Thursday, March 21, 2019

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I think they listen to twitter and think it’s the whole world and not a small and vocal minority.  Ah, well. Get woke, go broke.  Or in other words, roll left and die.

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And what they’re called is domestic enemies of the Constitution of the United States.

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OH, FOR THE LOVE OF…  Cory Booker Teases About A White House Wedding.   As though ruining gladiator movies weren’t enough, he now wants to ruin destination weddings.

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SO LONG AS THEY HAVE THAT!  Journalists Are Ignorant and Silly, But At Least They’re Smug About It.


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CRAZY IS AS CRAZY DOES:  Man who changed name to ‘Michael Jackson’ wants to change it back.

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LAST CHANCE. SEE IT BEFORE IT SHRINKS… SAID THE BISHOP TO THE ACTRESS:  March 20 worm moon: How to see last supermoon of 2019 on spring equinox.

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SHE ONLY FOUND OUT WHEN THEY DEMANDED PAYMENT TO KEEP STORING IT:  Woman sues hospital for storing frozen embryo without her knowledge.

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AND YET THEY DO:  More than a third of New Yorkers say they can’t afford to live here.

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THEY WELL SHOULD BE – THAT’S DISGUSTING:  Passengers shamed for drying bathing suits on airplane seats.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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It’s hard to remember now, but back in 1989 everyone raved about how the Tim Burton Batman was wonderfully “dark” after the campy Sixties TV version. Twenty years later Christopher Nolan’s version made Burton look like Mel Brooks, but Nolan’s “dark knight” will wind up as the camp crusader sooner or later. It seems to be an inevitable trajectory for the franchise. One consequence of “darkening” Batman is that it makes him rather dull — and the villains tend to become rather more lurid and vivid. What do you remember about Burton’s first Batman? Jack Nicholson’s star turn as the Joker. Batman Returns? Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, even though her mask didn’t fit. A few months afterwards, I remember passing a store window with a huge poster: “BATMAN RETURNS THE VIDEO.” And I thought: who can blame him?

Heh. Read the whole thing.

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YET THERE’S FAR LESS INTERNATIONAL CRITICISM THAN THERE WAS OF GUANTANAMO: After Mass Detentions, China Razes Muslim Communities to Build a Loyal City.

In this old Silk Road city in western China, a state security campaign involving the detention of vast numbers of people has moved to its next stage: demolishing their neighborhoods and purging their culture.

Two years after authorities began rounding up Urumqi’s mostly Muslim ethnic Uighur residents, many of the anchors of Uighur life and identity are being uprooted. Empty mosques remain, while the shantytown homes that surrounded them have been replaced by glass towers and retail strips like many found across China.

Food stalls that sold fresh nang, the circular flatbread that is to Uighur society what baguettes are to the French, are gone. The young men that once baked the nang have disappeared, as have many of their customers. Uighur-language books are missing from store shelves in a city, the capital of China’s Xinjiang region, that has long been a center of the global Uighur community. . . .

China’s Communist Party has waged an aggressive campaign in Xinjiang to counter what it says are violent, extremist tendencies among the region’s 14 million Turkic Muslims, most of them Uighurs.

To realize its “deradicalization” goals, authorities have detained what United Nations experts say have been as many as a million Muslims in a network of internment camps—and subjected the rest to mass digital surveillance. Chinese leaders characterize the camps as vocational training centers, promoting them as an innovation in the global war on terror and disputing the one-million figure.

“We can’t have a culture anymore,” said a Uighur resident of Urumqi who works at a state-owned resources company. He said he stopped visiting his local mosque after officials came to his house to confiscate his Quran. “No one goes any more. It’s too dangerous,” he said.

China gets a lot of latitude.

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THE DUMBEST TAKE YET: The Christchurch Shootings Should Implicate All White Australians.

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COVERING THE IMPORTANT NEWS: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Announce Bill & Ted Face The Music Will Be Released Summer of 2020!

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ROBERT ZIMMERMAN: Andrew Yang: the fascist future of the Democratic Party.

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SARAH HOYT: Yes, that’s how I always think of Sarah.

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OPEN THREAD: Insert “hump day” joke here.

