April 30, 2002

DESMOND TUTU UPDATE: Alex Bensky writes from Detroit:

Desmond Tutu was here some years ago. His speech was abundantly and fawningly covered by the local media. A substantial portion of it was the usual Israel-bashing, which I’m sorry to say went down well with the mostly black audience.

At the press conference following the speech a reporter did something quite outrageous and asked Tutu a hard question, namely why he was holding the Israelis to such a high standard. His response was that, “We expect more from the Jews because they have been opporessed.”

I did not notice, then or later, that he asked higher standards of his own people, even though Bishop Tutu’s stock in trade is that he represents oppressed people. I can’t imagine why he would take this approach.

Ah yes, the moral superiority that comes from oppression. It has not been empirically demonstrated, in South Africa or elsewhere.

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