April 2, 2010

MICHAEL MOYNIHAN corrects Frank Rich, et al., on history. “How quickly we forget that in the editorial rooms and bar rooms of the Bush era, the vapid phrase on the lips of my liberal-minded comrades, repeated like a Maharishi mantra, was that ‘dissent is patriotic.’ Now dissent has become the first indication of incipient fascism and subterranean racism. If Rich sees in the current debate the seeds of pogrom, if Krugman sees the rhetoric of ‘eliminationism,’ forget national heath care—we need a national history lesson.”

Plus, from the comments: “Accusations of racism are a strategic tool in the arsenal of the Democratic Party. That’s how Democrats keep African-Americans in their fold.”

Also, this observation:

Accusing the tea partiers of a hidden racist agenda, essentially means that the election of Obama has set the country back.

Their hatred (from the likes of Krugman, King, Blow, and Rich) for the right is so blinding they don’t realise the import of their accusations.

If its about race (and any idiot could see that its not) then it means Obama has a miserable fail winning people over.

Yeah, not quite the post-racial utopia we were promised.

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