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CHANGE: Glenn Beck: If Republicans don’t win this election we may be at the end of the country as we know it. Remember, he was a hardcore anti-Trumper in 2016. But he’s changed his views based on circumstances, which is more than you can say for a lot of people who were hardcore anti-Trumpers in 2016. “In fairness to Beck, Democrats are doing everything possible to validate his concern.”

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Peak 2020: Beto Once Presented a “Verdant Turd” to His Wife as an Avocado.

Beto O’Rourke ate dirt after losing to Ted Cruz.

Baristas to Beto: Get off the countertops.

I’m hope you’re sitting down for this last item:

O’Rourke rocked by major scandal: He once supported basic fiscal responsibility.

If 2016 was any indication, that’s the one that will doom O’Rourke among Democrat voters.

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I BELIEVE THIS: ‘Gymtimidation’ prevents a percentage of Americans from exercising more often, study claims.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: “It was one thing when speakers who were too conservative were being harassed, but when professors who see themselves as good liberals are getting called in front of tribunals for something they said in class, that’s not so much fun anymore.”

—Mitch Daniels in Reason magazine.

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YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG: The SPLC’s Scandalous History on Race.

Tyler O’Neil will be discussing his article with Tucker Carlson at 8:45 tonight.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Nice job, Tyler!

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CAMBRIDGE LOSES MORE BY THIS THAN JORDAN PETERSON DOES: Cambridge University rescinds Jordan Peterson invitation.

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As Kathy Shaidle wrote last year, “When I say ‘Trump is my fourth Hitler,’ it’s only because I’m too young to remember Goldwater.”

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MOVE ALONG, CITIZEN. NOTHING TO SEE HERE: Senegalese man hijacks Italian school bus and threatens to kill children on board before setting the vehicle on fire in protest over migrant deaths in the Mediterranean.

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21ST CENTURY HEADLINES: Scientists devise method for levitating, propelling objects with light.

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EVERGREEN HEADLINE: Democrats want to change the rules because they aren’t winning anymore.

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A READER EMAILS “YOU WIN:” He continues: “I’ve been reading the blog since 9/11. I finally bought a Mossberg 930 for home defense. I have my first lesson Saturday. Just thought you might like to know your efforts are not in vain.”

That will defend a home nicely.

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YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Gender Pronouns Now a Police Matter in the UK.

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Vote for him? Scarborough would read his emailed “corrections” on the air! (And already has.)

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SETH BARRETT TILLMAN: Purim and My Bangladeshi Friend.

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I’M GETTING OLD: Rickie Lee Jones Turns 40.

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OH, TO BE IN ENGLAND: Blighty Goes Crazy.

Read the whole thing, which, hopefully will not serve as a preview of America, post-Trump.

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TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’): Ga. High School Teacher Accused of Sexually Assaulting Student in Out-of-School Tutoring Sessions. “She faces a felony charge of sexual assault by a person with supervisory or disciplinary authority.”

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SOME OF MY FRIENDS ARE BIG FANS OF THE Pittsboro Police Facebook Page. It’s pretty funny.

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UNEXPECTED HEADLINES: Man uses nude mannequins to get revenge after neighbor’s fence dispute.

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ANALYSIS: TRUE. The partisan stink in J-schools is so prevalent that there is no reason to believe anything “reporters” report anymore.

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JIM WILSON: Practice Priorities: Self-Defense Skills You’ll Need Most.

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GIRL CAN’T HELP IT: Ocasio-Cortez Cites SPLC to Blame Trump for Abetting White Supremacy.

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OH: John Walker Lindh, American ex-Taliban fighter, to be released in May, hasn’t denounced Islamism.

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FASTER, PLEASE: Scientists ‘Clear’ Alzheimer’s Plaque From Mice Using Only Light And Sound.

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WOW: Iconic news anchor Ted Koppel says President Trump is ‘not mistaken’ that the ‘liberal media’ is ‘out to get him.’

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DISQUALIFIED! O’Rourke Rocked By Major Scandal: He Once Supported Basic Fiscal Responsibility.

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HMM: Depression, heart disease linked by inflammation.

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KIRA DAVIS: 8 Alternatives to College Financially Strapped Families Should Consider.

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WHOSE ROUTER IS IT, ANYWAY? Another Malware Threat to Your Home Network.

