October 17, 2021

A CAMPAIGN TO MAKE BLUE CITIES SUCK MORE? OKAY, GEORGE. Soros Drops $1 Million on Anti-Police Effort in Austin.

CNN CONTRIBUTOR CALLS OUT NETWORK FOR ‘DISHONEST’ REPORTING OF JOE ROGAN’S IVERMECTIN PRESCRIPTION: CNN contributor Mary Katharine Ham sided with podcast host Joe Rogan stating it was wrong for CNN to call his Ivermectin prescription a “horse dewormer.”

THE POLICE WILL PROTECT YOU: Sir David Amess: MP murder suspect detained under Terrorism Act.

A man detained over the killing of MP Sir David Amess is Ali Harbi Ali, a 25-year-old Briton of Somali heritage, Whitehall officials have told the BBC.

Police said the man was being held at a London police station under the Terrorism Act 2000 and officers had until 22 October to question him.

The BBC understands Mr Ali was referred to the UK’s counter-terrorist Prevent scheme some years ago.

Yet another “known wolf.”

As Spiked’s Brendan O’Neill asks: Can we now have an honest discussion about Islamist terrorism?


Whoops. The CIA accidentally left a “putty-type” battlefield explosive beneath the hood of a Loudon County, Virginia school bus after a training exercise last week, according to the agency. As a result, elementary and high school students spent two days riding the bus as the explosives bounced around under the hood. Hey, it’s not like “intelligence” is the organization’s middle name or anything.

The explosives had been buried in the school bus’s engine compartment as part of a training exercise for explosive-detecting dogs conducted at Briar Woods High School on March 21–24, CIA sources told theWashington Post. According to Loudon schools spokesperson Wayde Byard, some of the explosives fitted beneath the hood fell deeper into the engine than expected, becoming wedged between the hoses.

Earlier: Democrats/Media Deploy Same “Eliminationist Narrative” Against School Parents As They Did Against Tea Party.

Or as America’s Newspaper of Record notes: FBI Assures Nation They Will Get Back To Figuring Out Why That Guy Shot 400 People In Vegas After They’re Done Investigating Parent-Teacher Meetings.

TRUE: Michio Kaku: SpaceX Is Absolutely Destroying Blue Origin. I wish there were better competition here, but nope.

October 16, 2021

OPEN THREAD: I don’t feel like loving you today. But you know I will anyway.

THE PROMISE OF vagus nerve stimulation.

WELL, THEY WEREN’T AS CRAZY IN THE 19TH CENTURY: Say what you will about Karl Marx: He would’ve HATED AOC and the left.

WILLIAM SHATNER corrects the Duke of Cambridge about space flight.

Following Prince William’s comments about issues around current space flights, William Shatner responded to the royal’s concerns. The actor both justified his trip as well as to shut down what the Duke of Cambridge had to say.

“He’s a lovely, gentle, educated Englishman, but he’s got the wrong idea,” Shatner told Entertainment Tonight.

The star explained what he meant by noting that the “idea here is not to go, ‘Yeah, look at me. I’m in space.’” Instead, he said that “the prince is missing the point. The point is these are the baby steps to show people [that] it’s very practical. You can send somebody like me up into space.”

“We’ve got all the technology, the rockets, to send the things up there… You can build a base 250, 280 miles above the Earth and send that power down here, and they catch it, and they then use it, and it’s there. All it needs is… somebody as rich as Jeff Bezos [to say], ‘Let’s go up there.’”

Going a little deeper to explain that “the idea of getting industry up there” is “so that all those polluting industries, especially, for example, the industries that make electricity” end up “off of Earth.”

Although Shatner did agree with the royal when it comes to the fact that we should be putting work in on our own planet, he said, “So fix some of the stuff down here … But we can curl your hair and put lotion on your face at the same time.”

It’s a bit rich for a member of the British royal family to complain that something’s more spectacle than substance.

MARK JUDGE: Jesus and the Moody Blues: A Rediscovered Letter from My Favorite Teacher.

THIS SHOULD BE A SEINFELD ROUTINE: What’s the Deal With Caliber?

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Pentagon Wants AI to Predict Events Before They Occur: Haven’t we seen this film before?


Related: Ace of Spades surveys the Dispatch versus Bulwark wars.

I’M SURE THESE PEOPLE ARE ALL JUST IGNORANT AND UNEDUCATED ANTI-VAXXERS: Dozens of Scientists, Others Could Be Fired After Judge Won’t Halt COVID Vaccine Mandate. “More than 100 scientists, nuclear engineers, research technicians, designers, project managers and other employees joined the attempt to block the mandate. Several of the employees are specialists with high security clearance, performing functions from national defense to infrastructure improvements and research on COVID-19.”

