May 20, 2010

KENNEDY’S CAMELOT MYTH IS IRRESISTIBLE, Noemie Emery writes at the Washington Examiner:

A few weeks ago, our colleague Gene Healy asked for an end to the Camelot movies, a noble idea that is not going to happen. The story and themes are simply too powerful, the characters too eternal and too enigmatic, the appeal too universal to fade.

It’s also worth flashing back to the origins of the Camelot brand-name, and how it has influenced history’s view of Kennedy’s all-too-brief administration. That’s a topic that James Piereson explores as part of his magnum-opus 2006 article “Lee Harvey Oswald and the Liberal Crack-Up” in Commentary, which later served as the central thesis of his book Camelot and the Cultural Revolution, the following year.
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