Plus, what you can do about it.

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JOE PAPPALARDO: America’s New Energy Coast: In the coastal bend of South Texas, the future of the global energy market is being constructed one epic infrastructure project at time.

I remember when a failed President warned us that we couldn’t drill our way out of our energy problems.

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CHRISTIAN TOTO: Will the Left Melt Down Over ‘Best of Enemies?’ “The fact-based drama shows the ultimate racial healing, a message some on the far Left don’t want to see.”

Meltdown dead ahead.

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DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: NYU Journalism School Hires Ex-New Yorker Fact Checker Who Falsely Said ICE Agent Had Nazi Tattoo. Talia Lavin’s undergraduate course “Reporting on the Far Right” will kick off in the fall semester of 2019.

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CAN WE ALLOW INFORMATION MONOPOLIES IF THEY’RE GOING TO CATER TO WOKE MOBS AMONG THEIR EMPLOYEES? “Google banned a video explaining Christian teaching on same-sex marriage from advertising on YouTube after backlash from upset employees, according to internal Google communications reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.”

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HEH: NCAA Launches Investigation Into Why It Wasn’t Making Millions Off Recent College Admissions Scandal.

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THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED: Research Shows Gun Control Laws Do Not Reduce Violent Crime or Suicides.

“California’s comprehensive background check and misdemeanor violence prohibition policies and firearm mortality” by Daniel Webster, ScD, MPH, Garen Wintemute, MD, MPH, et al, in February’s Annals of Epidemiology.

We love this one, because it is one of the few from either the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (Webster) or UC-Davis (Wintemute) that is reasonably well designed, following changes in the same location over time (trend analysis) rather than comparing different locations at the same time (cross-sectional analysis).

They found that neither California’s comprehensive background checks (UBCs) nor it’s prohibition of misdemeanor violence conviction status for firearm purchases made any difference in the incidence of firearm homicides or suicides—i.e., in “gun violence”. They were left advocating for “permit to purchase”, naturally, an escalation of infringement rather than admitting that their “gun violence” solutions are not.

You don’t want to be a science denier, do you?

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THIS SEEMS LIKE POOR MESSAGING: Tennessee Democratic Party chair apologizes after calling state racist.

“We have to disregard that old trope that Tennessee Democrats have been living under, which is that we have to find a candidate that looks like the community,” she said.

In an audio recording of a second recent county party meeting with Mancini, she can also be heard calling Tennessee “a very racist state.”

So they ran white males for Governor and Senator and lost because of . . . racism? Um.

Also, Vote for us, we have contempt for you! is a great slogan.

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LIBERTY: Middle finger protected by the constitution.

A federal appeals court says a Michigan woman’s constitutional rights were violated when she was handed a speeding ticket after giving the finger to a suburban Detroit officer in 2017. The decision means a lawsuit by Debra Cruise-Gulyas can proceed.

In a 3-0 decision Wednesday, the court said Taylor Officer Matthew Minard “should have known better,” even if the driver was rude.

Minard stopped Cruise-Gulyas and wrote her a ticket for a lesser violation. But when that stop was over, Cruise-Gulyas raised her middle finger.

Minard pulled her over again and changed the ticket to a more serious speeding offense.

Cruise-Gulyas sued, saying her free-speech rights and her rights against unreasonable seizure were violated.

The court had it exactly right, saying that Minard “should have known better.” But it seems that many police aren’t often taught much more about civics than, well, anyone else is these days.

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ACCOUNTABILITY IS FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE: Fremont Destroyed Decades of Police Misconduct Records Shortly Before Transparency Law Took Effect.

(12:32 PM)

REVOLT OF THE ELITES: Brexit’s in trouble because Britain’s political class never wanted it.

(12:22 PM)

BREAKING: Rubio to introduce legislation to keep Supreme Court at 9 seats.

Get the Democrats on record as being against court-stacking.

And as Eugene Volokh notes, despite The Hill’s headline, this is a Constitutional amendment, not mere legislation.

