April 30, 2010

HE KNOWS IF JEW’VE BEEN BAD OR GOOD: Mearsheimer makes a list.

UPDATE: Noah Pollak emails a followup:

Imagine, as a thought experiment, if a white American professor gave a speech to an organization in Washington and listed, by name, “good blacks” and “bad blacks” — and added that the bad blacks aren’t just wrong, but are blindly loyal to a foreign country. That professor would be out of a job in about five minutes. Mearsheimer will get away with this.

The limit of acceptable anti-semitism has been climbing for a while, and it’s been kicked up a few notches under the current regime.

UPDATE: More on Mearsheimer. “Mearsheimer, ironically, has become the mirror image of the stereotypical pro-lsrael ‘lobbyist’ he decries. One-sided, obsessed with Israel-bashing, willing to sacrifice scholarly standards and honesty to promote his political agenda, and willfully blind to the faults of the side he supports.”

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