I’m sure we can replace them with Chinese PhDs.

I HOPE THEY’LL BE PROSECUTED UNDER THE YOUNGKIN ADMINISTRATION: Loudoun County Superintendent Appears to Admit District Violated State Law by Not Reporting Sexual Assault. “The superintendent of a Virginia school district on Friday appeared to admit the district violated state law in failing to properly report alleged sexual assaults, as a state official confirmed the matter is under review.”

I’d be surprised to see much from Terry McAuliffe, as he’s an old Clinton hand and thus probably has no problem with covering up rape.

PETE BUTTIGIEG ENJOYS SECOND MONTH OF PATERNITY LEAVE AS SUPPLY CHAIN CRISIS WORSENS. “Meanwhile, top toy executive Isaac Larian of MGA Entertainment told Fox News on Thursday that ‘whether the ports are open 24 hours a day or 48 hours a day, you cannot get labor. If you cannot get labor, you cannot get trucks, you cannot get the merchandise out.’ As we noted earlier, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, a point of entry for 40% of all US containerized goods, more than 80 container ships are at anchor and 64 at berths across the twin ports. The backlog doesn’t stop there as it takes well more than a week for entry into the port. Once the containers are unloaded, it takes another week to leave the port to warehouses. Unfortunately for poor families struggling to afford basic needs this year amid horrendous inflation, the US transportation secretary is MIA.”

1, 2, 3, INFINITY: FDA panel recommends J&J COVID-19 booster for all recipients who got first shot.


Here’s an British radio interview with Martin on the Let It Be boxed set, and the three-part, six hours documentary to stream on the Disney+ channel beginning Thanksgiving night:

OLD AND BUSTED: The Hippocratic Oath.

The New Hotness?

In other dispatches from the world of politicized health care:

DISPATCHES FROM VENICE-ZUELA: Squalor By the Seaside. Homelessness and RV fires have overrun Venice Beach, California.

Fires, pollution, and disarray are increasingly common not only in Venice but also around Los Angeles. The city’s 15 councilmembers act as demi-mayors, directing policy and policing in their districts. Mayor Eric Garcetti has seemed missing in action in the two years since his failed presidential attempt, leaving a vacuum to be filled by anarchy and lawlessness.

Garcetti’s legacy of inaction and incompetence has led to blighted living conditions in Los Angeles that are starting to rival those of the Third World. It’s somehow fitting that the city’s failed mayor aspires to be named ambassador of India: he has created conditions in Venice Beach that evoke some of the suffering in that country, along with a modern-day caste of homeless untouchables, exempt from laws and accountability.

Gooder and Harder, California.

THE POWER LINE WEEK IN PICTURES: Shatner > Brandon Edition.

JUST OUT: Ward Farnsworth’s The Socratic Method: A Practitioner’s Handbook. #CommissionEarned Helen read the book and says it has some excellent commentary on using the Socratic Method in today’s politicized world.


But in an interview with the BBC Radio program “Kermode and Mayo,” Michael Caine revealed that he likely won’t be taking on any more roles. He’s 88 years old, after all, and he said not many films look to cast an 88-year-old lead. Caine also gave a few other reasons for retiring from acting, including health problems and focusing on writing.

“Funnily enough, it has turned out to be what is my last part really,” Caine said about”Best Sellers,” his latest film. “Because I haven’t worked for two years, and I have a spine problem which affects my legs so I can’t walk very well.

“And I also wrote a book, a couple of books, which were published and were successful. So I’m now not an actor, I’m a writer,” Michael Caine continued. “Which is lovely, because as an actor you have to get up at half-past six in the morning and go to the studio. As a writer, you start writing without leaving the bed!”

When the interviewer confirmed that Caine was saying this would be his “last picture,” he said, “I think it would be, yeah. There haven’t been any offers honestly for two years, because nobody’s been making any movies I wanna do. Also, you know I’m 88. There’s not exactly scripts pouring out with a leading man that’s 88, you know?”

What will Britain’s cottage industry of professional Michael Caine impersonators do now?

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO LIE ABOUT RAPE: Hoax: No substance to rape allegations against Oklahoma university frat.

YALE LAW SCHOOL TRIGGERS ME: A sign on my desk reads: “I’ll be nicer if you’ll be smarter.” I’m not feeling nice today — and I’m talking to you, Yale.

Plus: “Eldik, who served in the Obama administration, has mastered the art of insinuating in the nicest way possible that if you don’t do what I say, your life is over. Incidents of diversity extortion aren’t rare. We read about them often enough to wonder where it might end.”

It should end with Eldik out of a job.

