Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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CHANGE: Bipartisan Push to Legalize Hemp Approved in Farm Bill. “‘At a time when farm income is down and our growers are struggling, industrial hemp is a bright spot of agriculture’s future,’ says Mitch McConnell.”

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LEFTIST BIGOT HAS OPINION: Conservative Gays Need To Shut The Fuck Up.

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IT’S LIKE THE WHOLE THING WAS SOME SORT OF ENTRAPMENT SCHEME: Memo: FBI recommended Michael Flynn not have lawyer present during interview, did not warn of false statement consequences.

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THE SOFT BIGOTRY OF LOWERED EXPECTATIONS: If Bloomberg says those knee-grows can’t be sensible gun owners, shut up, you racist. Or something.

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IN THE MAIL: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking.

Plus, 12 Days of Deals, Day 11.

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PRIVACY: Your Phone Is Tracking Your Every Movement. Here’s What You Can Do About It. “A recent NYT investigation found a broad surveillance effort affecting over 200 million Americans.”

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20 MINUTES INTO THE FUTURE. Get Ready: With Democrats in Power, 2019 Will Be the Year of Gun Confiscation.

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USS GEORGE H. W. BUSH HONORS THE 41ST PRESIDENT: A night photo snapped on December 2 while the aircraft carrier was underway in the Atlantic. Sailors with lights form the 41st president’s initials and the number 41. The former president died November 30. As the caption notes, George H. W. Bush flew 58 combat missions as a Navy pilot during World War 2.

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YUGE: Trump administration’s Waters of the United States rule gives power back to states.

At issue is the extent of the federal government’s control over our nation’s waters. Under the Clean Water Act, the federal government has jurisdiction over navigable waters — defined as the “waters of the United States.” Federal regulators and the courts have broadened this definition over time, moving from waters a vessel can navigate to ponds and wetlands as well. The definition may seem like a trivial technicality, but it has enormous consequences for land use decisions nationwide.

In 2015, the Obama EPA put forward a definition that further expanded Washington’s reach into privately owned lands. They claimed it was in the interest of water quality. But it was really about power — power in the hands of the federal government over states and landowners. The Missouri Farm Bureau, for example, estimates that bodies of water — from streams to ephemeral drainage ditches — in over 95 percent of the state’s land area could come under the purview of the federal government. The rule was issued in spite of the fact that Missouri, and most other states, already have their own protections for waters within their borders, regardless of whether they are federally regulated as waters of the United States.

More like this, please.

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OUT: DIVERSE PROFESSORS. In: Professors of Diversity.

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BAD SANTAS: SantaCon revelers trash San Francisco restaurant.

Found via Tim Blair, who writes, “The only way to explain San Francisco is that someone thought it would be fun to assemble a ridiculous concentration of thieving Democrats then stood back to observe the result.”

Analysis: Very, very true.

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COMPETITION: Hertz Rolls Out a Faster Airport Exit So You Don’t Hail An Uber.

Available to Gold Plus Rewards members, the service relies on biometrics (fingerprints, iris scans, and facial scans) for its checkout system. To use it, you first need a Clear account with your biometric data contained within, linked to your Gold Plus Rewards account. Grab a car, and your physical identity will be confirmed via facial scan an automated kiosk at the exit gate.

“Prior to the use of Clear, we have an exit gate process that takes two minutes on average,” said Jodi Allen, chief marketing officer at Hertz, told Bloomberg. “As a result of putting Clear in place we’re able to get our customers out the exit gate in 30 seconds or less, which is a 75 percent improvement. On Monday mornings in Atlanta where there are surge customers, making sure we can get people out significantly faster makes everybody’s experience better.”

That’s a real boon for existing rewards customers.

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MORE ON NORTH CAROLINA GRADUATE ASSISTANTS’ THREATENED “SILENT SAM” GRADE STRIKE: “The University has received student and parent complaints. Such actions have been interpreted as coercion and an exploitation of the teacher-student relationship and in fact are a violation of students’ First Amendment rights as well as federal law.”

