May 3, 2010

AT AMAZON, markdowns on software.

UPDATE: Reader Ric Manhard writes:

I clicked through on your Amazon link to software just now and my jaw almost hit the floor. Earlier *today* i was talking with a friend about image editing software and I told him that what I was using to work up the images he wanted was Photoshop Elements. And I also blithely said that it was “about $50-60.” Just after he left, I looked online (Amazon & Costco) to see that it was $75 or $80 (respectively). I was abashed that I was off by that much.

That being as it is, I logged on this evening and clicked your link on software discounts and what’s the *very first* thing in the list? So I get to Photoshop Elements at, basically, just the price I said. I ascribe it to the Power of The InstaPundit!

Glad to help!

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