THREE REASONS MIRACLES AREN’T ALWAYS HOAXES: It’s the latest “What Would You Say” number from the Colson Center. And for those who prefer to read the transcript than watch the five-minute video, the link to the document is included. Now, on your marks, set …. snark! I mean go, with intelligent, reasoned, evidence-based responses. (Put another way, enjoy our freedom of speech while we still can).

DISSENT IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF PATRIOTISM, UNLESS YOU’RE PROTESTING THE ESTABLISHMENT: Students’ mask mandate protest met with locked doors, expletive-ridden emails from university employees.

STEPHANOPOULOS IS TRYING TO CLEAN UP SOME OF THE RUSSIAGATE MESS, IN HIS ROLE AS DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVE: The name’s Steele, Chris Steele: The discredited British spy is set to be interviewed Monday by George Stephanopoulos.

Delicious. Christopher Steele, the single most discredited actor in the entire Trump Russia Collusion Hoax, is set to be interviewed Monday by George Stephanopoulos, the single most pompous of all the brood of lying, self-important talking heads that spent more than four years trashing Donald Trump.

I know that there is stiff competition for that first title. After all, Steele had to beat out James ‘Higher Loyalty’ Comey, liars and confabulators like John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok and James Clapper. But Steele wins, hands down, because his so-called dossier — full of micturating prostitutes and other fantasies — was the stink bomb that really got the Russia Collusion Delusion going.

Remember the dossier is opposition ‘research’, secretly commissioned and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Even James Comey called it ‘salacious’. But that is far too kind. As Mary McCarthy once said of Lillian Hellman, every word of it, including ‘and’ and ‘the’, is a lie: fantasy fed by dubious sources to a credulous Steele.

But, my, how that steaming pile of merde rocketed through the news cycle. All the coolest spies are Brits, and here we had a certified, genuine former MI6 spook disgorging stuff that might have come out of a novel by John le Carré. Remember all that semi-coded language and Steele’s habit of typing people’s names in ALL CAPS because it made the document seem so much more authentic.

Nothing in the Dossier has been confirmed, much has been disproven. Nearly a year after the man our pantywaist elite loves to hate left office, you’d think that they would find some new lies with which to entertain us.

But no. As a preposterous trailer for the Hulu original shows, the are jumping into this nonsense feet first. Emetic talking head after talking head tells us how ‘historic’ the Dossier and the washed-up spook Steele are. But the only thing historic is the level of gumless credulity swallowing any part the this story requires.

Or, to be more honest, deliberate partisan dishonesty needed to sell this obviously bogus story.

AND RIGHTLY SO: Loudoun County Update: Family Of Alleged Rape Victim To Sue School District.

DEAR ATTORNEY GENERAL GARLAND:  The four conservative members of the U.S Commission on Civil Rights (including me) wrote a letter to Garland about his infamous memo:   “We have combed the internet for signs that parents petitioning school boards are anything approaching a national problem. Nearly all of what we have seen so far makes us proud to be Americans: Parents care about the education of their children, and they are not willing to allow them to be indoctrinated into a radical ideology.   It is always possible that a few of these parents have gotten out of hand and made threats that they should not have. If so, law enforcement is entirely appropriate. But is there evidence that local law enforcement is not up to the job? Why is federal intervention needed here and not in the thousands of other unrelated cases of overheated exchanges that occur regularly across the country? Why does this case call for federal intervention? Is it surprising to you that concerned parents across the country view your memorandum as an endorsement of the [National School Boards Association]’s description of their protests as comparable to ‘domestic terrorism’?”

I hope Garland gets thousands of letters.




WRIST, SLAPPED: Marine Who Was Imprisoned for Speaking Against Afghanistan Incompetence Receives Surprise Sentence. “After violating a gag order to speak against the rank incompetence that led to Joe Biden’s deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, Scheller was thrown into the brig pending a hearing. Later, he was hit with multiple charges stemming from his conduct. Now, the court-martial is over, and the results are somewhat surprising. Most thought the judge, Col. Glen Hines, would throw the book at him, as covering for the failures of military leadership has become a common occurrence. Yet, Scheller was given a fairly light sentence, which included a letter of reprimand and a forfeiture of $5,000 pay over the course of a single month. Further, the judge blasted command for the pre-trial detention and for leaking records to try to make the defendant look bad.”

Plus: “This was an attempted rail-roading that was headed off by a clear-minded judge who saw what was happening. That speaks to a deep rot still existent within the military.”

DISPATCHES FROM THE INTERSECTION OF BAD TOUCH BIDEN AND TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE, PART DEUX: ‘I like kids better than people,’ Biden says as hecklers shout ‘F–k Joe Biden.’