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LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: Chuck, Nancy and Donald and Much, Much More.

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BUT THE NARRATIVE! Study Finds No Rise In Violent Crime Attributable To Adopting Right-To-Carry Laws.

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CULT OF PERSONALITY: Harvard Poll: Obama more influential with Democrats than Trump with GOP.

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WE FELT IT: Two earth tremors hit Knoxville area.

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HE’S NO TED KENNEDY — BUT HE’S WORKING ON IT: Beto O’Rourke Overtakes Biden As Dem’s Top 2020 Candidate In New Poll. “You can be a failed Senate candidate with not much in the way of accomplishments except a bad rap for stealing land from the poor and trying to flee a drunk driving incident, and STILL be the number one choice for Democrats in 2020.”

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Harsh but fair:

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LIFE AT TEMPLE UNIVERSITY: Complain about a crime and you get this: “If I carried a weapon on campus, I would be fired. When I got the telephone call, I thought perhaps the police were following up on my harassment by a group of teenagers on campus—an incident I wrote about a few weeks ago.”

Plus: “It’s interesting to me that my colleague, Marc Lamont Hill, is clinging to his job at Temple under the provisions of the First Amendment. Others, however, would lose their job if they claimed protection under the Second Amendment.”

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CYBERSECURITY: Sen. Warner Warns China, Russia are Accelerating Cyber, Disinformation Capabilities.

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) said the General Accountability Office “found almost all our new weapons systems are vulnerable” to cyber attacks, he said in a Friday speech at the Center for a New American Security.

“If at the seams we don’t have protections, you have vulnerabilities,” he said. The GAO said even inside the Pentagon’s newest systems, ”DoD’s weapons are more computerized and networked than ever before, so it’s no surprise that there are more opportunities for attacks.”

Outside the Pentagon, the so-called internet-of-things is a growing vulnerability for all sectors of government, he added. Vulnerabilities are multiplying, Warner said, and there is no penalty for not closing gaps or failing to tighten security.

Always left out of these stories is whatever our own cyberoffensive capabilities might be.

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THE NEW CHINA SYNDROME: Japan’s military sees record spending.

Japan’s military looks to raise spending over the next five years in response to security challenges and to narrow Japan’s trade surplus with the United States by buying U.S. equipment, the Nikkei business daily reported on Saturday.

The Ministry of Defense looks to spend at least 27 trillion yen ($240 billion) between April 2019 and March 2024, with the spending rising an average 1.1 percent per year, exceeding the 0.8 percent average during the five years ending next March, the report said without identifying its sources.

Currently, payments on equipment and personnel expenses account for 80 percent of defense spending, Nikkei said. Under the plan, funds for new equipment purchases will be separated from these expenses, making it easier to buy equipment from the United States, it added.

Japan aims to have cabinet approval for the spending in mid-December, it said. The Ministry of Defence could not be reached immediately for comment.

Purchases of American-made equipment could help Tokyo ease trade friction with Washington as U.S. President Donald Trump pushes Japan to buy more American goods, including military gear, while threatening to impose tariffs on Japanese auto imports to cut a trade deficit with Tokyo.

If Beijing would rein in Pyongyang and stop with the aggressive moves in the South China Sea, Japanese rearmament wouldn’t be an issue. But having stronger allies and more robust defense sales isn’t a bad second option.

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IT’S AS IF ALL HER KAVANAUGH POSTURING WAS JUST AN EFFORT AT DISTRACTION: California Dems Mum on Sen. Harris’s Longtime Aide’s #MeToo Resignation: Dem pols who blasted Kavanaugh keep quiet on Harris aide, allegations against Cardenas.

California Democrats who have strongly supported the #MeToo movement and excoriated Republicans over their handling of decades-old sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh have been notably mum on the resignation last week of a top aide to Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) after news broke he had been sued for “gender harassment.”

