)

STILL AVAILABLE: The Final Variant is Communism Distressed American Flag Sleeve Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt Graphic Tee-Black. #CommissionEarned

(02:49 PM)

BLUE CITY BLUES: Austin Police Department Morale Hits Bottom. “Yesterday, 99.97% of the patrol shifts worked with below authorized staffing. Only one shift at authorized level because they were able to fill vacant spots with partial shift overtime. #PropA is a staffing plan. We have not seen Mayor Adler’s staffing or cadet hiring plan.”

As I’ve been saying since last summer, demoralizing the police can be just as effective (for the Left, that is) as defunding them.

(02:35 PM)

VDH: Sheer Chaos and Anarchy on the Border?

It is only a crime to “steal” over $500 of needed merchandise from a Walgreens in San Francisco, because the rich who make such absurd laws never have to steal goods from a pharmacy shelf.

If racists wish to point out that African American male youths are disproportionately represented in the latest crime wave, then maybe America should be learning not to create the conditions that force them to break the law.

In sum, we are on a left-wing roller coaster headed to a socialist nirvana.

Most Americans believe it is instead an out-of-control “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” nightmare with incompetents at the wheel.

But the architects of such “hope and change” shrug that the occasional disturbing news that the media sometimes accidentally leaks out is merely the cost of an equitable America.

One man’s anarchy is another’s road to justice.

Keep that mentality in mind and the absurdities that are mouthed by Biden, Klain, press secretary Jen Psaki, Homeland “Security” Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Pete Buttigieg, or the ravings of the Squad make perfect sense.

They are merely trying to explain to us dummies that what we think is purgatory is actually the new paradise — a promised land that, once we are properly programmed and educated, we too will welcome and thank them for our deliverance.

When it’s all over, Biden administration staffers will look back at the wreckage their administration caused like the socialist former East German minister of culture in The Lives of Others after the Berlin Wall fell: “What is there to write about in this new Germany? Nothing to believe in, nothing to rebel against…Life was good in our little republic.”



(02:30 PM)

I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’VE ALREADY DECIDED WHICH TO IDENTIFY AS: Male and female fetuses respond differently to COVID-19.

(02:22 PM)

FASTER, PLEASE: Is COVID-19 (Almost) Over?

(02:18 PM)

Washington State Football Coach’s Firing Just Gave Away Governor’s ‘Illegal’ Mandate Trick Play.

(02:00 PM)

I BELIEVE COSMO KRAMER WITNESSED AN EARLY EFFORT: Surgeons transplanted a pig kidney into a person, and it worked like normal.

(01:47 PM)

PURPLE ARIZONA: Kyrsten Sinema Isn’t Hitting the Panic Button. “Sinema, whose office did not respond to multiple requests for comment, is not underwater yet. She’s lost some standing among Arizona Democrats, but her approval rating is still at 56 percent, according to Noble’s most recent poll. (At this early juncture, approval polls are probably more reliable than likely-voter models.) Sinema can afford to anger the Democratic base a little, so long as she gets at least 50 percent of it in her primary race, Noble said. John McCain won only 52 percent of the GOP primary vote in his last election, in 2016, but he still won the general by 13 points. Similarly, Sinema’s power is her cross-party appeal: 42 percent of independents view her favorably, and she’s almost as popular among Republicans.”

Sinema faces very little pressure back home to get on board with Biden’s multitrillion-dollar regulatory and welfare boondoggle, and lots of reasons not to.

She’s a decent fit for Arizona moderates, but a lousy one for woke DC Democrats.

Joe Manchin is so fed up with his party’s dominant far-left wing that he has already “devised a detailed exit strategy for his departure” from the Democrats and sit in the Senate as an “American Independent.”

The big question about when/if Manchin or Sinema go independent is with which party they would caucus.

But it does seem that if McConnell and Schumer had to fight over them, both Sinema and Manchin could wield a lot more influence as independents than they can now in their radicalized party.

(01:35 PM)

DISPATCHES FROM WEIMAR AMERICA: State Dept. Celebrates ‘International Pronouns Day’ as China and Russia Increase Their Strength.

(01:30 PM)

YES! U.S. needs nuclear spacecraft to compete with China, NASA official says.

And not just any nuclear spacecraft. Orion! If the Chinese get one first, don’t say you weren’t warned.

(01:22 PM)

DESPERATION SETS IN AS GLENN YOUNGKIN IS ACCUSED OF ‘ANTI-SEMITISM:’ “You might be asking why? The answer is because he dared to tell the truth about George Soros’ left-wing funding network propping up far-left radicals at the local level. This isn’t difficult. If you are attacking someone simply because they are Jewish, that is anti-Semitic. But it is not anti-Semitic to go after a politically active bundler of radical, left-wing politicians just because that person also happens to be Jewish by heritage. No one on the right is criticizing Soros because he’s Jewish.”

(01:16 PM)

THE NEW HOTNESS: Atlanta’s Mayor Urges Eyewitnesses to Call 911 Instead of Videoing Incidents.

Old and cold: Mayor says City of Atlanta has been ‘defunding the police’ for the last few years.

(01:01 PM)

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG: “According to retail fertilizer prices tracked by DTN for the first week of October 2021, nearly all of the major fertilizers were up a sizeable amount. DTN designates a move of 5% or higher as a significant increase or decrease. Seven of the eight major fertilizers recorded a considerable move higher compared to last month. . . . Record or near-record retail fertilizer prices could be present through the spring.”

(01:00 PM)

I’VE SEEN THE LOCKDOWNS AND THE DAMAGE DONE: Cigarette sales jumped during COVID-19 pandemic, study says. It’s not a smoke-free workplace when you’re working at home.