We know, Joe. We know.

KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING: It’s real: Youngkin edges ahead of McAuliffe in Virginia race.

DISPATCHES FROM THE INTERSECTION OF BAD TOUCH BIDEN AND TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE, PART ONE: Joe Biden says Chris Dodd — half of the infamous ‘waitress sandwich’ with Ted Kennedy — would never disrespect a waitress.

Last year, voters evidently decided that voting out #OrangeManBad was more important than #metoo:


CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: GOP Congressman Questions Garland’s Ties to Woke Learning Company.

I SELDOM COUNT ON THE FED TO DO ITS JOB, AND I’M SELDOM DISAPPOINTED: Summers: Don’t count on wokeness-obsessed Fed to stop inflation.


It’s time for Pete Buttigieg to truck off down the road from the Department of Transportation — if, that is, he turns up for work again and can find a driver. It’s shameful even by the standards of the federal government for the head of a department to disappear during an emergency. It’s ludicrous for a technocratic Democrat in a technocratic administration.

The smart set are explaining away the supply-chain fiasco as middle-class false consciousness. ‘Most of the economic problems we’re facing (inflation, supply chains, etc.) are high class problems,’ says Ron Klain, Biden’s chief of staff.

That’s right, Ron: if the peasants can’t find vegetables on the shelves, let them eat the rich. Because only the rich worry about commodity prices rising faster than at any time since 2008. Only the rich notice when the price of gasoline, vegetables and baby formula rises and rises. And only the rich — or at least the expensively-educated, which tends to mean the same thing these days — are literate enough to worry about the increasingly probable knock-on effect on inflation.

Everything’s fine though: Jen Psaki Defends Rising Prices: ‘Good Thing’ Because it Means ‘More People are Buying Goods.’

Welcome Back, Carter (and LBJ). As Amity Shlaes wrote in her 2019 book, Great Society, “What the 1960s experiment and its 1970s results suggest is that social democratic compromise comes close enough to socialism to cause economic tragedy…In the pain of the 1970s and early 1980s, many Americans came to recognize that the ultimate executive-led expert-driven social project of the 1960s, the White House application of Keynesian economic doctrine, was also the ultimate domestic failure. In retrospect, citizens finally saw Keynesianism for what it was, mere window dressing for political expedience. The popular expression of these new insights was the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan.”

This administration has of course, forgotten those lessons: Milton Friedman’s Revenge.

Related: Buttigieg Pressed by Fox News Anchor Over Supply Chain Chaos: Not surprisingly for somebody with apparently zero experience in the transportation sector being tapped by Biden, “Buttigieg seemed as or more interested in discussing the “comprehensive infrastructure bill” in Congress, health care, weather patterns, and child care than the two vital ports he admitted represent 40 percent of the country’s incoming container traffic.

BRETIGNE SHAFFER: Change in the Weather: “I don’t celebrate anything that the Federal government, or the government of California, has done over these past two years. Their actions have been devastating to millions of people’s lives, and literally deadly for millions of others. Much of what they have done is criminal, and I in no way endorse any of it. But there is a silver lining, and it is this: These governments, and many more around the world, have taken a torch to their own credibility, to their own legitimacy.”

October 15, 2021

OPEN THREAD: Step on to the astroturf, get yourself a koozie let’s go. You can climb the ladder, just don’t rock the boat while I barbecue.

WEIRDLY, I MISSED THIS: Former South Philly Judge of Elections Charged in Massive 4-Year Voter Fraud Scheme. “Since the 2020 presidential election, Democrats have demonized Republicans who raise concerns about election integrity. But a new report Wednesday said a staffer of one Philadelphia politician had been engaging in voter fraud as far back as 2015. According to Philadelphia magazine, Marie Beren, 67, faces federal charges for participating in a voter fraud scheme from 2015-2019. The outlet said Beren faces four charges related to voter fraud, one of which is conspiracy.”

Surely it was all over the news.

I BLAME CHINESE HACKERS: Surprise Russian Thruster Firing Prompts Space Station Emergency. “The Russian space agency said in a statement on its website that the crew and station were never in any danger. But it was the second such emergency on the station since July, when an unexpected firing of thrusters on a new Russian module briefly inverted the outpost.”

BETTER PUT UP MY UMBRELLA: Meteorite crash-lands in woman’s bed in Canada. “You’re sound asleep, safe, you think, in your bed, and you can get taken out by a meteorite, apparently.”

As my grandmother used to say, no safety this side of the grave.