Prominent Democrats in the Golden State, along with newly elected Democratic members of the California Congressional delegation, have also remained silent about #MeToo allegations against several other powerful Democrats.

Many of them have also declined to take a position on a lawsuit against Rep. Tony Cardenas (D., Calif.), the head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC who has been accused of drugging and molesting a 16-year-old girl in 2007.

The silence on the resignation of the Harris aide and ­Cardenas comes a year after many of the state’s political leaders acknowledged a reckoning when it comes to sexual misconduct in and around Sacramento.

Remember, they don’t actually care. This all just manipulative bullshit.

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CHAD FELIX GREENE: The Stigma Against My Conservative Politics Is Worse Than The Stigma Of Being Gay. “Everything I was told to fear about being openly gay has become a reality in being openly conservative.”

Today I look out across the turbulent sea of political discourse and ask, “Why would anyone choose to be a conservative?” To be a conservative means to openly invite others’ hatred into your life and to lose your humanity in the eyes of strangers who view you exclusively through stereotypes and prejudices.

To be a conservative means to be forced to choose when to speak and when to remain silent, since offending someone on the left, even mildly or by accident, is a social battle you may not be able to win. To be a conservative means carefully regulating your speech and constructing opinions in such a way as to avoid being banned from the public square. To be a conservative means to be a marginalized voice, suppressed and dehumanized; bullied into hesitating to speak out.

You might not be interested in the Gleichschaltung, but the Gleichschaltung is interested in you — and conservatives are by and large uninterested in the Gleichschaltung.

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YES, THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THEM: Sad Radicals. They are not superior moral voices, but broken people, trying to work out their pathologies at others’ expense.

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ROBERT SPENCER: Huffington Post Enraged: UN Pick Heather Nauert Has ‘Relationship’ With Me? “HuffPo offers its usual distortions and hysteria against a Trump nominee.”

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THESE PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS: Princeton Singing Group Will No Longer Perform Kiss The Girl From The Little Mermaid After Complaints That It Makes Audiences ‘Uncomfortable.’

This is pandering to a neurotic 5% of the population, if that.

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FOR THOSE WHO FIGHT IN THE CULTURAL TRENCHES:  BOOKS-Remodern America: How the Renewal of the Arts Will Change the Course of Western Civilization.

(05:00 AM)

IT’S ONLY FAIR:  Let’s Prosecute Google For Illegal Campaign Contributions.

(04:30 AM)

DUH. TANKING THE ECONOMY WORKED 06 TO 08, SO OF COURSE IT’S THEIR PLAN:  Is the Deep State trying to tank the China trade deal, stock market, and economy before 2020?

(04:00 AM)

THEREBY EMBRACING A WORLD WITHOUT CIVILIZATION:  Justin Trudeau’s Canada Embraces a World Without Borders.

(03:34 AM)

GOOD:  Jerome Corsi Challenges Robert Mueller.

(03:00 AM)

HOW DO YOU SAY LEAD BALLOON IN FRENCH?   Macron’s Speech To Yellow Vest Protestors Channels Jimmy Carter’s Malaise Talk.

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WHY YES, I CAN GET WEIRD WHEN MY KID TAKES ME TO THE ZOO!  The Shoulder to Shoulder Option To Change the World.  (To quote my dad “centuries from now, when they unearth you intact, you’ll have me to thank for making you a martyr and a saint.”  Actually older son has come up with a plan to keep me energized in my late eighties: “I’ll just take mom to places like Whole Foods and museums, wind her up and watch her go.”)

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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I have a Henckel Twin that I like a lot.

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RICHARD FERNANDEZ: “If France can’t buy off the revolting Deplorables that means the global system is close to short on money. Like a Hollywood star in a drug haze and spending habit it finally finds itself overdrawn.”

Plus: “What’s worse is that according to the woke and Macron himself this same broke France has got to find terabucks to stop global warming and simultaneously cut back on destructive economic activity to save the planet. Where’s the money going to come from?”