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JAZZ SHAW: Patriots’ owner may see happy ending in prostitution bust. “First of all, as far as the headline goes, I apologize for nothing. . . . The question of whether anyone should be going to trial at all for this is another matter entirely. Personally, I still fail to see prostitution as much of a crime, though I know that reflects one of my more libertarian-leaning positions as opposed to how many social conservatives see it.”

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OH: Clinton, Obama Attorney Greg Craig Snagged in Mueller Probe. “Is karma finally catching up to this nefarious Democrat?”

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IN THE MAIL: Fixing You: Back Pain 2nd edition: Self-Treatment for Back Pain, Sciatica, Bulging and Herniated Discs, Stenosis, Degenerative Discs, and other Diagnoses.

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TYLER O’NEIL: Iraqi Navy SEAL Interpreter ‘Code Name Johnny Walker’ to Gain Citizenship, Reveal His Real Name. “He also supports Trump’s wall.”

What a country.

(10:57 AM)

FUELING THE FRENCH: A USAF KC-10 refuels a French Rafale strike fighter. The photo was taken March 14, 2019. The caption says the aircraft are participating in Operation Inherent Resolve, which counters the Islamic State. The caption doesn’t tell us where the refueling took place. Possibly in air space over Iraq, Turkey or Jordan, or over the Mediterranean Sea.

(10:49 AM)

LONG TERM IMPACT: Russia’s Crimea invasion, five years on.

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IF ONE BAR BRAWL A WEEK IS GOOD, WOULDN’T TWO BE EVEN BETTER? My link here yesterday to HillFaith’s video of Oxford mathematician John Lennox prompted a delightful comment from reader DUCKOFD3ATH about such posts invariably prompting “bar brawls” over “intellectually challenging” materials.

Well, Lennox is back this morning and addressing that perennial question of “who created God” by way of answering Richard Dawkins. The way I figure it, one bar brawl a week about God is fine but an occasional second one could double our fun. Just watch out for those mean left jabs!

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BOOM: Google Fined $1.7 Billion by E.U. for Unfair Advertising Rules.

The fine, worth about $1.7 billion, is the third against Google by the European Union since 2017, reinforcing the region’s position as the world’s most aggressive watchdog of an industry with an increasingly powerful role in society and the global economy. The regulators said Google had violated antitrust rules by imposing unfair terms on companies that used its search bar on their websites in Europe.

Europe’s regulatory approach was once criticized as unfairly targeting technology companies from the United States, but is now viewed as a potential global model as governments question the influence of Silicon Valley. Europe is at the forefront of a broad debate about the role of tech platforms like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google, and whether their size and power hurts competition.

I’m still not convinced these EU fines are anything more, really, than enhanced tax collection, and I’m also not convinced that, as much money as Google makes, that even a fine this large is meaningful.

(10:30 AM)

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: I know college admissions offices from the inside — schools basically sign off on scandal.

Admissions officers and deans of admissions appeared to be the victims in this case. That is hard to believe. After years of working in an Ivy League admissions office where I handled the recruited athletes’ applications and being a dean of admissions at a small liberal arts college, I know better.

No matter how much influence the indicted individuals had, we are overlooking the fact that none of them signed off on admissions decisions. Every single student who was admitted under false pretenses received their offer from the admissions office signed by the dean or another high-ranking member of the staff.

Let’s be clear: It is the responsibility of the admissions office to verify applicants, their applications and their viability to succeed at the institution.

Let them set an SAT/GPA lower bound, then admit by random lottery from among applicants above that. For fairness and diversity!

(10:26 AM)

RACISM, STRAIGHT UP: Ocasio-Cortez Joins De Blasio In Call To Punish Asian Students.

(10:14 AM)

SETH BARRETT TILLMAN: DC & MD v Trump—Can the President of the United States get Married or Divorced?

The answer, of course, depends on whether we’re talking about President Trump, or literally anyone else. Because to preserve the rule of law, we must treat President Trump differently from every other president.

(10:05 AM)

FASTER? PLEASE! Air Force To Turn Navy Air Defense Busting Missile Into High-Speed Critical Strike Weapon.

The U.S. Air Force has revealed that it is working to turn the U.S. Navy’ s Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile-Extended Range, or AARGM-ER, into a fast-flying strike weapon that its F-35A Joint Strike Fighters will be able to use against a variety of time-sensitive targets. This is something that The War Zone had thought would be the case based on previous information about this program. The new missile would give those stealthy jets, as well as other aircraft in the future, an important tool for quickly knocking down anti-access and area denial threats, as well as destroying pop-up targets on short notice.