LET’S GO BRANDON! Why we need it now:

In the spirit of Dave Chapelle cutting through the cant, defying his LGBTQMYNAMEISLEGION critics, Brandon zeroes in on the truth. The phony media spin on that NASCAR chant is exactly, exquisitely our current moment. It nails the vast, yawning gap that separates the Bidenist fantasy world from the real one we’re living in.

As prices shoot up and store shelves empty, half of Haiti somehow appears on the Rio Grande, and China prepares its next war of conquest, our elite fritters and squanders America’s legacy. People who’ve been triple-vaccinated cower in fear of those of us who won’t take it—wait, shouldn’t they be the ones feeling safe? But cower they will, and I say we should pretend to sneeze on such people. Maybe those groundhogs will go back into their homes for another six months.


THE ARLINGTON TEXAS GUITAR SHOW RETURNS THIS WEEKEND: “From 10am to 5pm Sat-Sun, one of the country’s leading guitar shows — GuitArlington — will be returning to the Arlington Convention Center, which will be its permanent home for future events. Suppose you have guitars, amplifiers, effects, guitars, parts, or other musical items to sell or trade. In that case, you are allowed to bring anything you can carry into the show at no extra charge for potential buyers/dealers to check out. Masks may be required, so please bring one. Tickets are $20 per person at AmigoGuitarShows.com.”

Here’s my wrap-up of the 2016 show, and a video I shot at the 2007 Arlington guitar show:

INFINITE BOOST: FDA advisory panel to consider Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 booster dose.

Poor J&J. Any other time this vaccine would have been a world-beating triumph, but this time it’s been an also-ran, and now it’s losing its major selling point, one-and-done dosing.

IN FRANCE, ACTIVISTS FOR WESTERN CIVILIZATION: “A polarising figure who has made a TV and writing career testing the boundaries of political correctness, [Eric] Zemmour accuses the political class of allowing a steady erosion of traditional Christian values and national identity in France. Born in Paris to Jewish Algerians who emigrated to metropolitan France in the 1950s, Zemmour points to himself as an example of how France once successfully assimilated its migrant population. Now, he says, waves of immigrants have been allowed to loathe France and push back against its core values.”

Plus, from the comments: “Is Zemmour wrong? Doesn’t seem that way from where I sit, but I’m not sitting in Paris or anywhere else in France. The French young people think he’s right and that’s important. The first step in fixing anything is admitting that there is a problem, so if he’s right, then he’s doing his country an enormous service.”

Also: “Shorter Reuters: It’s now ‘right-wing’ to want to protect your country.” Well, when it’s left-wing to want to destroy it . . .

FIRE THEM AND BRING IN NEW EMPLOYEES: Netflix Dealing with ‘Unprecedented’ Internal Revolt as Employees Threaten Walkout over Dave Chappelle.

The other co-CEO, Reed Hastings, wrote on a company message board, “We will continue to work with Dave Chappelle in the future. We see him as a unique voice, but can understand if you or others never want to watch his shows.”

No doubt Netflix would prefer the employee unrest simply goes away, but it would be wiser to state clearly that it won’t be bullied by mobs, even internal ones.


UPDATE: Netflix fires trans activist who organized walkout over Dave Chappelle special.

The employee was terminated on suspicion of leaking metrics to the press related to the Dave Chappelle special. Those metrics — about how much Netflix paid for The Closer and how many people it reached — subsequently ended up in a report on Bloomberg. While the employee had shared the metrics internally, they spoke out against the leaks to colleagues, worried they might hurt the walkout movement.

The leaking of internal data is highly unusual at Netflix. While the company prides itself on transparency, employees are told that the culture can only thrive when Netflix data remains internal.

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed the employees’ dismissal. “We have let go of an employee for sharing confidential, commercially sensitive information outside the company,” they said. “We understand this employee may have been motivated by disappointment and hurt with Netflix, but maintaining a culture of trust and transparency is core to our company.”

Instapundit gets results!

(Updated and bumped.)

THERE’S LOTS OF ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: Elon Musk says Starlink will provide faster internet speeds on airlines.

My Starlink service continues to be unspectacularly trouble-free, excellent speeds up and down and virtually no downtime.

NOW SHE NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES: Loudoun County School Board Member Resigns Following Daily Wire Investigation. “Beth Barts, a far-left member of the Loudoun County School Board, has resigned from her position. . . . Barts’ resignation comes amidst criticism of the Loudoun County School system, and a recent Daily Wire report that the superintendent of the school district misled the public when he claimed at a June 22 meeting that, to his knowledge, there were no records of assaults in school bathrooms.”

She currently faces a special prosecutor over her efforts to organize harassment of parents criticizing the Board.

YES: The Real ‘High Class Problem’ Is How Out Of Touch The ‘High Class’ Is From Everyone Else.