(10:13 PM)

THINGS THAT ARE NORMAL WHEN DEMOCRATS DO THEM ARE APPALLING AND EVIL WHEN REPUBLICANS DO THEM: Seth Barrett Tillman responds to lawprof hysteria over the apparently unprecedented phenomenon of gerrymandering.

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COLOR: On this day in 1781, Sir David Brewster, inventor of the kaleidoscope (among other things), was born.

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OPEN THREAD: Hello, comment Tuesday.

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INTERESTED IN GETTING A MASTER’S DEGREE IN LAW WHILE WORKING FULL-TIME? GMU Antonin Scalia Law School is Launching a New Juris Master (JM) Degree Program.

UPDATE: Got a few emails asking under what sort of circumstances someone might be interested in this degree. IMHO: (1) professionals like HR professionals, Capital Hill staff (we are 2 miles from DC), etc., who deal with legal issues all the time, and want to be better-versed in legal reasoning and lingo. (2) Someone who is pursuing a career in public policy, and wants the analytical rigor of law school without taking the LSAT or spending four years in part-time study. (3) Someone whose employer rewards/demands a master’s degree, but who wants to not just go through the motions but actually learn something important and useful.

(09:05 PM)

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Corporate Gun Control Fail: Dick’s May Have to Close 35 Stores Across 18 States.

(09:00 PM)

CHANGE: 3 Reasons Behind the Meteoric Rise of Urgent Care Clinics. “Pharmacy clinics, typically staffed by nurses, provide basic first aid and preventative services like flu shots and physical exams. Emergency rooms are staffed by doctors, nurses and other health professionals trained save the lives of people suffering severe trauma, like victims of gun violence and car crashes and patients experiencing heart attacks and strokes, for example. These facilities are staffed and equipped to conduct surgery. Emergency departments are typically equipped with a wide array of diagnostic tools that allow medical professionals to do blood work, urine exams, X-rays and CAT scans.”

Related: No hospital, just an emergency ‘department’. They’re popping up all over. “Nearly every hospital chain is opening free-standing emergency rooms — commonly referred to as emergency departments, or EDs — to connect the dots between their major hospitals while cutting wait times and medical costs for consumers. . . “The doctors and nurses here are trained the same as the doctors and nurses who work in the emergency room in St. Petersburg. . . If a patient comes here and is having a heart attack, that is something we can stabilize here, and then transfer that patient to the hospital to be admitted.”

(08:14 PM)


Layers and layers of fact-checkers and editors, all down the role.

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21ST CENTURY MEDICINE: An Apple Watch told a 46-year-old man he had an irregular heartbeat. It was right.

(06:24 PM)

GLAD THEY EXIST, HOPE I NEVER NEED ONE: Eye Injections Are Magic Bullets for Retinal Disease.

The disease itself, however, seems mostly to do with diabetes.

(06:14 PM)

THE SONG THAT CAME IN FROM THE COLD: “Baby It’s Cold Outside” begins its return to some radio stations.

(06:00 PM)

WELL, ENJOY TODAY: What Is the Horniest, Most Fertile Day of the Year?

(05:48 PM)

VIDEO: Google CEO Squirms as Jim Jordan Grills Him Over 2016 Latino Turnout Efforts. “Did Google push the Latino vote in Florida and Nevada to help Hillary Clinton?”

(05:44 PM)

THE ORIGIN OF THE WOMEN’S MARCH IS A STORY OF VIRULENT ANTI-SEMITISM: “Four white women, one of them Jewish, wanted to put on an anti-Trump rally but then feared they were too white. So they reached out to some kind of media fixer named Michael Skolnik, who gained notoriety due to his connections to Russell Simmons (himself a supporter of Louis Farrakhan), to ask him to recommend women of color to add to their group. (Apparently, these liberal white women didn’t know any — what a shock.) And what they got were loud-and-proud antisemites, and Linda Sarsour hadn’t even joined yet.”

Read the whole thing, which is yet another reminder that the alt-right and the mainstream left are the mirror images of each other.

