Monday, January 21, 2019

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ON ORDERS FROM ND PREZ: Notre Dame to cover murals of Christopher Columbus.

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INFORMATION WARFARE: 1984 becomes real in 2024. I’d say sooner, but the post is analyzing China’s Social Credit Rating system “in which all the accumulated data on an individual can be analyzed to determine which patterns of behavior lead to criminal or anti-government behavior.” Read the whole thing.

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STEALTH TRIO: A B-2 Spirit in formation with two F-22 Raptors near Diamond Head State Monument, Hawaii.

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TEXAS IS THE FUTURE, CALIFORNIA IS THE PAST: SpaceX to Shift Starship Work From California to Texas.

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NEO: The Covington chronicles: on hating the face of a teenage boy.

One of the most chilling aspects of the hatred fanned by the duplicitous reporting on the videotaped incident regarding the Covington students and the 60-something Native American has been the venomous rage directed against the face of one of the students, as well as the conclusions drawn about the expression on the face and what it might signify about the person. . . .

“Bullying” doesn’t even begin to describe what has been done to Sandmann by supposedly responsible and thoughtful adults. Even if the original story of what occurred had been true—and it was most definitely not—the depth of the rage would be way out of line. . . .

What is it they “recognized”? A face that is now permissible to hate, apparently; they’re not shy about writing about their hate and signing their names to it. That face is white, male, and supposedly “privileged” (whether they know a single thing about that person’s actual life circumstances or not). I have come to think of it in a kind of shorthand as hatred towards the “frat boy” in their minds. And it’s not new, although I’ve never before seen a national eruption of this hatred expressed towards someone who is not yet an adult

This hatred is bigoted and prejudiced, pure and simple. The hatred’s origins lie not just in the work the media had undertaken to shape its audience towards feeling this hatred—although that is most definitely part of it—but it also is an opportunity for the viewer to draw in all sorts of historical references to other white men and/or boys they have grown to hate, and to make often-absurd parallels.

Our political/journalistic class shows us what kind of people it is made up of every single day.

Meanwhile, I hope the voters of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio remember who hates their kids on sight, and vote accordingly.

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THE LATEST THING THAT WILL PROBABLY KILL US ALL: The Hill reports that Washington is alarmed about “deepfakes,” an open-source technology for realistically (sort of) mapping someone’s face onto another person’s body. Obviously, this could be used in disinformation campaigns. (And, of course, people are using it for porn.) Time to panic? Don’t worry, lawmakers and “experts” have a plan, which appears to be:

1. Pass laws to ban the Deepfakes software and/or actually making videos with it, or even classify it as terrorism.
2. Completely ignore how ineffective and absurdly impossible this was last time, even our own country, where the law supposedly applies.
3. ???
4. Russians successfully prevented from interfering with election using Deepfakes software.

As usual, when it comes to making laws about technology or censorship, we are just not sending our best people. Sad!


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NETANYAHU’S STRATEGIC GENIUS?: After Chad ties restored, Israel set to host Mali’s PM in coming weeks.

I have lots of reservations about the Israeli PM, but credit where credit is due. He has a strategic vision for the country, which he has been pursuing relentlessly:

(1) Preserve and expand market reforms to increase Israel’s wealth, thereby making emgiration less attractive, and immigration more so. Since 2001, Israel has moved from number 40 in the world in per capita nominal income to 20th.

(2) Expand ties with Arab neighbors who have a common fear of Iran and a common impatience with Palestinian extremism and intransigence. Reports of not-so-secret secret meetings of Israeli officials with Arab officials from countries with no diplomatic relations with Israel are frequent (e.g.).

(3) Instead of relying on fair-weather friends in Europe, expand diplomatic ties with India, China, and, as in the headline above, African countries, including Muslim-majority countries.

(4) Very much under the radar (because there is no domestic political gain from doing so), take significant, expensive measures to integrate the Arab population of Israel into the economic mainstream, including aggressive civil service hiring, additional spending on infrastructure in Arab towns, and perhaps most important, significant steps taken to close the education and career prospects gap between Arab and Jewish residents of Israel. If successful, such steps will dampen irredentist and secessionist views within the Arab population.

Admittedly, some of Bibi’s successes have been more luck than skill–Trump beating Clinton, and the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt were two very fortuitous events from his perspective. And he doesn’t seem to have any clue about what, if anything, can be done to alleviate the long-term conflict with the Palestinians, or how to stop the slide in Israel’s support among U.S. Democrats. But his successes shouldn’t be underestimated.

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STRONGER IS BETTER: Could Neck-Strengthening Prevent Some Concussions?

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MENLO PARK POCKET CHANGE: Google fined $57 million by French data privacy body.

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RUN ALL THE CANDIDATES! Kamala Harris Will Kick Off 2020 Run on ‘American Values’ With Speech in … Silicon Valley. “Kamala Harris may have been born in Oakland, but that does not mean Americans want Oakland values.”

