May 22, 2010

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN: The rest of Europe began the 20th century unsure of how to handle its powerful German-speaking center. It’s starting the second decade of the 21st century with much the same unease, as Victor Davis Hanson writes from Munich.

(Related thoughts from Theodore Dalrymple here.)

UPDATE: “The euro has many flaws, but its weakest link is Greece, whose fundamental problem is that for years it spent too much, earned too little and plugged the gap by borrowing in order to enjoy a rich man’s lifestyle. It flouted EU rules on the limits to budget deficits; its national accounts were a moussaka of minced statistics, topped with a cheesy sauce of jiggery-pokery.”

Mmmm, moussaka…

MORE: Hitler posters in 21st century Italy? Hey, everything old in Europe really is new again.

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