April 21, 2010

BLACKOUT: Police chase reporters away from covering protest outside White House. “Exit question: On a scale of one to 10, where would this rate on the Crushing-of-Dissent-o-meter if it had happened under Bush? (Exit answer: Eight!)”

Related: Park Police, Secret Service give contradictory accounts of why Lafayette Park was ”closed” during White House protest by present and former servicemembers.

Also: Silence of the Lame: Gay, Inc. Mute on Obama, WH Zaps. “Here we have two glorious activist zaps, on both coasts, pushing the envelope to have our supposed fierce advocate and friend in the White House make good on his various promises to our community, made when he was campaigning for the Oval Office, and neitherGLAAD, HRC nor NGLTF can be bothered to issue statements on the action. Yet not a single word, as of 3:30 pm SF time as I write this, from GLAAD, HRC, or NGLTF on their respective web sites about zaps.”

UPDATE: More press mockery here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: “At what point will the media actually decide…that this administration is exactly what they accused the Bush Administration of being?”

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