As Gertrude Stein famously said, “There is no there there.” Though I’m not sure if she was talking about Oakland, or Harris.

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MEGAN FOX: MAGA Hat Madness, #FakeNews, and the Mob.

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LIVE LONG AND PROSPER: ‘Longevity’ Science Could Reach Billions In 2019 – And Is No Longer Just The Preserve of Billionaires.

The hard science goes like this. Scientists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists are now re-thinking aging and our assumptions that chronic diseases – like arthritis – are the inevitable by-products of aging. The latest research unlocking the cellular basis of aging shows that we can prevent or slow down chronic diseases. Aubrey De Grey, the maverick bio-engineer who pioneered rejuvenation medicine, argues that aging is just a set of accumulated side effects from metabolism that eventually kills us off, and so we need strategies to minimize cellular death, improve the rate of repair and/or stop mutations going awry (as with cancer) to stay younger for longer.

Intriguing possibilities are emerging. Old drugs like rapamycin (used to prevent organ transplant rejection) and metformin (a gold standard in diabetes management to control blood sugar) are finding new uses to delay aging. Over 100 new drugs have also been found to extend lifespans of mice, with specific “senolytic” drug cocktails, for example, combining dasatinib (used to treat leukaemia), and quercetin (a plant chemical often found in red wine and kale), shown to kill off senescent cells. Unity Biotechnology, a company specializing in development of senolytics recently completed a successful IPO and the results of the clinical trials will soon show the effects of this new class of “geroprotectors” in humans.

This quest for drugs to extend longevity is not confined to big companies focused on keeping their shareholders happy. In 2018 several start-ups came out of the stealth mode including the Harvard spin-off Elevian, a company targeting age-related muscle wasting and another company with the ties to Harvard, Life Biosciences working as an accelerator for multiple longevity-oriented subsidiaries.

A recent call by Y-Combinator focusing on longevity means that we will see a plethora of young start-ups coming through in 2019. Increasing number of venture funds, holding companies and venture funds including Juvenescence, Apollo Ventures, Longevity Vision Fund, Life Biosciences, Deep Knowledge Ventures and Longevity Fund are funding and incubating a large number of promising companies in the longevity space.

Faster, please. Related: The Longevity Dividend.

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QUESTIONS ONLY THE GRAUNIAD IS ASKING: Who is more dangerous: El Chapo or Carlos Slim?

Well, the latter happens to keep an infinitely more powerful PR operation in his back pocket.

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REPORT: China’s Annual Economic Growth Rate Is Slowest Since 1990.

The 6.6% growth rate for 2018 reported Monday is the slowest annual pace China has recorded since 1990. The economic downturn, which has been sharper than Beijing expected, deepened in the last months of 2018, with fourth quarter growth rising 6.4% from a year earlier.

Adding to the gloom was the trade conflict with Washington. The uncertain outlook for Chinese exporters caused companies to delay investing and hiring and in some cases even to resort to layoffs—a practice often discouraged by China’s stability-obsessed Communist Party rulers. The official jobless rate ticked up to 4.9% last month from 4.8% in November.

In the southern technology and export-manufacturing center of Shenzhen, for instance, many private makers of electronics, textiles and auto parts furloughed workers more than two months before the Lunar New Year holiday, which begins in February, according to business owners and local officials. The neighboring city of Guangzhou saw growth slump to 6.5% last year—well short of the 7.5% annual target set by the city government—as trade tensions hit the city’s manufacturing sector hard.

These are the official figures, which don’t always exactly jibe with reality.

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MAYBE A SISTER ISN’T WHAT IT TAKES: Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s young men out of their rooms.

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SPOILER: THEY AREN’T COMPLYING. Report to Congress on Russian Compliance with INF Treaty.

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ASS-COVERING WELL UNDERWAY: Journalists and Celebs Rush to Delete Tweets Slamming MAGA-Hat Kids.

New York Times opinion writer Kara Swisher, for instance, deleted one tweet saying she was thinking of “finding every one of these shitty kids and giving them a very large piece of my mind,” and other tweets throwing slurs like “Nazi” and “nationalist.” ABC chief political correspondent Scott Thurman deleted a tweet alleging students in MAGA hats were “mocking” and “taunting” a Native American in front of the Lincoln Memorial in D.C., asking in a new tweet if the new video changed minds about the kids.

Anti-Trump activist Ed Krassenstein deleted a neutral tweet contemplating the intentions of Nick Sandmann, the young MAGA student accused of smirking at a Native American. His brother, Brian Krassenstein, deleted a tweet calling the students “bigoted.” The New Republic‘s Jeet Heer deleted a tweet arguing the MAGA hat-wearing teens were “racist.” CNN’s Bakari Sellers deleted a tweet suggesting the kids should be “punched in the face.”