(05:20 PM)

BREAKING: Fatal Shooting Near Christmas Market in Strasbourg, Suspect on the Run.

UPDATE (From Ed): As always with shooting incidents, early reports can be chaotic and contradictory. However, Andrew Neil of the London Spectator tweets that “This is becoming a scandal. French media reporting gunman escaped this morning from a search carried out at his home in the district of Neudorf south of Strasbourg by gendarmes. Grenades were found on site by the gendarmes.”

The London Telegraph is currently reporting that “at least four people” have been killed, and that the gunman is still at large. “The authorities are treating the attack as a terrorist act. Anti-terrorist prosecutors have opened an investigation.”

LATE UPDATE (From Ed): The Telegraph have since stealth edited their article, and currently state that “A suspected terrorist is on the run after killing at least three people and injuring 11 more in the eastern French city of Strasbourg near its Christmas market.”


(05:14 PM)


Khashoggi’s death, TIME tells us, ‘laid bare the true nature of a smiling prince, the utter absence of morality in the Saudi-US alliance and – in the cascade of news feeds and alerts, posts and shares and links – the centrality of the question Khashoggi was killed over: Whom do you trust to tell the story?’ Let’s remember that before he fled to the US a year before he was cruelly murdered in Istanbul, Khashoggi became rich working for a Saudi royal family that was, and remains, among the world’s worst persecutors of journalists. He edited government-controlled Saudi newspapers, which are without exception regime propaganda outlets, and headed TV news channels that were owned by Saudi princes.

Then he outdid himself by working as a media adviser to a senior Saudi prince in London and Washington. He embraced with unbridled enthusiasm his role of justifying Saudi regime atrocities in the Western media. He even denied on the BBC that anyone was ever tortured in Saudi Arabia.

Time magazine declaring a leading purveyor of fake news as one of its “Persons of the Year” sums up the current state of Time magazine perfectly.

Meanwhile, at the intersection of journalism and Twitter, Time’s editor-in-chief, Edward Felsenthal tells the Today show’s Savannah Guthrie that also included in its “Persons of the Year” for 2019 are “Two amazing reporters, Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, who exposed a mass killing of ten Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. And are in prison, actually, one day – a year to the day tomorrow, as a result of their reporting.”

Myanmar is where Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted on Sunday, for those looking for exotic locales in which to meditate, “if you’re willing to travel a bit, go to Myanmar.” As The Hill noted in response, “Twitter users took issue with Dorsey’s tweets, given that Myanmar’s military has been accused of ravaging the Rohingya in what the United Nations has deemed a genocide” — and arresting journalists.

(05:00 PM)

CHANGE: Study: Too much screen time changes kids’ brain structure.

Related: Social Media as Social Disease.

(04:59 PM)

KIRK KOLBO:  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn at 100.

(04:44 PM)

MAKING THE RUBBLE BOUNCE: Federal judge orders Stormy Daniels to pay President Donald Trump $293,052.33 in attorneys’ fees in her defamation case against the president, which the judge tossed out.

(04:32 PM)


In October 2010, I appeared on a panel to promote a book of essays by young conservatives, Proud to Be Right: Voices of the Next Conservative Generation. The moderator was Jonah Goldberg. One of the other panelists was my ex-boyfriend Todd Seavey. During the Q&A, Todd launched into a rant about my personal failings. He accused me of opposing Obamacare on the grounds that it would diminish human suffering, which allegedly I preferred to increase; of wanting to repeal laws against fistfights for the same reason; of being a sadistic and scheming heartbreaker in my personal life; and of generally living according to a “disturbing” and “brutal” set of values. For three minutes and forty-five seconds, which, unfortunately for me, were captured on film for broadcast two weeks later on C-SPAN2, he made an impassioned case that I was a sociopath.

