August 5, 2016

ISIS CAPTURES 3,000 IRAQI CIVILIANS: The article uses the term “human shields.” That’s the hideous tactic ISIS is employing. I’ve written about it several times — here’s an essay from early June. This StrategyPage report from November 2015 includes a gruesome example where Islamic State fighters were

…putting hundreds of Shia (Arabs) into steel cages and moving them around by truck to where an air strike was anticipated. ISIL put pictures of these caged human shields and in general dared the United States to hit a target protected by caged Shia. In the past the American ROE and ISIL use of human shields meant that the most important ISIL facilities were untouched by the bombing campaign. It also meant that numerous trucks carrying material for ISIL (like oil for export) were untouched lest a civilian driver be killed…

ROE = Rules of Engagement. The StrategyPage post provides a clear, detailed explanation.

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