September 20, 2019

AIDE WHO CARRIED NUCLEAR FOOTBALL WARNS TRUMP ABOUT ‘CIVIL SERVANTS,’ ‘OBAMA HOLDOVERS: Former presidential military aide Buzz Patterson carried the bag with the big red button for President Bill Clinton for three years. He lived and worked in the White House throughout those years and when everybody else left for the day, he was the guy who screened incoming calls from all over the world.

Patterson told The Epoch Times’ Patrick Howley President Donald Trump should be especially wary of two classes of officials around him: “There are a lot of Obama holdovers who are still working in the State Department, White House, Pentagon. They’re not happy their team didn’t work. I was a commander for civil service people in 20 years.

“It is really hard to root out civil servants. Hard to root out people who are counter-productive. I think Trump has a lot of people still that don’t want him to last, or be successful in 2020. That’s how DC works,” Patterson said. As Glenn says, read the whole thing.

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