November 30, 2020

THE NOT-SO-SOFT BIGOTRY OF THE ANTI-RACISM GRIFT: Black Fragility? Coleman Hughes exposes the absurd premises of Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility, starting with the assumption that all whites in America are racists at birth — the progressives’ version of Original Sin, which can be expiated only through the rituals of the woke church. (She’ll officiate — for a fee.)  That’s bad enough, but her view of blacks is even worse.

The second unstated assumption in White Fragility—and this is where the book borders on actual racism—is that black people are emotionally immature and essentially child-like. Blacks, as portrayed in DiAngelo’s writing, can neither be expected to show maturity during disagreement nor to exercise emotional self-control of any kind. The hidden premise of the book is that blacks, not whites, are too fragile.

Read the whole thing (the essay, not the book).


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