The truth is that this tweet is not some explosive new insight into what the Democrats in charge think about the economic catastrophe lawmakers have created. They remind you every day how little they think of the plight they’ve put you in. They’ve been reinforcing the hierarchy for as long as COVID-19 has been a thought in our minds.

Klain’s “high class problems” attitude is basically a repeat of the Mayor Lori Lightfoot scandal in April 2020. All the Chicago Democrat’s constituents were under a strict stay-at-home order. But even after posting a cringey “Stay home, save lives” PSA video — complete with the line that “getting your roots done is not essential” — Lightfoot sneaked off to get a trim.

It got worse. After she was caught, she defended her haircut by saying she was an exception to the rule because she needs to look good on television.

“I’m the public face of this city. I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye,” she said at a press conference with real Ron Klain energy.

Or take an example from our president just this week. After ordering health-care providers, full-time federal workers, government contractors, and private companies with 100 employees or more (the latter of which is still just a toothless press release, by the way) to get injected or potentially lose their jobs, Biden had the audacity to say that vaccine mandates shouldn’t be divisive.

When the people in charge of fixing problems are immune from the problems themselves or from the costs of the solutions, they aren’t exactly incentivized to get it right.

Or even to demonstrate some basic decency.

WELL, THAT WILL RUIN YOUR SLEEP: A meteorite landed inches away from a Canadian woman’s pillow as she slept.

AMNESTY BECAME A JOKE LONG AGO, BUT THIS IS SPECIAL EVEN FOR THEM: Amnesty International: Allowing New Yorkers to Carry Firearms Would Violate International Law.

An idiotic argument, and at any rate, international law, such as it is, is trumped by the Constitution.


Plus: “However much contempt you harbor for these media corporations — and I know it’s a lot — it’s still not enough. They deserve more. No institution does more damage to political and cultural life than employees of media corporations.”

THE NEW DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVENESS LOOK AN AWFUL LOT LIKE THE OLD CONFORMITY: Teaching while pro-Trump: Educator in training alleges political views led to his firing.

MAKE UP YOUR MINDS: Aspirin has long been prescribed to prevent heart attacks. Now experts say it shouldn’t.

JIM TREACHER: Whew, Occupying Government Buildings Is Good Again. “It’s different when we do it:”

So we’re back to this being a legitimate form of protest now? Huh.

Ellie Silverman, WaPo:

Climate protesters attempted to occupy the Department of the Interior on Thursday, with dozens holding a sit-in inside as those remaining outside clashed with the police who were blocking the entrance.

Protesters and security personnel were injured as climate activists crowded an entrance to the Stewart Lee Udall Main Interior Building on C St NW. Melissa Schwartz, a department spokesperson, said in a statement that security personnel sustained “multiple injuries,” and one officer was transported to a hospital.

Yeah, but it was for a good cause. Everybody knows the weather is going to kill us all, so it’s okay to break into a government building and hurt people. That’s only bad when the rioters are wearing MAGA hats.

Via the great @MidnightMitch:

I look forward to Brian Stelter defending the climate protestors’ moral imperative to riot because the earth is coming to end in [12 months, five years/ten years/insert preferred time period here], in between tweets promoting binge-travel such as this:


GOOD: Monitoring glucose levels, no needles required.

FLASHBACK: Biden blamed food shortages under Trump in 2020 on ‘lack of leadership.’

J.D. VANCE: Stop Treating Left-Wing Advocacy Groups Like Charities.

HOW’S THAT SPACE PROGRAM COMING ALONG? NASA, ULA pursue precision launch for Lucy asteroid mission.


More from Jeff Dunetz: DHS Tells Court Remain In Mexico Policy Will Be Back In November (If Mexico Agrees).

STACEY LENNOX: Joe Rogan’s Dust-Up With CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Exposes the Narrative. “After Rogan’s video went viral, the corporate and left-wing media led with stories about Rogan taking “horse dewormer,” mocking and denigrating him. The narrative—that COVID-19 is deadly with few available treatments—demands it. Networks also hate Rogan, who draws more eyes and ears than any cable news host.”

DON’T OVERDO IT: Too much fish oil may increase A-fib risk, another study says.

XI’S GOTTA HAVE IT! Koran and Bible apps removed from Chinese Apple Store. “Apple has come under criticism for its relationship with China, as company suppliers have been accused of relying on forced Uyghur Muslim workers. The App Store has also removed apps from the Chinese App Store that deal with topics deemed off-limits by Chinese authorities. These include the Dalai Lama, Tiananmen Square, the religious group Falun Gong, and Tibet.”