* * * * * * * *

I braced myself for the broadcast. Maybe no one would notice? Within minutes, the offending clip had been posted on YouTube, where it got half a million hits in the first forty-eight hours. It made the evening news on Washington’s Fox affiliate. Greg Gutfeld did a segment about it on RedEye. It was written up in Gawker, the Washington Post, Talking Points Memo, and a hundred lesser sites, and then written up again when Todd expanded his remarks about me into a ­series of blog posts on his personal website.

Read the whole thing.

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BOTTOM STORY OF THE DAY: Slate journalists vote to go on strike.

As prolific tweeter “Neontaster” writes, “The Slate strike will actually help fight Climate Change by reducing the overall global level of hot takes by 45%.”

(04:00 PM)

TRACTION CONTROL: We Put Snow Tires on a Corvette and a Porsche to See How They Handle Snowy Roads.

(03:51 PM)

AT AMAZON, LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit for Kids, Award-Winning STEM Learning Toy (847 Pieces).

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A MINOR FISKING: Little Caracas on the Prairie.

(02:48 PM)

CHUTZPAH: Tennessee Dem Asks Google CEO to Probe ‘Overuse of Conservative News Organizations’ in Search Results.

(02:44 PM)

EPA ADMINISTRATOR ANDREW WHEELER TALKS WITH HUGH HEWITT ABOUT THE EPA’S NEW “WATERS OF THE UNITED STATES” RULE: “I hope I don’t end up putting you out of business on the consulting side, because my goal for this is so that any property owner can stand on his or her property and be able to tell for themselves whether or not they have a federal waterway on their property without having to hire a lawyer or an outside consultant.”

Faster, please.

(02:38 PM)

NEWS I HOPE YOU CAN’T USE: The 21 biggest data breaches of 2018.

(02:30 PM)

IS THERE ANYTHING IT CAN’T DO? Coffee could fight Parkinson’s disease, study says.

(02:16 PM)

SUSTAINABILITY: Budget deficit soars in first two months of fiscal year.

The country’s budget deficit in the first two months of fiscal 2019, which began Oct. 1, was 50 percent higher than in the same period the previous year, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), though the figure was inflated by timing.

In October and November, the federal government spent $303 billion more than it took in, compared to $202 billion in the same period of fiscal 2018, according to the CBO.

Tax revenues were just 3 percentage points higher than the previous year, largely because of the GOP tax law, while spending surged 18 percent.

Revenues, in other words, still grew faster than inflation — but spending grew six times fast than even that.

We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

(02:14 PM)

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY. Oscars producers: Maybe we shouldn’t use a host at all.

Variety quotes a “top talent rep” that says that his clients are unhappy that [Kevin] Hart didn’t choose to “stay the course and serve as an example.” If that was the plan, maybe they should have made it more clear to Hart in his contract negotiations. “Say, Kevin,” they might have said, “we plan to hang you out to dry if activists go through years-old material to find something offensive, declaring you to be inappropriate unless you willingly go along with the public beating. How’s that sound?”

Clearly, Hart didn’t like the sound of it when the Academy did hang him out to dry, but at least he would have been prepared for it. Unfortunately, every comic worth hiring for the gig understands exactly how the Academy supports its partners in their big broadcast — or more accurately doesn’t. That may be why the Oscars will go without a host for the first time in 30 years, opting instead for a Rube Goldberg-ish rotating set of players.

That latter option may be difficult for the Academy to assemble: 18 Top Comedians Who Can Never Host The Oscars Now.

(02:05 PM)

9 IN 10 AMERICAN COLLEGES RESTRICT FREE SPEECH: FIRE’s annual report on campus speech codes, out today, found that most schools still maintain policies stripping students of at least some free speech rights — though the number of schools with the most severe restrictions continues to drop. Of course, schools don’t always follow their own policies, but FIRE has received far fewer reports of censorship from “green light” schools with no unconstitutional speech codes. How does your school fare?

(02:00 PM)

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Electrical Pulses Stem Blood Loss From a Hemorrhaging Artery.

(01:56 PM)

THE NEW PURITANS: Facebook bans users who talk about their sex lives in crackdown on anything that ‘encourages sexual encounters.’