The F-35’s “short legs” matter less when armed with high-speed/long-range missiles.

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HERE’S GRAPHIC PROOF OF MSM ANTI-TRUMP BIAS: This is a great example of how smart, honest journalists can use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) not only as a resource for holding government accountable but also each other.

The Washington Free Beacon’s Brent Scher used the government’s online FOIA database to count FOIA requests submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, CNN, The Hill and Politico during President Barack Obama’s second term in the Oval Office and through Trump’s tenure there.

What Scher found is stark: “Reporters at the Washington Post sent just a single FOIA request to the EPA during Obama’s entire second term, and have sent 43 FOIA requests to the agency since Trump took office.”

The New York Times? Reporters there “have made 100 FOIA requests since Trump took office just over two years ago, a 669 percent increase of the number of FOIA requests it made during the four years of Obama’s second term.”

Similar trends were seen at the other four outlets Scher checked. That thump you just heard was the sound of the mike I just dropped. If I had a mike, that is.

(10:00 AM)

CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: Ky. free speech bill cruises through legislature, awaits gov’s signature. The state’s ACLU chapter opposed it, because it might stop lefty groups from shutting down conservative speakers.

Plus, “Utah’s Senate spiked a similar bill earlier in March.” WTF, Utah?

UPDATE: The Kentucky bill is linked in the story but since some commenters haven’t figured that out, here’s a direct link. Read it yourself and see if there’s anything that a civil liberties group should find objectionable. I can’t find anything

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LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: Cohen documents unsealed and much, much more. “CNN has won a Walter Cronkite award for best ‘National Network News Program’ for broadcasting an infomercial promoting gun control.”

That’s all so fitting in so many ways. Yesterday, CNN’s Jake Tapper unfollowed Dana Loesch when she correctly called out him and CNN for their award-winning behavior at that town hall.

(08:56 AM)

GOOD: Trump, Bolsonaro vow fight against socialism in Western Hemisphere.

I remember when that seemed like a distant dream:

(08:33 AM)

BUT OF COURSE: 2020 Dems Endorse Violating Due Process for US Citizens With ‘No Fly, No Buy’ for Guns.

FLASHBACK: Thanks to Joe Manchin’s Proposed Gun Ban, I Bought a New AR-15.

Full story at the link.

(08:30 AM)

CLOWN CAR UPDATE: Sanders tops New Hampshire ‘Power Ranking,’ Warren a ‘flame-out,’ Buttigieg the ‘Cinderella story.’

Slogan: “With a name like Buttigieg, he’s got to be good!”

(08:29 AM)

THEY’D TURN AMERICA INTO VENEZUELA IF THEY COULD: Bernie Sanders’ New Campaign Advisor David Sirota Once Touted Hugo Chavez’s ‘Economic Miracle’ in Venezuela.

(08:27 AM)

TIME TO SPLIT NEW YORK IN TWO: Why Upstate New York Feels Unwelcome in its Own State.

Related: Splitsylvania: State Secession and What to Do About It.

(08:14 AM)

DRAIN THE SWAMP: Congress Unloads on Pro-Iran Deal Forces in Trump Administration.

Leading Republican senators are uniting against what they describe as a bid by some elements of the Trump administration to keep the Iran nuclear deal on life support via a package of waivers exempting Tehran and its allies from new sanctions spearheaded by President Donald Trump, according to multiple conversations with top congressional officials both on and off the record.

A debate has been raging inside the Trump administration for months over how far it will go to sanction the Iranian regime. While President Donald Trump has promised a “maximum pressure” campaign to choke off Tehran’s resources, the State and Treasury Departments have advocated in favor of waivers permitting Iran to continue sensitive nuclear work as well as its lucrative oil trade.

The debate has split certain elements of the Trump administration and will come to a head in the coming weeks as a series of sanctions waivers permitting eight countries to continue purchasing Iranian crude oil is set to expire in May.

Already, some elements of the administration are pushing to issue another round of sanctions waivers, prompting outrage on Capitol Hill where multiple officials stand ready to fight that potential decision.