IS A LIBEL SUIT NEXT? This is fake news: Joe Rogan gets CNN’s chief medical correspondent to admit CNN lied about ivermectin.

CNN claimed this year that talk show host Joe Rogan injected himself with horse dewormer after he contracted the coronavirus.

It was a lie. Not a misstatement or an exaggeration, but an outright lie. Rogan did no such thing. Rather, he took the human version of ivermectin, as prescribed by his doctor.

It’s a perfectly normal and safe drug taken by literally billions of people. Yet night after night, CNN told its viewers Rogan had swallowed livestock paste.

This week, Rogan had a chance to confront CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta over the cable network’s dishonest reporting. Gupta admitted eventually in the interview that, yeah, CNN clearly said things that were not true.

It’s time to rethink libel law. The New York Times v. Sullivan regime was the product of a time when people trusted the press to be reasonably professional. That time is ancient history now.

WELCOME BACK, CARTER: Dollar Tree Loses its 35 Year War with Inflation.

COVER UP: Loudon County Schools Failed to Report Multiple Rapes Over Years.


Rogan continued to ask why the network would lie about a Nobel prize-winning drug that had cured blindness due to a parasitic infection in millions of people, suggesting it was only used in animals. Rogan asked, “Does it bother you the news network you work for out and out lied? Just outright lied about me taking horse dewormer?” Gupta responded, “They shouldn’t have said that.”

That’s what Gupta told Rogan while in his studio. The following day, however: CNN’s Effort to Clean up the Gupta Train Wreck Interview Proves Joe Rogan’s Point:

CNN’s [Don Lemon]: “It is not a lie to say that [Ivermectin] is used as a horse de-wormer. I think that’s important. And it is not approved for Covid.”

[Gupta]: “Correct … If you look at the data, there is no evidence that it really works [against Covid].”

This is CNN. “But that’s the problem with CNN in a nutshell, and it’s the point that Rogan was making,” Red State’s Nick Arama writes. “They don’t care about the truth; it’s all about narrative.”

“INEXCUSABLE”: Judge holds DC jail officials in contempt in 1/6 riot case.

In a case involving a Jan. 6 Capitol riot defendant, a federal judge held the District of Columbia’s corrections director and jail warden in contempt of court Wednesday and asked the Justice Department to investigate whether inmates’ civil rights are being abused.

U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth had summoned the jail officials as part of the criminal case into Christopher Worrell, a member of the Proud Boys who has been charged in the Jan. 6 attack. Capitol. He has been accused of attacking police officers with a pepper spray gel and prosecutors have alleged he traveled to Washington and coordinated with Proud Boys leading up to the siege.

“It’s clear to me the civil rights of the defendant were violated by the D.C. Department of Corrections,” Lamberth said. “I don’t know if it’s because he’s a January 6 defendant or not.”

Yes, yes it is.

DID THE BIG GUY GET HIS TEN PERCENT? Biden Bought Enough COVID Vaccines to Jab All American Kids…Who Don’t Need Them.

IT’S LESS ABOUT THE MONEY THAN ABOUT THE POWER AND CONTROL: What’s really inside Biden’s massive spending bill? A whole lotta pain.

Illegal aliens will be having a field day. Not only will they continue to be allowed to flood into the country largely unimpeded thanks to the Biden border crisis, but they will be immediately eligible for free college enrollment, student loans, and the child tax credit, effectively giving them a permanent guaranteed basic income.

$8 billion will go to create an army of federally funded “climate police” called the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC). They will be able to drop a dime on anyone who has an unacceptably large “carbon footprint” and direct federal attention toward them. Make sure you already have an electric car or there may be someone knocking on your door.

There’s $643 million for the procurement of “culturally appropriate foods” for school lunches. As I’ve written about here repeatedly, no race or cultural group holds the license for any style of food, but apparently, the concept will be twisted to suit whatever the social justice agenda item of the week is. So does this mean that schools with a heavy Hispanic population will be assured of “taco Tuesday?” Oh my. That’s not offensive at all, is it?

Read the whole thing.

AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: NFL Removes All Coaches, Players, Fans Who Have Ever Said A Bad Word, Only Tim Tebow Remains.

HYPOCRISY: Students clamor for stricter COVID restrictions while partying without masks.

SKYNET SMILES: Oh Great, They’re Putting Guns On Robodogs Now.

FIRST THE PILOTS, NOW THIS: TSA Says Only 60 Percent of Employees Are Vaccinated in Advance of Deadline.

ACCOUNTABILITY: AZ lawmakers threaten to pull ASU funding following viral video. “State lawmakers condemned the viral harassment of two conservative Arizona State University students. The lawmakers said the incident ‘begs the question of why Arizonans are being forced to spend tens, potentially hundreds, of millions of their hard-earned tax dollars’ on the university’s ‘multicultural’ space.”


