October 30, 2016

LOAD OF MANURE DUMPED AT DEMOCRAT OHIO HQ: Second time it’s happened. This time a camera caught the perp in the act. Good. Arrest him/her and prosecute him/her. And speaking of cameras, James O’Keefe caught a violent political thug on camera, too. The arrogant thug, thinking himself immune from media and law enforcement scrutiny, admitted to his crookedness. Heck, he was proud of it. See, he was damaging Republicans. Hah hah hah. It appears the Ohio manure crime is an in-state crime. O’Keefe’s videos indicate the big time Dem thug’s crimes were inter-state. The inter-state political thug is Democrat operative Robert Creamer. Creamer should also be investigated, arrested and prosecuted. By the FBI.

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