If they can’t get on board with their boss’s policy, they need to be shown the door. It’s gotten so bad that when I remember that line in Star Wars about that “wretched hive of scum and villainy,” I picture the State Department building.

(08:13 AM)


Related: “It’s been a tough two years if you’re a post-Reagan era, Bush-flunky fake conservative.”

(08:13 AM)

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WELL, THAT WOULD DOOM TWITTER, SO YEAH: Roger Simon: Trump Should Quit Twitter — After He Wins.

(08:06 AM)

IT WAS ALL JUST A DIRTY-TRICKS POLITICAL SCAM FROM THE BEGINNING: Trump-Russia 2.0: Dossier-Tied Firm Pitching Journalists Daily on ‘Collusion.’

(08:02 AM)

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CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Ocasio-Cortez, Chief-of-Staff Removed as Governors of Justice Democrats PAC.

Justice Democrats, a far-left PAC whose members helped elect Ocasio-Cortez to Congress, has come under fire in recent weeks for transfers that the PAC made to two limited liability companies started by Chakrabarti.

In addition to the money that was sent from the Justice Democrats PAC to the two entities, transfers were made from the Brand New Congress PAC, also started by Chakrabarti and other individuals involved with Justice Democrats, to the limited liability companies that totaled nearly $1 million, according to an FEC complaint filed by the National Legal and Policy Center.

Ocasio-Cortez and Chakrabarti were later found by the Daily Caller to be listed as governors of Justice Democrats on D.C. corporate filings and remained so as recently as early March. Ocasio-Cortez did not report this to the FEC, which a former commissioner said could get them into “big trouble” with violations.


(07:56 AM)

HMM: Guaido supporters in Venezuela ‘took control’ of diplomatic buildings, US says.

Spokesman Robert Palladino told reporters that Guaido’s supporters were in possession of two military attache installations in Washington D.C. and the Venezuelan consulate in New York. Palladino added that the Trump administration was “pleased to support these requests.”

Carlos Vecchio, Guaido’s ambassador to the United States, posted videos on Twitter of diplomats and military officers walking through the vacant buildings. At the consulate in Midtown Manhattan, staffers removed images of disputed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez from the walls.

“It is impossible not to feel emotion as we enter this homeland, the sovereign territory of our #Venezuela, liberated from the usurper regime Of Maduro,” tweeted Gustavo Marcano, another pro-Guaido official. “This is what will happen throughout our country when the usurpation ceases!”

If we have to send pallets of cash to anyone overseas, it ought to be to people like these.

(07:40 AM)


Fox News’ chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge believes a claim by Republican North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows of a coordinated effort to hurt President Trump — including “sitting ambassadors,” the FBI and the Department of Justice — also likely involves someone in the State Department.

“I think the congressman is referring to someone within the State Department based on my reporting,” Herridge said Tuesday on Fox News Radio’s “Brian Kilmeade Show.” “Because we have a pretty good sense now from these transcripts that have been revealed and then also records that were unsealed at the end last week in the defamation suit with BuzzFeed that … the government network was being pulsed with the dossier in the final months of the campaign and then during the transition period. And that it was coming at the FBI and Justice Department through many different lanes or many different avenues, and the objective was to lend it credibility.”

Herridge added, “My recollection is there is a tie into the State Department, so we’ll see exactly who Congressman Meadows is referring to … but that is where I think it’s going.”

Read the whole thing.

(07:30 AM)

WHO DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING: Politician who opposes mandatory chickenpox vaccinations contracts chickenpox. Of course, opposing mandatory vaccination isn’t the same as saying vaccines don’t work.

(07:25 AM)


(07:25 AM)

ANTISOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook murdered local news. Now it wants to ‘save’ journalism. Break them up instead.

(07:17 AM)

HEH: Resurrected Che Guevara Announces 2020 Run, Democrats Quickly Criticize As ‘Too Moderate.’

(07:07 AM)

VIDEO: Three Ways 2020 Dems Want to Remake the Supreme Court. “All the options are on the table.”

(07:00 AM)

FLASHBACK: James Bovard: Eric Holder’s Lawless Legacy.