You’d like to think that people learned a lesson here, but I’m no longer that optimistic. The teens showed a lot more control in the face of actual provocation than these allegedly sensible and responsible media adults showed in the face of a bogus news report.

UPDATE (from Charlie): This may have to do with the fact that the kids and their families have obtained pro bono representation for libel action. Check out the #VerifiedBullies hashtag for more like this:

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NO COMPROMISE:  It’s all about hating Trump.

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RACISM, STRAIGHT UP: Pakistan is building a wall along its border with Afghanistan.

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You could start here:

As they say, punch back twice as hard.

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ALONG WITH MOST OF THE MEDIA, INCLUDING MOST OF THE “CONSERVATIVE” MEDIA: I Failed the Covington Catholic Test: Next time there’s a viral story, I’ll wait for more facts to emerge.

As I watched the longer videos, I began to see the smirking kid in a different light. It seemed to me that a wave of emotions rolled over his face as Phillips approached him: confusion, fear, resolve. He finally, I thought, settled on an expression designed to mimic respect while signaling to his friends that he’s got this under control. Observing it, I wondered what different reaction I could have reasonably hoped a high-school junior to have in such an unfamiliar and bewildering situation. I came up empty.

He certainly did better than a lot of allegedly mature and sensible journalists and pundits. Which is the problem with this resolution at the end of the article: “I’ll get my news from legitimate journalists instead of an online mob for whom Saturday-morning indignation is just another form of entertainment.”

But it was the “legitimate journalists” who pushed this story and the dishonest video. It was other people who got to the truth.


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YES, PLEASE: Pentagon considers an ICBM-killing weapon for the F-35, but is it affordable?

The Trump administration’s Missile Defense Review, released Thursday after months of anticipation, carves out an enticing new potential role for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The jet “has a capable sensor system that can detect the infrared signature of a boosting missile and its computers can identify the threatening missile’s location,” the review states. “It can track and destroy adversary cruise missiles today, and, in the future, can be equipped with a new or modified interceptor capable of shooting down adversary ballistic missiles in their boost phase and could be surged rapidly to hot spots to strengthen U.S. active defense capabilities and attack operations.”

The report gives the Air Force and Missile Defense Agency six months to deliver a report on how best to integrate the F-35 into the larger missile defense architecture.

But with the armed services struggling to figure out how they can afford ramping up procurement as well as operating and sustaining the jets, it remains to be seen whether the Defense Department can afford having the F-35 as an ICBM killer.

Helluva lot cheaper than losing a city.

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NEWS YOU CAN USE: The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Was A Zionist.

Which makes for quite a contrast with this recent headline: Tablet Magazine: The Origin of the Women’s March is a Story of Virulent Antisemitism.

But then, today’s mainstream left and the alt-right are mirror images of each other.

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ROD KACKLEY: Georgia Religious Liberty Legislation Poised for Comeback. “But newly elected House Speaker David Ralston doesn’t want to see a repeat of the nation’s biggest businesses threatening to boycott Georgia like they did in 2016.”

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SEA CHANGE: That idiotic Gillette ad may have turned the tide on ‘toxic masculinity.’ “Men take the most dangerous jobs, they fight and die in our wars, yet they are told nonstop that they are terrible, and the future isn’t for them. They are expected to shrug it off because, well, they are men.” And they’re pretty much over that BS.

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IN THE MAIL: Unbelievable: 7 Myths About the History and Future of Science and Religion.

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DAVID FORSMARK: Hey, Tucker: Flyover America Is Not the Sh**thole You Imagine It to Be. “The Fox News host angles to be the Al Sharpton of white, blue-collar middle America.”

Flyover states are the worst. Stay away.

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NARRATOR: HE WASN’T JOKING. ‘Poisoning Young Minds’: Democratic Rep Wants To Ban Teens From Wearing MAGA Hats, Says He Was Joking.

(10:33 AM)

FOR DEMS – KAVANAUGH BAD, CARDENAS OK: Rep. Leo Cardenas (D-Calif.) is chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC, which hosted that gathering of Democrats in Puerto Rico last week. He’s the same Cardenas who is accused by a woman of drugging and molesting her when she was 16.

And, according to the Washington Free Beacon’s Susan Crabtree, the same Cardenas of whom then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called in 2018 for an ethics investigation to determine the credibility of the woman’s charge. No ethics probe of Cardenas is known to have been convened.

“Cardenas has vigorously denied the allegations, accusing the woman of seeking revenge for her father, a disgruntled former Cardenas staffer,” Crabtree reports this morning. “His lawyer issued a statement arguing that the request for a House ethics investigation shows that she has a ‘meritless and weak case.’ A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has determined there is enough merit to charges to move forward and has set a trial to begin in August.”

Now that Pelosi is Speaker of the House, how long before an ethics probe of Kavanaugh, uh, excuse me, Cardenas is convened?