TURNS OUT, MILTON FRIEDMAN IS IN CHARGE AFTER ALL: Welcome back to ‘70s-style stagflation misery, thanks to Uncle Joe.

THAT’S PRESIDENT KLAIN TO YOU: White House Advisor Ron Klain Thinks Inflation and Shortages Are ‘High-Class’ Problems.

WANT TO KNOW WHY CRIME IS SPIKING: Discovery Institute’s Wealth and Poverty Review picks up a piece from The Federalist to examine the role of Leftist prosecutors who decline to prosecute criminals, thus denying justice to victims and encouraging chaos. The “reimagining criminal justice” disaster that is Seattle could be coming soon to your town.

THINGS THAT ARE BEYOND-THE-PALE ASSAULTS ON DEMOCRACY WHEN REPUBLICANS DO THEM ARE “JUST POLITICS” AND “PART OF THE PROCESS” WHEN DEMOCRATS DO THEM: Terry McAuliffe’s Election Trutherism Shouldn’t Be Excused. “Democrats profess to be alarmed at attacks on the legitimacy of elections. They feign horror at anyone who wants to investigate election integrity. If they really believe this, they sure do have a funny way of showing it.”

Spoiler: They don’t really believe that. And “respectable” Republicans shouldn’t pretend that they do.

DON’T GET COCKY: Behind Democrats’ Disarray: They Know They Are Doomed. “The implications of this in the Presidential race were obscured by the fact that the numbers showed Biden won. But they were keenly felt in the Senate races, where Democrats lost races in Iowa and North Carolina where they believed they were favored, and their candidates did worse than Biden even where he won, such as in Michigan and Maine. The result at the time was to leave the Senate at 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats, a situation transformed by the victory of Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock against a dysfunctional Georgia GOP in January 2021. Nonetheless, it was ominous and it set the tone for Democratic behavior in 2021.”

They sure aren’t acting like their man at the top of the ticket got 81 million votes.

WELCOME BACK, CARTER: High Inflation Is Here To Stay.

I’m hoping this is another “Death of Equities” headline, but considering how long inflation lingered until Paul Volcker came along at the tail-end of the Carter era, the author could well be right.

JULIE BURCHILL: How James Bond became the prisoner of woke.

‘The Prisoner’s status as a “resigned” spy was a coded renunciation of the whole Bond ethic’, according to my husband, a Prisoner fanatic. How strange that things have come full circle. ‘I am not a number – I am a free man!’, [Patrick] McGoohan’s hero repeatedly protests. But Bond is a number, and not a free man, and has been passed seamlessly from one master to another. He can check out, but he can never leave; now, he is a prisoner of woke. Over the years, Bond has mutated from an ice-cold killing machine to ‘a wounded animal’, according to the director of the new one; now even 007 wants a medal in the Victim Olympics.

Read the whole thing.

ADVICE FOR YALE LAW SCHOOL: “Sorry, but if you’re triggered by the Federalist Society, you don’t belong on a law school campus. … These students may be among the best and brightest, but they also need to do some growing up.”

That’s doubly true if you’re a law school administrator like Ellen Cosgrove and Yaseen Eldik.

Related: David Lat: The Latest (Ridiculous) Controversy At Yale Law School.

Yes, it’s true that no official investigation was initiated or disciplinary action taken—despite calls from some offended students for such steps. Yes, it’s true that Eldik and Cosgrove (eventually) told the sender that none of this would be reported to the bar.

But again, listen for yourself, to the entire recording. Pay attention to the tone, the implications, and the insinuations. Eldik and Cosgrove speak carefully, in a way that gives them plausible deniability (and makes YLS’s artfully worded statement literally true). The overall effect a listener is left with, however, is that the email sender is in trouble with the administration, his misdeeds could have career consequences for him—and if he knows what’s best for him, he’ll apologize.

The sender never did apologize—good for him, since he had nothing to apologize for.

Dean Heather Gerken, along with Cosgrove and Eldik, needs to apologize to this student, to the Federalist Society, and to the legal community at large for this childish-yet-thuggish behavior.

Meanwhile at Slate it’s a variation on the old “Republicans Pounce!” take: Yale Law School’s Free Speech Blunder Bolsters the Federalist Society’s Victim Mentality.

It wasn’t a “blunder,” it was oppressive conduct. And if you’re worried about the Federalist Society looking like a victim, maybe don’t leap at any opportunity to victimize them.

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Biden down to 36%, ‘sinking like the Titanic.’

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