October 9, 2019

FUNDING, DECEPTIVE TACTICS BEHIND LOCAL ‘EQUITY’ CAMPAIGNS EXPOSED: Taxpayers in dozens of cities and counties across the country have been victimized in recent years by local elected officials and bureaucrats who fell for a radical left con job carried out behind the guise of ensuring “racial equity.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation’s (DCNF) Luke Rosiak — who previously exposed the Democrats’ shameful Imran Awan scandal in Congress — dug into the documents and came back with a huge pile of damning details about the deceptive campaign being carried out repeatedly across the country by an interlocking directorate of radical left groups, much of it with funding from George Soros.

Using Fairfax County, Va., as an illustration of how it works, Rosiak explains:

“The [equity] policy required every other county policy to be drafted through the ‘lens’ of racial ‘equity’ in order to do away with differences in wealth and achievement throughout the 1.2 million-person county.

“The policy is seven pages long and uses the words ‘race’ 12 times and ‘equity’ 24 times. ‘One Fairfax’ can only be realized with an intentional racial and social equity policy at its core for all publicly delivered services. A racial and social equity policy provides both the direction and means to eliminate disparities,’ it said.

“After economic and academic arguments attributed to a university led to a vague policy, the complexity of the network of interconnected groups allowed those to be subtly switched with activism when it came time to telling the county what this equity policy should actually mean in practice.”

It’s all based on far left ideology and junk science economics. As Glenn says, this is one you’ll want to “just keep scrolling” on today.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I hired Rosiak for the investigative reporting teams I assembled at the Washington Examiner and the DCNF. As editors and reporters sometimes do, we had some rough spots, but Luke is one of the finest – and unfortunately least heralded – investigative reporters in America.

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