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PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD: Pro-Second Amendment march at Penn State counters appearance by David Hogg.

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BOTTOM STORY OF THE DAY: Leslie Jones Slams New ‘Ghostbusters’ Film: “It’s Like Something Trump Would Do.”

(10:08 AM)

SHUTDOWN THEATER: Pelosi Rejected Trump’s Immigration Compromise BEFORE HE GAVE IT.

“DREAMers” are just pawns in the Democrats’ power games.

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ONLY THREE? BIGOTS! Yale students can now select from THREE gender options.

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LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: No MAGA hats for you and much, much more. “It took about a day before a more complete picture emerged of this purported provocative, racist interaction, but one has to be inclined to swallow the anti-Trump racist narrative with ease in order to start wagging fingers and writing hit pieces excoriating these kids without waiting for more information. I’m not referring to the mainstream media because I expect them to sell these kinds of stories, it’s all they know how to do. But people who are allegedly on the ‘right’ jumped on these boys FAST. Any story that exactly fits the liberal racist worldview, needs a time out and closer investigation, haven’t we learned anything?”

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VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Should The FBI Run The Country? “Since the media would doubtless answer that loaded question, ‘It depends on the president,’ let us imagine the following scenario.”

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ANALYSIS: TRUE. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Setting Women Back Light Years In Politics.

“I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right,” Ocasio-Cortez told Cooper after he asked about her careless and incorrect analysis of the defense budget. In one sentence, Ocasio-Cortez portrayed herself as a woman who is ready to subordinate facts to her moral convictions, confirming achingly anti-female stereotypes. She may as well have driven erratically down the highway or failed to catch a gently thrown ball. Of course, she later admitted that being factually correct is “absolutely important.” She just doesn’t seem to care much about facts and numbers when she’s tweeting.

Or, for that matter, when she’s speaking. In discussing with Cooper her proposal for a “Green New Deal,” which would use the full force of the government in an attempt to convert the United States to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, she could not offer an actual answer for how such an enormous transformation would be possible. “It’s going to require a lot of rapid change that we don’t even conceive as possible right now,” was all she could say.

Shockingly, the reason we “don’t conceive of it as possible” is because it is not possible.

Forget it, she’s rolling.

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TO BE FAIR, THEY’VE FORGOTTEN A LOT OF STUFF: Salena Zito: Amtrak forgot trains aren’t planes.

What happens inside the train matters as well. One of the true charming parts of the ride is the dining car experience. It isn’t just the warm, buttery grits and the crisp bacon. It is the people you meet because of the communal dining.

It was there on the Friday before former President Barack Obama’s first inauguration that I met African-Americans traveling from as far as California by train to attend his inauguration. From veterans of the civil rights movement to young people caught up in his aspirational rhetoric, we were all sitting, conversing, sharing stories, and experiences.

Last Monday, when I boarded the train for the first time this winter, I discovered the warm, buttery grits were no longer an option, replaced by a tub of yogurt and granola. In a box. Dinner now came in a box. So did lunch. Gone were the crisp, white tablecloths, and gone were the people who always cheerfully made whatever meal you wanted.

Why make riding the train pleasant?

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EZRA LEVANT: Meet the “woke” feminist behind that Gillette ad (video).


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WELL, GOOD: Canada says it won’t be deterred by Chinese pressure.

Canada’s public safety minister said Friday that the country won’t be deterred by Chinese pressure after China threatened reprisals if Huawei was banned from supplying equipment for 5G networks, highlighting the growing rift between America’s neighbor and the emerging superpower.

There are accusations that the telecom giant is controlled by China’s ruling Communist Party or is required to facilitate Chinese spying. The U.S., Australia, Japan and other governments have imposed curbs on use of its technology.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said Canada has been abundantly clear it will not compromise national security.

“It’s a difficult challenge but we’ll not be deterred by what we believe to be right and what we believe to be in the interests of Canada,” Goodale said.

Lu Shaye, China’s ambassador to Canada, warned Thursday of repercussions if Canada bars the firm from its new 5G network.

“One of the things that is of concern in this situation is the blending of Chinese commercial interests with Chinese political positioning and consequences. That’s something that I think should be of concern to Canadians and people around the world,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

Kudos to Trudeau.

FLASHBACK: China’s Plan to Break off US Allies.

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JOEL KOTKIN: Technological Progress and the Global Sex Recession. The problem is, sex stays the same as it ever was, but the distractions keep getting better every year. This is the problem wherever humans compete with machines.

(08:11 AM)



The fear and hatred of young white males is palpable, and present even among some people on the right. Because that’s our culture in 2019. And don’t tell me your “true conservatism” is about “decency and standards” when you’re willing to flush the lives of teenagers so you can do your “I’m not like them” virtue-signalling.

