November 12, 2017


A few photos from StrategyPage’s military photo gallery, some sobering, some entertaining, all showing US personnel doing their duty. Photos date from 2004 to 2017.

A Marine vacation in Djibouti, 2012. (OK, it’s not a vacation.)

Army reservist in a night fire exercise, 2013.

An Army Green Beret salute at altitude, 2015.

An area recon mission aboard an M1A1 Abrams in Iraq, 2004.

Marines stop a suicide truck bomber near Iraq-Syria border, 2006. (Fine photo.)

A Navy carrier group in the Pacific sends a message, 2017.

Navy sailors man a 25mm Bushmaster, 2014.

Marines and sailors aboard a USAF C-17, enroute to Afghanistan, 2012.

USAF F-15E refueling at night over Afghanistan, 2011. (A tricky operation — and a fine photo that gives you sense of just how intricate an operation it is.)

USAF combat rescue airmen in Afghanistan prepare to land their HH-60G Pave Hawk, 2010.

US Coast Guard cutter interdicts a drug smuggling semi-submersible, 2015. (This photo tells the story.)

One of our favorites: USAF bomber trifecta over Guam, 2016. Like the USN carrier strike group photo, it’s a message.

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