(12:45 PM)

AND YET, THEY DO: ‘You Are WEAK!’ Don Lemon ERUPTS on Biden, Democrats: ‘It’s Not Our Job to Sell Your Agenda for You!’

(12:43 PM)

I SUPPOSE A PRAGMATIC SCIENCE-AND-EXPERIENCE-BASED APPROACH IS OUT OF THE QUESTION: “What does adapting permanently to endemic Covid look like in places — especially blue states, and especially their most liberal enclaves — that have relied on stringent measures whenever cases surge? . . . As we saw after Sept. 11, certain forms of security theater, once established, become extremely difficult to dislodge as long as there is still any arguable threat. So as long as Covid stays in the news, it’s not hard to envision masking requirements for airplanes and trains persisting far into the future, much as we still try to foil Al Qaeda by taking off our shoes for airport security lines. It’s also possible to imagine a future in which the weird emergent norm of ‘masks for the help but not the V.I.P.s’ — visible everywhere from the Met Gala to political fund-raisers to posh hotels — becomes an expected feature of life among the blue-state upper class (as well as a potent symbol for its critics). . . . Especially since the culture of deep-blue America is caught up in the same toxic feedback loops of polarization as deep-red America. If certain forms of Republican insouciance about Covid are forged in the fires of cultural resentment, in which you reject Faucian micromanagement by ditching masks and refusing the vaccine, certain forms of liberal overregulation seem forged in fear of red American contagion — in which we just have to mask our kids indefinitely, even though many other developed countries aren’t doing it, because we need to set an example of seriousness to shame all those red-state anti-maskers.”

Our political class is addicted to shaming. It was better when they were just a bunch of drunks.

(12:35 PM)

CIVIL RIGHTS VICTORY UPDATE: Illinois Supreme Court shoots down Cook County’s tax on firearms and ammo.

(12:26 PM)

IT’S BEEN A BAD YEAR FOR ARKANSAS LAW: Arkansas law school dean accused of antisemitism by Jewish professor after Clinton clash. “In a written statement, Mr. Steinbuch said Ms. Beiner tried to complicate his professional life after he had a federal judge lecture his classes on days he could not attend while observing Jewish high holy days. Both Mr. Steinbuch and another Jewish professor, Joshua Silverstein, said Ms. Beinert has denied their requests to teach a constitutional law class, despite their seniority and credentials, the two said.”

(12:22 PM)


Perhaps you saw this exchange on the twitters. It struck some people as a sign of a particular attitude that regards all this fooferal about “not getting things” and “bare shelves” as a sign of a problem, instead of proof of robust, fully functioning economy that’s doing so well it just can’t keep up with the raw animal spirits of our rapacious demands. It’s what you might say if you’re quietly and personally exasperated that people are unable to grasp the upside of higher prices.

Is this the dividing line? Your treadmill is delayed, boo hoo, world’s smallest violin. But what if your bike is delayed? I would think that’s bad, because bike are good and holy and sustainable. I don’t think she would have rolled her eyes if bikes were being delayed. But a treadmill – or, for that matter, a stationary bike – well, learn to live with less.

Reset your expectations, we’re told. Relax. You don’t need all these things; you don’t need so many choices.

This works when you have an existential crisis, and everything’s mobilized for war production. Absent that, the message sems to be: stop thinking like an American.

Because that is the problem, isn’t it? Old and busted: wowing Soviet leaders with the bounty of our supermarkets. The new naught-ness: empty shelves are good thing, because we’re bouncing back bigger, and also (the whispered part) you realize that being a fat greedy Costco shopper with all your expectations is unsustainable and inequitous.

Why, it’s as if: Jen Psaki Hates You.

(12:22 PM)

UNEXPECTEDLY: Nets Censor Devastating Poll Numbers for Collapsing Biden Presidency.

Just think of the media as Democratic Party operatives with bylines, and it all makes sense.


(12:14 PM)

SPACE: SpaceX Might Make Elon Musk World’s First Trillionaire. “Musk’s space ambitions are huge. He’s not interested in shuttling to the International Space Station or even getting us back to the moon. He wants to go to Mars. Personally. He’s practically accomplished more in the last five years than the moribund NASA bureaucracy has since Neil Armstrong took his first famous lunar step.”

And whoever figures out how to profitably mine 16 Psyche could be the first quadrillionaire.

(12:00 PM)

GRADUALLY, AND THEN SUDDENLY: How the New York Times led the collapse in media credibility.

(11:43 AM)

SALENA ZITO: Virginia delegate races could reflect national anti-Democratic mood.

While much of the media is paying attention to the gubernatorial race here, it will be interesting to see if these same center-right suburban voters are telling us how they feel about the state of things in the world. In short, have the media and the Democrats been effective in still making everything and everyone that is a Republican a mini version of Trump that will storm the state capital on any given day?

Or are center-right suburban voters unsatisfied with how the Democrats have handled the power voters gave them?

All 100 state House seats are on the ballot. Will voters tell Democrats they are seen not as a governing body but as a party with a bad overreach problem?

As in 2020 nationally, Democrats running for the Virginia House also have a sizable cash advantage over the Republicans, and they have had luminaries such as former President Barack Obama coming in to remind voters to vote straight Democratic. Then again, ask former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds how much that helped him in his run for governor in 2009, when voters were reacting to national Democrats’ supermajority and superoverreach in that election cycle.

Don’t get cocky.

(11:28 AM)

BY ANY MEANS FAIR OR FOUL: They’re at It Again: The Left Is Using Its California Playbook in Virginia.

(11:12 AM)

THERE’S NO NEWS IN THE NEWS ANYMORE: As Florida COVID Cases Plummet, Media Falls Silent.