UPDATE: From the comments: “The sh*tposters and trolls at 4chan had the story nailed down right away while highly paid and experienced ‘professionals’ had almost every aspect of the story wrong, wrong, wrong. They get paid too much.”

(08:05 AM)

SUPER BOWL SEX TRAFFICKING: It’s that time of year again—when the Super Bowl host city starts assuring the public that it is doing everything possible to combat the expected explosion of sex crimes. It don’t really blame these cities for ramping up. If it were true that the Super Bowl brings with it the massive sexual exploitation of minors that would be very serious. But it is not true.  Nor is it true that ordinary adult prostitution increases to unusual levels.  The Super Bowl is mostly about … shock alert … a football game (and a few very expensive television ads).

A few years ago the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights issued an overwrought report entitled “Sex Trafficking: A Gender-Based Violation of Civil Rights.” I wrote a 30-page Statement that was critical of the report. A few pages of it deal with the Super Bowl myth.  I also included a bit about the White Slavery Panic and about Filipina hostesses in Japan.

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THE TENNESSEE CONSTITUTION PROHIBITS A RULE LIKE THIS: Missouri Foster Parents Sue State Over Gun Rights: Current regulation ‘strips foster parents of the ability to defend themselves and their children.’

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HMM: China isn’t looking to grow its economy but, rather, is waiting for it to recover. Good luck with that.

As household debt mounted, the property market turned downwards last year and auto sales fell for the first time in at least two decades. Property and car sales account for one-fifth of China’s gross domestic product. Although China’s foreign trade rose by 10 per cent last year, its growth rate will slip this year as the global economy softens and the United States’ trade war with China begins to bite. As exports also account for one-fifth of GDP, any slowdown there would hurt the economy. Obviously, with all this negative news, investment will also cool.

To stimulate the economy, Beijing is cutting banks’ reserve requirement ratios and launching infrastructure initiatives. Neither is likely to revive growth. Chinese debt, unofficially 300 per cent of GDP, is too high for any debt-led growth policy to be effective. Currently, infrastructure spending is around one-fifth of GDP. It is hard to see how a few projects can move the needle. It appears the government’s goal is stability, especially in the financial system and the labour market, not growth. As the property market tips over, loan repayments become more sporadic. The goal of the monetary policy is probably to keep lending institutions liquid. This policy could be undermined only by massive capital flight. But as long as the Great Wall of capital control is solid, China will remain stable for the foreseeable future.

Money, to misquote Dr. Ian Malcolm, finds a way.

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EXCELLENT: The Navy’s newest aircraft carrier got a long-missing piece of gear in December, helping solve a problem the Navy secretary has bet his job on fixing.

On December 21, the Navy’s first-in-class aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford, which has been plagued by technical problems and cost overruns, got the first of its 11 advanced weapons elevators, “setting the tone for more positive developments in the year ahead,” the Navy said this week.

That tone may be doubly important for Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, who has staked his job on the elevators— which were not installed when the carrier was delivered 32 months late in May 2017 — being ready by the end of the carrier’s year-long post-shakedown assessment this summer.

Advanced Weapons Elevator Upper Stage 1 was turned over to the Navy after testing and certification by engineers at Hunting Ingalls-Newport News Shipbuilding, where the carrier was built and is going through a post-shakedown period after testing at sea.

The elevator “has been formally accepted by the Navy,” Bill Couch, a spokesman for Naval Sea Systems Command, said in a statement.

We’ve been building aircraft carriers with weapons elevators for nearly a century, so this might seem like an inexcusable delay. But part of the Ford-class’s selling point is its ability — well, hoped-for ability — to generate more aircraft sorties each day. And doing that requires an all-new launch system (the problem-plagued EMALS) and all-new/high-speed weapons elevators. There were bound to be teething issues, but it looks like they’re getting sorted out.

(07:39 AM)

#JOURNALISM: The media’s “Gotcha!” hysteria is shameful.



It’s been a bad week for Buzzfeed. Much more here.

(07:30 AM)

WELL, SURE, BUT THOSE BECAME EVIL ONCE TRUMP SUPPORTED THEM: Democrats Were For Border Security And Against Illegal Immigration Until Trump.

(07:23 AM)

ANOTHER FINE MESS: Erdogan seeks lifeline from Putin in Syria.

(07:21 AM)

AN EXAMPLE OF PROFESSIONALISM FOR THE REST OF THE MEDIA: Fox News’ Restraint on Buzzfeed Paid Off, and Should Be a Lesson to Other Outlets. “There were, in short, dozens of red flags. Alarm bells should have gone off. Sprinting with the story should have seemed like a risky proposition. Fox, ironically, took heat for choosing not to go deep end, as critics on social media (but not only those on social media) sneered at screenshots of the three networks showing who was covering which news. But those sneers were backwards. It was CNN and MSNBC carpet-bombing every show with non-stop coverage of ‘IF TRUE’ scenario-building that made the bad call.”

