October 20, 2004

JEFF JARVIS NOMINATES ME for President. If elected, I promise to nominate Eugene Volokh for the Supreme Court.

UPDATE: Reader Steven Wells emails:

I'm glad to hear that you would nominate Eugene Volokh to the Supreme Court if elected. I think he would do a better job than either of the nominees of the two major parties. Would you consider, though, Randy Barnett? I think his new book Restoring the Lost Constitution shows considerable promise for Mr. Barnett as a Supreme Court justice.

I like Randy as an Associate Justice, but I see Eugene as a better candidate for Chief -- he's more of a consensus builder. Meanwhile, several readers wonder if I can deliver the necessary Senate votes. My response is simple -- in the face of the massive political breakdown needed to elect me to, well, any elective office at all, who knows? Anything's possible!

MORE: Okay, this email is a bit scary:

I actually think I'm going to write you in for President. As I look at the Republican party, it just doesn't look like me anymore. And the Democrats are even farther away. I consider myself fiscally conservative, socially libertarian (a practical, not loony one), and a hawk on the war on terror, and I worry that there is no one to represent my interests. We desperately need a party that represent these views at a national and local level. So, Glenn, I'm asking for your permission to write you in. I think with your following we can actually effect a small, but real change. If we didn't believe this were the best path, we wouldn't believe it at all. I'll leave you with:

If not you, who? If not now, when? Stand up and unite us all of shared mind and principle.

When it comes to writing me in, I think the appropriate quote is "This calls for a really stupid, futile gesture. . . ." Sorry, but this election we're stuck with the choices we've got, and denial isn't an option. Even though I agree with the non-me-related part of the passage above.

ANOTHER UPDATE: What about this ticket? I'll run on both of 'em. (Reminder via Jay Solo).