(01:44 PM)

STRIKE A POSE, THERE’S NOTHING TO IT: Washington Post Columnist Jennifer Rubin Runs Away When Asked How She’s ‘Conservative.’

Words are supposed to mean things. “Conservatism” refers to a specific set of ideas and principles — ones that Rubin has not espoused or championed in quite some time. It’s intellectually dishonest for her and the Washington Post to continue to call her conservative while she does and says the opposite.

Of course — but that’s business as usual for both the Post, and the DNC-MSM as a whole.

(01:35 PM)

AT AMAZON, deals on Jump Starters, Battery Chargers, Power Inverters, etc.

(01:32 PM)

NICHOLAS BALLASY: Rolling Stones’ Chuck Leavell Says Longer Summers in South Prove Climate Change Is ‘Undeniable.’


UPDATE (From Ed): Get back to me when Leavell convinces Mick and Keith to stop touring with 130 trucks for their stage, lights, amps, speakers, instruments, and equipment, and a private Boeing 767.

(01:30 PM)


(01:22 PM)

RICH LOWRY: May’s Brexit is becoming increasingly haphazard and provisional.

May has just pulled her Brexit deal from a parliamentary vote that she was going to lose in an embarrassing drubbing that might have loosed her increasingly precarious grip on power.

She has negotiated abysmally, giving away leverage right at the start when she prematurely invoked Article 50, beginning the process of Britain’s departure with no realistic fallback plan if talks with the EU failed. She ended up with an agreement that would effectively leave Britain within most EU rules, with no means of influencing them anymore. The London Spectator calls the deal “Remain-minus.”

There’s a reason that resignations of her Brexit negotiators have become a semiregular event.

Now, humiliated and her credibility in shreds, May says that she is going to go back to the EU to get more reassurances, when the EU has said that it is not conceding anything else of consequence. And why should it? There’s no guarantee that May can get any tweaked deal through Parliament, regardless.

And she’s already tried to sell so many meaningless gestures from the EU as concessions that Brexit supporters won’t be inclined to take her seriously, either.

The larger question is whether once the EU has its hooks in a nation-state, will it ever relinquish it?

Not willingly, no.

(01:21 PM)



Find someone who loves you like journalists love themselves:

(01:14 PM)

FRANCE: ‘All smoke and mirrors’: Yellow Vest protesters reject ‘crumbs’ offered by Macron.

(01:14 PM)


Radical communities select for particular personality types… They attract hurt people, looking for an explanation for the pain they’ve endured… However, radical communities also attract people looking for an excuse to be violent illegalists. And the surplus of vulnerable people attracts sadists and abusers ready to exploit them. The only gate-keeping that goes on in radical communities is that of language and passion—if you can rail against capitalism in woke language, you’re in…

Abusers thrive in radical communities because radical norms are fragile and exploitable. A culture of freewheeling drug and alcohol use creates situations predators are waiting to exploit. A cultural fetishization of violence provides cover for violent and unstable people. The practice of public “call-outs” is used for power-plays far more often than for constructive feedback… Having somebody yell at me that if I didn’t admit to being a white supremacist her friends might beat me up, and that I should pay her for her emotional labour, was too much for my ideology to spin.

As Norman Podhoretz once wrote about his time as a nascent anti-Vietnam War radical,  “Do you realize that every young person in this room is a tragedy to some family or other?”

(01:00 PM)

OOPS: Mapping Service Blurs Out Military Bases, But Accidentally Locates Secret Ones.

(12:55 PM)

THE DARK NIGHT OF FASCISM IS ALWAYS DESCENDING IN THE UNITED STATES AND YET LANDS ONLY IN EUROPE: Anti-Semitism in EU worse over past 5 years. “Almost a third of European Jews avoid attending events or visiting Jewish sites because they do not feel safe.”

Europe has imported an awful lot of anti-Semites in recent years, and yet the words “Muslim” and “migrant” or “immigrant” are missing from Florian Eder’s Politico report.