Now do the Covington High boys.

(07:15 AM)

EVERGREEN HEADLINE: What A Weekend for Media Accuracy.

(07:06 AM)

BECAUSE THEY’RE MADE UP: BuzzFeed Reporter Cormier: ‘We Can’t Get Into, Like, the Details Here.’

(07:03 AM)

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: From the BuzzFeed Psychodrama to the Covington Video Melodrama. “In all these cases, why not allow a little time, even if only a few hours, to be the arbitrator of veracity rather than shoot from the hip moral outrage? Otherwise, day after day after day, we are just updating The Ox-Bow Incident for the Internet age.”

Related: The Media Wildly Mischaracterized That Video of Covington Catholic Students Confronting a Native American Veteran.

A bogus story about Trump supporters. Who could imagine such a thing?

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THE CAUSE THAT NEVER SHUTS UP: Michelle Alexander’s Call to “Break the Silence [on Palestine]” is New York Times’s Latest Israel Smear.

The op-ed pages of the Times, Washington Post, and other major media outlets are wide open to those on the ideological left who hate Israel regardless of whether, as in the case of Alexander, they have no particular expertise on the subject of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The media especially love the supposedly anguished “as a Jew” pieces, in which Jews, generally with no connection to the Jewish community and with no record of ever having been sympathetic to Israel, purportedly express anguish about how “as a Jew” they just can’t tolerate Israel’s alleged misbehavior anymore.

Do the Israel-haters even recognize the irony of constantly whining about about how their perspective is “silenced” from the op-ed pages of the world’s most influential newspapers?

(04:31 AM)


(04:29 AM)


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PATHS NOT TAKEN:  Georg Elser: the “Lone Wolf” who nearly stopped WW II.

(03:25 AM)

FAKE NEWS HAVE A LONG HISTORY:  “Black Propaganda” during WW II.

(03:24 AM)

DUH:  Amsterdam’s red light district suffering from tourist overload.

(03:00 AM)

OH, DEAR LORD:  Doctors ask that you please not put parsley in your vagina.

(02:22 AM)

FIRST TIME ON THE INTERNET?  Stupid people are loud and proud: study.

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(01:36 AM)

LET NANCY GREY GOOSE PELOSI CHOKE ON IT:  Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi: This Shutdown is on You!

(01:16 AM)


Sunday, January 20, 2019

(10:50 PM)

A FESTIVAL OF HATE: Jim Bovard Has Pictures From The Women’s March.

(10:35 PM)

JOURNALISM: When The Press Sees Red: “Like so many stories that supposedly conveyed the reality of Trump’s America, that so perfectly displayed white Christian menace, it turned out to be fake. Fake, like the Ohio University student who sent herself anti-gay hate mail; manufactured, like the racist harassment on a bus that Hilary Clinton tweeted about; an attempted frame-up, with liberal credulity made into the co-conspirator, like the vandalism of a Jewish cemetery done by a progressive reporter. But good enough to share, good enough to cause doxxing, and justify the harassment and assault of children. I’m still chuckling at the New York Times and the Washington Post rushing out misleading and false stories — the latter with three bylines — without doing any original reporting besides a phone call to the Native American Elder, and a survey of reactions on Twitter.”


Really, to hell with these people.

(10:26 PM)


(10:25 PM)

BETWEEN THE BUZZFEED DEBACLE AND THE COVINGTON CATASTROPHE, maybe we need to think about overturning New York Times v. Sullivan and returning libel law to its traditional state. Reliance on the professionalism of journalists is clearly misplaced.

Related: Anatomy of a Narrative.

(10:04 PM)

I UNDERSTAND THEY’VE LAWYERED UP: Apologies Roll In For Catholic School Protesters As Fuller Picture Of Events Emerges.

(10:00 PM)

MAYBE THAT’S THE GOAL: Sarah Hoyt: When Everything Is Political, Nothing Works.

(09:40 PM)



This is all a spoiling attack aimed at keeping Amy Coney Barrett off the Supreme Court. I’m not sure, though, that open displays of anti-Catholic bigotry are such a wise tactic outside the SJW bubble.

(09:30 PM)

OPEN THREAD: How was your weekend?

(09:00 PM)

WELL, SURE. I MEAN, HOW DO YOU TOP A NAME LIKE “SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON?” ‘Super blood wolf moon’ will be last total lunar eclipse until 2021.

(08:00 PM)

I’VE BEEN CALLING FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOR YEARS: New program may reduce disrupted sleep at hospitals.

(07:00 PM)

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NEO: Reporting on each other: the Covington boys, the Native American, and the smart phone vs. the telescreen.

