July 18, 2019

WERE HILL DEMS (MAYBE SOME REPS, TOO) BEING BLACKMAILED? By Imran Awan, the former House IT aide who worked for a fifth of the Democratic House Caucus and used his position to hack Congress, the Democratic National Committee and who knows what else?

Luke Rosiak, the investigative reporter who broke the Awan scandal, tells The Epoch Times he is convinced that Awan blackmailed Members of Congress before his arrest and may yet be blackmailing it today. But House Democrats don’t want to talk about it? Guess what, neither does former Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who looked the other way for months despite abundant evidence of what was going on under his nose.

Listen to Rosiak lay it out in stark, documented detail and you will find yourself nodding agreement with him that this is the biggest scandal in the entire history of Congress. It is an extraordinary story and Rosiak is the only Washington journalist who cared enough to dig out the details. It’s all in his book, too — “Obstruction of Justice.”


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