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January 17, 2006


It’s another InstaPundit / Dr. Helen podcast, featuring ex-Wonkette Ana Marie Cox, who talks about her new novel Dog Days, Nick Denton’s eccentric management style, how blogging actually helps with book-writing (I agree) and the role of women in the blogosphere — a subject on which she and Helen are not in agreement.

Also, controversial musician Todd Steed, who discusses his song “TennCare Buzz” — possibly the most controversial rock and roll song about prescription drug policy ever recorded. (No, Kurt Cobain’s “Lithium” doesn’t count.) He also talks about his new CD, Heart Break and Duct Tape, as well as death, rock and roll, bands that won’t play “Freebird” any more, and the lasting consequences of high school — plus the joys of having a home studio. (More of his music is online here). Todd’s segment begins at about 20:30.


You can hear the podcast directly (no iPod needed!) by clicking here. It’s also available through iTunes, or you can subscribe to the RSS feed to the right.

Hope you like it! As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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