Today’s smart phones (not envisioned by Orwell) can record, as well. But what they record, how it is edited and used and described and slanted, is the task of social media and the MSM. If the viewers of such videos don’t have a huge amount of skepticism, they are easily taken in by people using videos to mislead. Even people with a great deal of skepticism, such as Scott Adams, can apparently be taken in by the right video presented in a very clever way.

This is obviously a grave danger, because videos (like photos before them) can easily give the appearance of being the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and can whip the crowd up into enormous hatred. And yet the actual truth can be something very, very different.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Note this part: “One of the sadder things about this particular incident is that many on the right, as well as the boys’ Catholic school, jumped on the leftist bandwagon—at least to a certain extent. And some jumped on it to a greater extent and have yet (at least, as of this writing) to retract their words.”

(06:35 PM)

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PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: Tapper Outs Gillibrand’s Immigration Deceit, She Responds With False History.

(06:00 PM)

REGULAR ADVIL USE CAN BE DAMAGING TO YOUR TESTICLES. “The researchers went so far as to say that the striking dual effect of ibuprofen on Leydig and Sertoli cells suggests that ibuprofen, of all the chemical classes considered, has ‘the broadest endocrine-disturbing properties identified so far in men.'”

I’ve blogged on this before, but it’s worth repeating.

(05:00 PM)

GOOD: US Oil Boom Is Defying Expectations, Experts Say.

(04:16 PM)

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THIS STORY (AS ALREADY NOTED BY ED AND GLENN) IS ANOTHER NICE CASE STUDY OF “PERCEPTIONS OF NEWSWORTHINESS ARE CONTAMINATED BY A POLITICAL USEFULNESS BIAS”: If some anonymous teenager in a MAGA hat is rude (or maybe isn’t even rude!) to a Native American drummer, that’s a big story.  But if a Democratic Congressional candidate (now a Congresswoman) has written “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel,” that’s not newsworthy.

(04:00 PM)

ANGELO CODEVILLA: “Europe was never a full partner in its own defense.” But wait, it gets worse: “The very question—Will Europe ever fully partner with the U.S., or will the European Union and NATO continue to downplay the necessity of military readiness?—is no longer meaningful as posed, because the political energies of Europe’s elites are absorbed as they try to fend off attacks on their legitimacy by broad sectors of their population. The notion that Europeans and Americans were full partners in the NATO alliance and that this ‘kept the Russians out…etc.’ was always a fiction, albeit a useful one. Today it is dysfunctional, an obstacle to all sides’ understanding of what useful cooperation may yet be possible.”

(03:00 PM)

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ROGER KIMBALL: Radical evil, and the online lynching of a kid from Kentucky. Will journalists apologize if their portrayal of the Covington students vs Indian Elder incident turns out to have been wildly wrong?

Total non-sequitur of a question. When is the DNC-MSM ever wrong?

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): When do they ever apologize? (Except to offended lefties, that is).

But some better people are apologizing:

Maybe the reason journalists assume that James O’Keefe’s videos are deceptively edited is that deceptive editing is the ordinary course of business for them.

ANOTHER UPDATE (FROM GLENN): More good people apologize:

This guy hasn’t apologized yet, though. People on the right need to be more skeptical of this kind of thing, rather than rushing to jump on the “we’re better than that” (by which they really mean “I’m better than that”) bandwagon. Lefties rely on that to give momentum to their hit pieces. Instead, hold back and wait for facts to develop. Often — possibly more often than not — the facts will show things to be different than they first appeared.


Also, I see that NRO’s big dump on the Covington boys now returns a Page Not Found. Why doesn’t it return an apology for jumping the gun?

Or maybe it should just go to this Kyle Smith piece: Nathan Phillips Lied. The Media Bought It. Including NRO. But the media didn’t just buy it. They were co-conspirators.

Plus, from the comments: “Anyone who thinks these recent attacks on these Catholic boys and on the Knights of Columbus aren’t geared to the next Supreme Court opening is kidding themselves.”

Stand up to bigotry: Support Amy Coney Barrett!

Also from the comments: “Amazing that this story occurred just 24 hrs after the BuzzFeed/Cohen fiasco with its obligatory non-stop MSM impeach-o-rama. Gellman amnesia at its finest. And when you see the Catholic hierarchy rush to throw these innocent kids to the wolves, you begin to understand the dimensions & persistence of the Church’s pedophile crisis. They are not the faithful & reliable stewards of our children they claim to be. CYA > justice.”

NRO needs a full, sincere apology here, and better behavior in the future. I mean, otherwise what do they bring to the table? CNN will already call people on the right bigots for free. NRO piled on the people they should have been protecting, out of a cowardly reflex to assume the worst and isolate the people the media were attacking. They should have looked into the story first, rather than relying on the word of people they should have known were untrustworthy. It was just two days ago that CNN was hyping the Buzzfeed “scoop.” Gateway Pundit is all over this story — and more creditably than NRO.

