November 22, 2020

NEW ELITE PRESSURE TO SAVE PARIS AGREEMENT: Capital Research Center’s (CRC) Robert Stilson pulls back the curtains on BankFWD, a new effort among rich donors on the Left “to pressure major banks to commit to phasing out financing for (and investment in) oil and gas companies unless those companies have a ‘credible strategy to transition in line with limiting global warming to 1.5° [Celsius].'”

Just in case you don’t know, Stilson explains, “that is the aspirational global warming cap envisioned in the Paris Agreement. It’s worth noting that few countries ‘have come anywhere close to meeting the Agreement’s goals.’”

If you worry about freezing to death in the first winter after the oil and gas industry is finally throttled into its grave, don’t, as we can all be assured that we’ll get a couple of hours of warmth each day from all those solar panels and wind turbines.

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