May 20, 2010

EVERYBODY 404 MOHAMMED DAY: Michael Totten noted at the start of the day that Pakistan placed itself under a firewall today, blocking access to Facebook and YouTube, in anticipation of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” Perhaps they needn’t have bothered, since, as a reader just emailed, Facebook appears to have pulled the page that was to disseminate the various Motoons. Here’s the Google cache of the page, the cached version of which is still online as of the time of this blog post:

Here’s where clicking on the URL in that cache takes you.

Meanwhile, at Reason, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe. C’est Muhammad.”

UPDATE: Much more from Allahpundit, appropriately enough.

UPDATE: Iowahawk, “one of Eastern Iowa’s top 500 political satire bloggers,”  sits this one out:

As a responsible humorist I will not, indeed cannot, sanction this disgusting and nihilistic ‘Draw M*******’ (PBUH) sideshow. Yes, we still have Freedom of Speech in this country. But there comes a time when a man must look deep inside himself and muster the courage to exercise his Freedom of Not Speech. And if having that courage also means not having his house firebombed, hey, win-win!

To coin a couple of phrases, heh. But still, read the whole thing.™

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