(12:53 PM)

AT AMAZON, 12 Days of Deals, Day 10.

(12:44 PM)


According to several sources, it was there—in the first hours of the first meeting for what would become the Women’s March—that something happened that was so shameful to many of those who witnessed it, they chose to bury it like a family secret. Almost two years would pass before anyone present would speak about it.

It was there that, as the women were opening up about their backgrounds and personal investments in creating a resistance movement to Trump, Perez and Mallory allegedly first asserted that Jewish people bore a special collective responsibility as exploiters of black and brown people—and even, according to a close secondhand source, claimed that Jews were proven to have been leaders of the American slave trade. These are canards popularized by The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, a book published by Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam—“the bible of the new anti-Semitism,” according to Henry Louis Gates Jr., who noted in 1992: “Among significant sectors of the black community, this brief has become a credo of a new philosophy of black self-affirmation.”

The socialism of fools, to coin a phrase.

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FINANCIAL TIMES: Protests Show Leading France Is an Impossible Job.

As Glenn has noted before, big government types only complain that this or that country has become “ungovernable” when the people resist big government schemes the people never wanted.

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VIRTUE SIGNALING IS A POWERFUL DRUG: 48 Yale Students Arrested During Protest.

In the annals of pointless protests, this may be the most pointless:

Forty-eight students at Yale University were arrested Friday during a protest in the investment office calling on the university to divest from Puerto Rican debt and fossil fuel companies. According to a press release from Fossil Free Yale, the student group organizing the protest, the sit-in began at noon Friday and continued until 5 p.m., when police began making arrests. More than 350 students rallied outside the office, cheering on the students being escorted by the police.

Let’s imagine the students “won,” and the university divested on Day X from Puerto Rican debt and fossil fuels. You know what would have changed in the world on Day X plus whatever? Exactly nothing. Of course, if the students really, truly wanted to help Puerto Ricans, I’m sure there are plenty of charities that would love to accept the difference between their $73K a year cost of Yale attendance and the cost of attending State U., if students were inclined to make a real sacrifice rather than engaging in political theater.

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EDUCATION SECRETARY BETSY DeVOS’S PANEL ON SCHOOL SAFETY WILL RECOMMEND THE WITHDRAWAL THE OBAMA-ERA SCHOOL DISCIPLINE GUIDANCE: At least that’s what the Washington Post is reporting. If so, this is excellent, excellent, excellent news (for reasons that go well beyond school safety).

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MACRON WASN’T FRANCE’S “LAST HOPE FOR REFORM.” He was actually a last effort at preserving business as usual.

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ON THIS DAY IN 1725 (Old Style Nov. 30), GEORGE MASON  WAS BORN: He is often called the father of the Bill of Rights for two reasons: He was the principal author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights, upon which Madison later based the Bill of Rights. And, as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, he was prominent among those who refused to sign the draft document because it did not yet contain such a bill.

As a result of pressure from Mason and others, a Bill of Rights had to be promised in order the secure ratification.

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YES, IT WAS CLEAR BEFORE, BUT HE’S REMOVED ALL DOUBT: James Comey Is Proving that He’s a Partisan. Almost everyone in Washington nowadays seems to be more interested in performing for the approval of a select audience of their peers than in, well, anything else.

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I STILL CARE, BUT I’VE BASICALLY GIVEN UP ON GETTING ANYONE ELSE TO: Ballooning debt harms our youth, but Trump doesn’t care — and neither does anyone else.

This piece reminds me of the late Insta-Dad’s prophetic take on the TARP bailout: “The bad thing is that the federal government has figured out that it can borrow a lot more money than it previously thought.”

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CRYBULLIES: Students Demand Comedian Sign ‘Safe Space’ Contract Ahead of Charity Event.

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IN THE MAIL: From Joanna Gaines, Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave.

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ROGER SIMON: Is Hollywood Dead?

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YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG: 4 Reasons Deplatforming Controversial Figures Is a Terrible Idea.