MORE STILL (FROM GLENN): An Apology From Rich Lowry of NRO: “I deleted my original tweet and we also took down a strongly worded post by my colleague Nick Frankovich that relied on the incomplete video. It’s another reminder — even for an old hand like me — that it’s best not to make snap judgments and to wait for all sides of a controversy to have a chance to be heard.”

You can’t trust what the likes of CNN and Buzzfeed say about people on the right. You absolutely need to do your own due diligence before piling on.

And for the record, here’s the archive version of the now-deleted NRO piece by Nicholas Frankovich The Covington Students Might as Well Have Just Spit on the Cross.

Related: The Media Wildly Mischaracterized That Video of Covington Catholic Students Confronting a Native American Veteran.

A bogus story about Trump supporters. Who could imagine such a thing?



They deserve an apology. People who owed them fairness and consideration chose virtue-signaling instead.

(02:30 PM)

JOHN ELLIS: Unicorn Armpit Hair Is a Harbinger of How Bad Things Can Get in 2019. “Body positive campaigns aren’t about ensuring that those who don’t match society’s beauty standards aren’t mocked and ostracized for things they have no control over. Body positive campaigns exist to shame people for having personal standards of beauty. . . . Holding society hostage by expecting everyone to find the whims of feminists attractive is an act of ideological war that deserves to be resisted.”

UPDATE: Drop the “Body Love” Nonsense. “‘Body love’ is a term used mainly by people who fixate on their bodies, feel like crap about their bodies, and then broadcast to the world the exact opposite. They want you to believe that THEY believe every dimple and crevice of their flesh is attractive, so they’ve created a movement to make it socially acceptable to shove their belly rolls in our faces. But talking about how much you love your body means you’re probably trying to convince yourself of something you really don’t believe.”

(01:44 PM)

JOHN HAWKINS: Five Reasons Masculinity Is Increasingly Coming Under Attack in America.

It isn’t all that new a development, and not exactly “unexpected,” either — all forms of socialism need a scapegoat to explain away its failures.

(01:30 PM)

FASTER, PLEASE: New test may catch pancreatic cancer in earlier stages.

(01:14 PM)


Rachel Maddow, and MSNBC generally, is in the bargaining phase. BUT HE’S STILL A BAD MAN! Don’t stop trying to impeach him just because Buzzfeed may have screwed up, and anyway, maybe Buzzfeed’s report is false but accurate! RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!

It took Maddow 10 minutes to conclude “Happy Two Years of the Trump Administration” before turning to Ben Smith, who defended the story.

See what she did there? Mueller’s rebuke of Buzzfeed becomes an afterthought.

And former and current Democratic activist Chuck Todd isn’t taking it too well, either. Fortunately, Mollie Hemingway is pushing back:

To be fair, NBC has a lot invested in BuzzFeed, literally and figuratively: Flashback to 2015: NBCUniversal makes $200-million investment in BuzzFeed.

(01:00 PM)

I THINK IT’S VAPORWARE: The Truth Behind Russia’s ‘Apocalypse Torpedo.’ Or, possibly, cover for some other program.

(12:44 PM)

THE TRAGEDY OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC: This Atlantic review of Future Sounds, a new book on the history of machine-made pop and classical songs, suggests that the radical power of the synthetic has largely been forgotten” — and eventually, the reader discovers that it’s all Reagan and Thatcher’s fault:

The book’s preface warps back to the sci-fi excitement of the year 1977, when Star Wars was playing in multiplexes and the Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer single “I Feel Love”—“pure, silver, shimmering, arcing, perfectly puttering hover-car brilliance,” Stubbs writes—was revolutionizing dance floors. Much as the Italian Futurists had agitated for a new canon in the early 20th century, and as the hippies’ rock and roll drowned out their parents’ sing-alongs, electronic music helped turn an entire culture toward wondering, What’s next? David Bowie, Kraftwerk, and others tried to answer the question with still-staggering inventiveness.

The tragedy, as Stubbs tells it, is that giddy anticipation of a paradigm shift ran up against the political regressions of the Reagan and Thatcher eras—and their accompanying oversaturated consumer culture. Even great breakthroughs got hijacked to dreary effect. “When the sampler became an affordable and ubiquitous piece of kit in the mid-1980s, it proved to be as enslaving as it was liberating,” he writes. “Rather than opening up multiple textural potentialities it degenerated into a box of tropes and tics and habits. The same stuttering effects, the same incredibly narrow pool of source material.”

Is there nothing that Reagan, Thatcher, and capitalism couldn’t do? How dare they cause the technological progress that saw the first modern music computers and samplers, such as the Fairlight, which sold for the staggering $40,000 price tag that Peter Gabriel paid in 1979 to the $8,000 E-Mu Emulator in 1982, to the infinitely more powerful DAWs that are now available for both PCs and Apple devices for free.

(12:42 PM)

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