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January 11, 2006

evaninterview.jpgIT’S ANOTHER PODCAST: We were going to run this later, but with the American Film Renaissance happening this weekend, we decided to go ahead and post this new podcast interview with independent documentarians Evan Coyne Maloney and Stuart Browning of On the Fence Films, talking about looking for the Men’s Center on campus, how technology is changing the documentary-film business (and maybe reducing its leftward tilt), and the difference between Canadian hopitals and Canadian veterinarians. They’ve got two films coming out soon: Indoctrinate U., about politics on campus, and Dead Meat, about the Canadian healthcare system, both of which you can read about by following the link.

You can listen to the interview by clicking here, and it’s also available via iTunes or the InstaPundit RSS 2.0 feed. I think you’ll also find the interview audio better on this episode than on the previous one. (The producer, as always, is soliciting comments.) And check out Evan’s blog, too.


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