August 14, 2019

HOW LONG BEFORE THIS FAMOUS PROFESSOR IS RUN OUT OF YALE? David Gelernter is a legend at Yale University and deservedly so, as he is, among much else, the author or co-author of many computing tools in wide use around the world. But he recently committed the unpardonable sin of doubting the efficacy of parts of contemporary Darwinism.

The Hoover Institution’s Peter Robinson sat down with Gelernter and two  colleagues whose works had huge impacts on his own thinking on the issue. It’s a longish video at 53 minutes, but Robinson is a superb interviewer and the discussion is by turns, fascinating, puzzling and enlightening. In other words, just the kind of thing to get you blacklisted in academia these days.

Related (From Ed): Famed Yale computer science professor quits believing Darwin’s theories, The College Fix adds.

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